Scientology Scuffle Over Xenu: When a Protester is Attacked!

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Getting a face full of unhappy Scientologist
Tommy Gorman has a pretty in-your-face way of protesting the Church of Scientology. He positions himself outside the entrance to San Francisco's Scientology "org" holding a video camera and another device that plays an audio recording.

As workers at the org arrive or leave, Gorman plays for them the recording, which is from a tape of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard describing Xenu, the galactic overlord that is part of secret upper-level teachings in the church, and which Scientology publicly denies is part of their religion.

While he's playing Hubbard's words, Gorman himself barks things at the workers intended to make them question their faith. He's not subtle about it. He's deliberately trying to get under their skin. Many of them, in fact, know Gorman well. He grew up in Scientology and worked at the San Francisco org for years until leaving in 2001. In 2005, he began protesting Scientology, and his intense -- but peaceful -- demonstrations have resulted in more than one org worker taking a swing at him.

On Saturday, Gorman found himself being charged by a large, angry Scientologist whose rather remarkable bull-rush was caught on video being filmed by Gorman's wife, Jennifer. The man took several swings at him, Gorman says, and after reporting the incident to the police, he was told charges would be filed against the man. After the jump, what we've learned so far about the angry Scientologist, the incident, and Tommy and Jennifer Gorman and their history with the church...

First, take a look at the video that Jennifer was filming from a car as Tommy stood outside Scientology's building a little after noon on Saturday. The two are discussing Tom Cruise and Scientology's upper-level secrets as Tommy plays his Hubbard tape for some workers who leave the building. Then, the real action starts at about the 2:38 mark...

After getting in Gorman's face, the man doesn't stick around as Tommy and Jennifer called police.

I called the San Francisco org yesterday and left a message for its president, Jeff Quiros. He didn't call me back, which is disappointing, because Quiros has given some really interesting and colorful quotes to reporters in the past. This one he gave the San Francisco Chronicle in 2001 seems relevant in this case:

"It's not a go-to-church-on-Sunday kind of religion. It's an intense religion. If people get in your way, they need to be dealt with one way or another."

Gorman knows Quiros very well. In his family, Quiros was known as "Uncle Jeff."

Gorman's father was only 18 when he joined Scientology, his mother was even younger. They met and raised a family in the church. Tommy met his future wife, Jennifer Stewart, at about 14 when they were both in a Scientology school.

Tommy Gorman
In a lengthy 2008 profile of Gorman, my colleague Lauren Smiley at our sister paper in San Francisco, SF Weekly, explained that as Gorman grew into adulthood, he wanted to help Scientology with its enemies. Tommy began picketing the houses of church critics as a volunteer for Quiros, who is also an executive in Scientology's Office of Special Affairs, the church's intelligence, public relations, and covert operations wing.

In 2000, Gorman ran into Jennifer Stewart again when he became a staff member at the org in nearby Mountain View, California. She had left school and was working at the org as a receptionist. She also had a terrible secret: for months, a man named Gabriel Williams, a course supervisor at the Mountain View org, had been raping her at his apartment, where she claimed she had been ordered to stay by Scientology officials. (Scientology denied that she had been ordered to stay there, and claimed that Williams had merely offered to let her stay there to shorten her commute to work.)

Jennifer -- who was only 16 at the time of the attacks -- would later tell police that she had been raped more than 100 times. She was terrified that if she told anyone about it, she would be excommunicated as a "suppressive person," and her family, per Scientology's policy of "disconnection," would be forced to cut off all ties with her.

Thumbnail image for JenniferGorman.JPG
Jennifer Gorman
Eventually, with the support of the Gorman family, she did go to police. Williams was arrested, and ultimately pled guilty to sexual battery and sodomy with a minor, and was sentenced to a year in jail and five years' probation. Jennifer also filed a civil suit against the church.

Tommy says that when he found out about the rapes, he went to Quiros.

"He told me to disconnect from her. I told him to fuck off," Tommy says. "When he told me that, that's when I realized something was wrong."

Tommy, Jennifer, and both of their families left Scientology in 2001.

As a result of leaving the church, and for filing the lawsuit, the Gormans say they were then subject to a hellacious program of "fair game" by the church, which has a reputation for retaliating against people it perceives as enemies. From Smiley's 2008 story:

As documented in police reports Gorman has since posted online, his father answered the phone to hear someone say, "SPs don't live long! Your son and his wife Jennifer will be dead soon!" Gorman's mother was tailed in her car for 45 minutes. After Jennifer lost control of the couple's 1991 Lexus while on the way to her attorney's office, a mechanic showed police that all six bolts connecting the left axle to the transmission were missing, which was probably done deliberately. City child protection workers showed up at the Gormans' house on an anonymous tip that Gorman's father may have sexually abused Tommy's sister, Christle. Gorman has no proof it was Scientology other than the timing, and Quiros denies the church was involved. About the axle, he says, "the most likely story is [Gorman] did it himself."

Jennifer's lawsuit was ultimately ended with a settlement.

In 2003, Tommy and Jennifer were married (they now have three young daughters). In 2005, they started going back to the San Francisco org, this time armed with cameras.

Tommy explained to me why he plays the tape of Hubbard to the workers going in and out of the org, who tend to be low-level employees.

"I do that for the workers at that level, because they haven't been told about the stuff in the tape," he says. "When I was in, we were told that if we heard certain things above our level, we could get pneumonia and die. So I play them those words of Hubbard and ask, you're fine, so what's wrong?"

The tape he plays is from a lecture L. Ron Hubbard reportedly gave in October, 1968 aboard the ship Apollo, which was sailing the Mediterranean at the time. In the lecture, which Wikileaks made available in 2008, Hubbard is heard talking about Scientology's infamous story of Xenu, the galactic overlord, who solved an overpopulation problem 75 million years ago by bringing hundreds of billions of alien beings to Teegeeack -- Earth's name at the time -- and pulverizing them with hydrogen bombs. Their disembodied souls were then fed false memories -- mental implants -- with the use of 3D movies, and those false memories included the current world's religions.

"There was no Christ," Hubbard can be heard to say on the tape.

Scientologists are not exposed to such ideas until they have spent several years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the religion. Hubbard himself claimed that he'd risked death to learn such secrets, breaking through a "wall of fire" of traumatic memories that resulted from the implants, and suspected that whoever was protecting these secrets had booby-trapped them so that anyone not ready to learn them might perish of pneumonia.

Gorman says low-level employees really believe those warnings, and so exposing them to the Xenu story on the street is a way to convince them that they've been told lies.

But Saturday, someone didn't appreciate his message.

"He swung at me. He tried to hit me in the face," Gorman says. "I'm a boxer, and I moved so he missed. He tried to hit my shoulder and he was trying to grab my neck. I put my hands up and he grabbed them and tried to pull me around...He came at me three times, trying to hit me in the face."

Not happy about Xenu
I asked him why he thought the man rushed him.

"I believe he was trying to get me to hit him. I don't have any criminal record at all. And they want to get you charged. That's policy. I think he wanted me to hit him in the face and get me charged," he says.

That's part of the reason Jennifer accompanies him when he protests, to provide a video record to show that Gorman is not assaulting anyone.

I asked Jennifer if it was hard for her to go to the org after being victimized by a Scientologist and then suing the church.

"It's extremely hard, but when I show my face, I feel a sense of satisfaction because I'm proving to them that I have not disappeared," she says. "And by my being there, it reminds them of what they did to me and others like me. I hope it will make one day make other victims want to show their faces too."

This isn't the first time he's been assaulted, Gorman says. In 2008 and 2009 org workers attacked him. He's suing the church for the 2008 attack, which he says left him with nerve damage in his hand.

And this time, he and Jennifer were quick to call police.

"This guy ran away. The other guys were idiots, they came back to the org or stood around. This guy took off," Gorman says.

Gorman says that the officer who arrived looked at the video, then went into the org to talk to workers there. Gorman claims that the officer told him Scientologists confirmed that the man was a Scientologist, but denied that he worked at the org.

Christopher Krzywicki, from his Facebook page
Gorman himself identifies his attacker as Christopher Krzywicki, and showed the Voice Krzywicki's Facebook page. I called Krzywicki's telephone number, but I reached a recorded voice which said that the number was not accepting phone calls.

Krzywicki does look very much like the angry man in the video, and his online footprint is rife with Scientology connections.

No arrest has been made in the case, but Gorman says police called him afterwards to say that charges would be filed. We're checking with the SF police department to confirm that.

Gorman, meanwhile, plans to return to the org to continue his protesting Friday evening.

"I go at 6 pm for the shift change. You get more people that way," he says.

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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Too Much
Too Much

Gorman is a violently insane loon so it is no surprise that *other* violently insane loons flock to him.


Krzywicki describes himself as a "great,...honest guy".  What kind of person calls himself great and honest, unless he believes people think otherwise?


Isn't there a law against someone attacking another's religious beliefs?--I consider what Tommy is doing is a hate crime. He is trying to incite someone.  If you were a Christian in a church and someone came by and started tearing pages out of a Bible in front of you while telling you to listen to the Devil, exactly opposite of what your Christian belief was, wouldn't that tend to make you angry? He knows that the tape he was playing was "confidential" and that Scientologists believe that tape should stay confidential, and that he was deliberately trying to destroy the beliefs of those who couldn't help but hear.

Scientologists who know of Xenu would probably say Tommy was working for him...much the same way Christians say the Devil makes work for idle hands.  Xenu is to Scientology as the Devil is to Christianity.  

It doesn't matter what was done to Tommy--what matters is what he learned from it.  In an example, if my mother had beat me you might feel sorry for me, but if then I turned around and beat others, would you still feel that way toward me?  We each make our choices in life, and what Tommy did was wrong. 

I don't care what his complaint is against the Church of Scientology, it doesn't justify his behavior.  People have the right to their beliefs, even a Church that I am no longer part of.


People just need to educate the people who are currently following this religion on its own history. Protesting like this will get you nowhere.


Im no supporter of Scientology, believe me.  But this was a set up.  Gorman clearly instigated this confrontation.  He's no victim.  The video is pretty clear.  There are no innocents here.  Waste of time.


Freaks still waiting for their flying saucer to return? Hollywooders are so stupid to buy into this crap. But I guess they are both the same. Immoral, elitist lowlifes that think they are something special. I hope a UFO does come and get them off this planet. We don't need them.


   What a shitty cult! I dont get the appeal atall. you have to be really fuking stupid to join some shit like this!


Well, I can tell by this guys mild manner that Scientology is really working for him. Any "religion" that produces such calm, reasonable people is certainly worth a look. Seriously, these guys actually make the Westborough Baptist Church seem reasonable. Are they so stupid they can't see acting like that just makes the "passer by" think less of their "church" right off the bat? They do this sort of thing all the time so, I'm guessing that's a "yes" on the "stupid". I would think SO much better of them if they'd just ignore the protesters, or say "Good Morning" and just keep walking.

Greeb  Rebeccachen
Greeb Rebeccachen

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Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson

These scumbags that run scientology (cult,scam), need to be lined up and shot.


Now there is a dude that clearly knows what the deal is.www.Total-Privacy dot US

koki raki
koki raki

You people got it all wrong!!!!I love what Tommy and Jenny do,and all of those people in SF......but,....That guy in fact is real $cio. He was just in middle of session and supervisor told him to go out and do "clay demo" with Tommy s face.....  but fail!! not good ,now he will have to buy,another lets help him ,and send him some money.....

Big hello from Croatia,small part of LRHs Bulgravia.....


Really nice background reporting and article.


Scientologist Mark Miglio just sent me this e-mail in response to this story:


RAPE:  My, my what a story, Tony!  Whatever part of this story might be true -- will, or already has been -- addressed by the church Ethics Department -- I am sure. 

I had no idea that these people could tell such incredible tales.  My friends are all quite mildpeople and we don't have any sensational stories for your endeavor. 

PNEUMONIA:  The threat is real.  Sorry, I can't be more forthcoming. 

I will bet that you have never worked with a more sensational bunch of story tellers -- am I correct?  I can't wait to see the big budget movies.  I can't wait to see the public sneer at me.  It will be so funny and exciting.  We have already won the war, now we just need to do "mop up".  It's too bad, though, that there are too many people, in every nook and cranny, that try to slaughter other people who are sincerely trying to help people in need


The only thing baffling to me is that Tommy didn't beat the shit out of him. It clearly would have been self defense, and fun on top of that.


I think Mr. Krzywicki should see a doctor (a real one) and get his blood pressure checked. That color and the way his face is puffed up really doesn't look healthy.

More outdoors stuff and less Scientology would be my prescription.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

The importance of Xenu is because he caused the Wall of Fire incident (the mass murder by hydrogen bombing earth's volcanos, murdering all earth inhabitants and also killing the billions of humanoids Xenu brought to earth for the mass murder), and then after the fire winds killed all people, Xenu had their dead bodiless souls implanted for 36 and 1/2 days, during which all these bllions of souls (including us, we were amongst all these mass murdered humans and humanoids from other planets), all got crazy ideas implanted in our minds.

The souls with their mental crippling implanted ideas have been flying about earth ever since. 

Some souls, us, have managed the task of occupying human bodies.   Some of the souls just hitchhike, and that is why ALL human beings today have an extra big load of hitchhiking souls that infest us all.

Only through Hubbard's past life research did Hubbard discover the Xenu story incident, and Hubbard's spiritual therapy is a long series of "lower levels" talk therapy, and the "upper levels" secret therapy is where you learn WHY it is needed to get rid of all the extra souls that infest you.

On the confidential "upper levels" you learn the talk therapy exorcism procedure to get rid of these extra souls that infest you.

That's the significance of Xenu.

He's just the guy who caused the Wall of Fire horrible fire wind storms that burned all people alive, and Xenu then had everyone implanted (their souls that is) for 36 and 1/2 days, and the whole incident is known as the 4th Dynamic Engram.

That's the spiritual exorcism therapy's purpose, to handle the 4th Dynamic Engram, which caused so much bad crazy ideas in our heads and in the minds of the souls that infest us.

The Scientology confidential word for these hitchhiking souls, is "body thetans."

Scientologists are not allowed to publicly say the two word phrase "body thetans" and they can't say "Xenu" either.

Got Xenu?


Actually, Chris' action might be the that of a desperate person.  Christopher Krzywicki could be questioning his involvement in the cult of Scientology and--not being able to express his disgust within the cult--lashing out at anyone who is a convenient target.

I read one post which says he had an inheritance.  RED FLAG!  The cult will try to bleed him dry if they have not already.  Who knows what is in his "Confidential" Audit Folder.  Blackmail is a very effective tool at procuring "donations."

Let's hope he realizes he has been lied to and ripped off for years.  Hopefully, he will soon jump ship as he has witnessed others bolt.

Roggy McGee
Roggy McGee

While I applaud Tommy & Jennifer's protests, that hand held tape player ain't sufficient.  They need to find an "antique" boombox in order to adequately disseminate the wall of fire. 

SP  'Onage
SP 'Onage

Holytaco, Tommy and Jennifer rock!!!

So what if they use you heard how the scilons cuss. That red tomato faced man is lucky Tommy didn't pulverize him into tomato sauce. But of course, high blood pressure man ran off like a little felon so he wouldn't be sent back to jail again.

Tommy and Jennifer have good reasons to protest the "Pedophile Paradise" church. And I do believe they f**ed with the Lexus transmission.

$cientology religion is just a cover for greedy heinous individuals looking for cover to gain power, money, and ability to commit crime undetected. This sickens me so much.

If there is a god out there, he/she needs to make a reservation in hell for these individuals.But, I rather see them suffer in this life time if that is possible.


The Gorman's are brave ordinary people.

Le Unc
Le Unc

No wonder Tommy is the way he is. Scientology adherence continues to effect Tommy long after he woke up. Imagine coming to the realization that your chosen path to enlightenment was in fact a path to brutality and callousness to be applied to anyone considered an enemy. Also factor in Jen's experiences in scientology.To be honest, if what happened to Jen happened to someone I loved, I dunno that I'd be able to contain myself the way Tommy does.Not everyone ( a lot of OG critics) is a fan of Tommy's approach to picketing the cult of scientology, which is fine I suppose...BUT! take a walk in Tommy Gorman's shoes and then consider how you would deal with all this


It's kind of funny that Scientologists get so worked up about it.  If they simply had a normal religious service that involved prayer and a sermon, they would be permitted to come and go during that time while protests were suspended (by law). 

But no!  Their religion can only be purchased by the hour, which means paid sessions throughout the day.  They like to bawww and say they are "in religious service" all day long, every day. But no city council will buy that. 


Not as violently insane as David Miscavige though. Just how did his ex-wife's mom manage to shoot herself 4 times, three in the chest and one in the head, with a rifle that was longer than her own arm? And where is David's wife Shelly? Did he murder her? She hasn't been seen for years.


The only reason the cult wants that tape "confidential" is because it is one of many pieces of proof that show L Ron Hubbard was a crazy junkie.


Uh, no, the law protects my right to "attack" another person's religious beliefs-- verbally that is.  You of course have the right to believe whatever stupidity you believe, but I have the right to say that it is stupid.  And no, you don't get the "right" to hit me for saying so.


Or to be put in gas chambers.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage


Caution: Mark, reading this may be hazardous to your health. lol


I'm actually surprised that he acknowledged it.  Scilons usually deny the whole Xenu story even exist, and now we see one admitting that you will get pneumonia if you learn it without "being prepared".  Hey Miglio,  Tommy Davidson slipped up and admitted the Xenu story and he hasn't been seen  since, I hope you like making big rocks into little rocks, because I see a "voluntary" trip to the RPF in your future.


The threat is real. Hilarious.

The thing is, that's turned out to be all that Scientology has left - threats. And those threats now work on fewer and fewer people. 


"PNEUMONIA:  The threat is real.  Sorry, I can't be more forthcoming."

I can fix that for you!

The South Park episode which told the Xenu story started airing in 2005.  Check out this graph of pneumonia rates to see its impact.


barbara graham
barbara graham

Uh...the threat of pneumonia from reading OTIII is real???

And then HE says, "I had no idea that these people could tell such incredible tales..."

'Nuff said!

Dean Fox
Dean Fox

He ridicules sensationalism and then uses sensational rhetoric, oh the irony.

"We have already won the war, now we just need to do "mop up".  It's too bad, though, that there are too many people, in every nook and cranny, that try to slaughter other people who are sincerely trying to help people in need"

War, Mop up, slaughter. This is indicitive of sensationalism in this context because the words or phrases evoke unwarrented emotions. Were it a real war, like Afganistan, they would be more appropriate.

Using words like rape when rape has occured is appropriate and therefore not sensationalist.



The church/canon law took care of any illegal acts by a minister of the church. I understand why they fear wog law. It would give results counter to their predetermined results.

This is not sensational. Rape is not sensational. Rape hurts. Rape destroys lives. The lives of those who have been raped and friends and family. It is like a stone thrown into still waters. The waves go ever outward affecting friends, family, and society as a whole.

Miglio advocates for private hidden law with absolutely no accountability to the society. I wonder how he would feel if he had been raped and the church swept it under the rug.

I dealt with situations like this when I prosecuted. They sickened me. As does Miglio.


"PNEUMONIA:  The threat is real."  Fortunately, the cure is available in my new book (for an unbelievably low, low price...) Chicken Soup for the Body Thetan


Because Tommy is a chicken-shit.:)

barbara graham
barbara graham

It's the boxing thing. If you've got martial arts training, you get put in a whole nother category if you punch on someone.

Dean Fox
Dean Fox

It's annoying but when someone gets in your face like that you can argue fear for your safety if you retaliate physically but it can be surprisingly dodgy and you know the cult is just waiting with TRO's and the like to tie Tommy up in court.

Tommy showed remarkable restraint and is to be commended for doing exactly the right thing.

barbara graham
barbara graham

Outdoors stuff, yes. Like hiking, not running his fat ass around on a Snowcat!


You said it. My respect for lawyers oscillates up a notch. I wish you had space to explain why the FBI does not act.


I tried posting the URL of a graph of pneumonia rates for the period 2000-2007, but the "awaiting moderation" filter ate it up.  Pity, it did a fine job of showing that millions of people learned about Xenu from South Park, and nothing but laughter resulted.


Miglio can't be "more forthcoming" about pneumonia and death from hearing about Xenu? That might be because there is little that can be said except that it is a lie. If a person is going to die of anything when hearing about Xenu, it's going to be from laughter.

Hubbard made a laughable threat, that because of brainwashing, keeps cult members buried up to their necks in secrecy, fear, lunacy and Xenu to this day.

Xenu = fear, stupidity and charging big $ for a funny secret.

Why choke on Xenu Miglio? Own Him. He's your evil galactic overlord.


Still pretending to be a scientologist?  You must be Starving for attention, troll.


I have some guesses. Little more. I'll think on it.

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