Valeska Paris Receives Threat from Scientology Attorneys; And More on her Time on the Freewinds

Valeska Paris and Declan
Last week, we wrote about Valeska Paris, the Swiss-born Australian woman who says that from 1996 to 2007, she was held against her will on Scientology's private cruise ship, the Freewinds.

She says that Scientology leader David Miscavige moved her to the ship in 1996 when she was 18 in order to keep her away from her own mother, who had sued Scientology and denounced it on French television. For the first six years of her time on the ship, Valeska says she was unable to leave it without an escort.

Scientology denies that Valeska was held against her will, and now it has had its attorneys in Sydney send her a threatening letter.

"You should seek legal advice in relation to our client's rights to take legal action again [sic] you," states the letter, from the Sydney firm Kennedys.

Valeska tells me she plans to continue speaking out and will not be deterred by the letter.
"It's just a scare tactic," she says.

As we wrote earlier, Valeska signed confidentiality agreements with Scientology -- one while she was on the Freewinds, another in Australia as she was leaving the Sea Org in 2009.

Valeska has said that because her story involves church leader David Miscavige, she doesn't think he would risk suing her for speaking out since he would almost certainly be required to become a witness and be deposed.

In the letter, at least, Scientology's attorneys do their best to sound outraged that she would speak out: "Your conduct in speaking to the media was a direct and blatant breach of your confidentiality agreement with our client."

Well, in upcoming days we'll see if they intend more than just a shot across her bow.

In the meantime, I have been speaking to Valeska at length, getting more details about her time on the Freewinds. I've learned interesting new details, and cleared up other things that our readers had questions about.

There was her Sea Org marriage, for example.

Ramana, bride at 16
On Sunday, we wrote about the 1995 marriage of Ramana Dienes-Browning, a 16-year-old member of Scientology's Sea Org, who was wed aboard the church's private cruise ship, the Freewinds.

Ramana told us that she felt somewhat pressured to marry at 16. It was the only way to move out of the girls' dormitory on the ship into a better room. The 25-year-old man who wanted to marry her, meanwhile, was favored among executives, and they wanted to see him happy. So she went through with it, and then realized she wasn't at all prepared for married life. Before long, her husband was away for long periods before the marriage fell apart.

Now we have learned that three years after Ramana's wedding, on May 9, 1998, that same dress was worn by Valeska Paris.

She married a Sea Org member from Italy named Roberto Toppi who she genuinely had affection for. But like Ramana's match, Valeska says in the Sea Org a fulfilling marriage was difficult to obtain.

"It was kind of crap. We married in May. After Maiden Voyage [a celebration that occurs in June and July aboard the ship] he was gone 6 to 8 months," Valeska says. "I actually loved the guy, and I was really upset."

None of her family had come out for the wedding. Toppi's family came out for a visit at one point, but none of them spoke English. "I went out on an afternoon with them, and ate dinner at their hotel one day," she says. Toppi was present for that trip, but otherwise he was almost never around.

After he returned from his initial 6 to 8 month assignment, he was at the ship for about 6 months. "But then he was made a registrar, and he was off the ship pretty much the whole time," Valeska says. "In our seven year marriage, we spent 9 or 10 months together." They divorced in 2005.

Last week, after Yahoo News linked to our lengthy interview with Valeska, Yahoo writer Eric Pfeiffer received a statement from the church trashing our story.

In part, it reads: "She left the Freewinds hundreds of times to go shopping, for outings with her husband on islands such as St. Kitts, Aruba, St. Barts and Curaçao, as well as for numerous other reasons."

I showed it to Valeska.

"They're full of shit," she says. "First of all, he was hardly ever on the ship. The times I made excursions were during the beginning of the marriage, when I went with him during Christmas with the entire org [the IASA, Toppi's division]. There was a bike trip. Another time there was a pizza trip with the IASA people. They were snobs. I hated it."

The International Association of Scientologists is a kind of booster organization that church members are pressured heavily to donate to. It is run by an administration division known as the IASA. On the Freewinds, the Sea Org members in the IASA are somewhat apart from the organizations like the Commodore's Messenger Organization (CMO), which Ramana helped run. Valeska, meanwhile, during her first six years on the ship, worked in one of its restaurants as a server.

In our lengthy interview with Ramana, she says it was obvious to everyone on the ship that Valeska was not happy to have been brought aboard. She had shouting matches with executives, made it plain that she wanted off the ship, and was considered a flight risk.

Valeska says that in those initial years, whenever she left the ship, escorted, a security computer at the gangplank would light up and buzz, alerting the security officers. "Who's your escort?" they'd bark at her.

And even with an escort, the only free time she had for leaving the ship was on Saturday mornings, but only after she'd completed "CSP."

"You have to clean your room. You have to get a security guard to come and do a white-glove inspection of your room. Then you have to get a pass and you can go ashore, but only to buy hygiene materials," she says. "I didn't do that very often. It was a pain in the ass."

Scientology also said this: "She participated in extended trips to the UK, US and Denmark for which she passed through Immigration and Customs when entering and exiting these countries."

Valeska did go away from the ship during the last three years that she was held there, she says.

"The first one was in 2005. It was the first time I ever left the ship, other than a short trip to an island," she says. "David Miscavige was releasing the London Clearing Congress [a set of L. Ron Hubbard lectures]." Various people were sent to set up the Congress, and Valeska says she was sent because Miscavige was on his way to the ship. The previous year -- the year of Tom Cruise's big birthday party -- Miscavige had ordered Valeska isolated because she developed a cold sore. Valeska says in 2005 and following years, during the time of Maiden Voyage, when Miscavige would come to the ship, a reason was found to send her away for several weeks. She was told that Miscavige didn't want to see her when he was on board.

Valeska was sent to the UK with three others, and was still not able to go where she wanted freely. But she didn't even think of escaping anyway. "By that time, I was so conditioned. It's hard to explain unless you were in the Sea Org." After about five weeks, she returned to the ship.

The following year, she was also sent away from the ship, but this time it was to a hospital in Los Angeles, the City of Hope, to watch over a Sea Org member who was dying of cancer.

Again, she says, she was told by a steward on the ship that Miscavige didn't want her around when he was going to be on the ship.

By this time, Valeska had become an auditor, and could do Scientology counseling while a subject is holding on to the sensors of an e-meter. She was sent with another woman to audit the man, Rolf Kallinich, who was dying. The counseling, and "touch assists" that Scientologists do -- running hands over the body -- they believed could help bring the man some relief.

"We had no money for a hotel, so we were sleeping in the guy's hospital room," Valeska says. "He had it in his lungs, and he would have to have his lungs strained. And he had to get up in the middle of the night and throw up."

Valeska says she was with Kallinich from June to August, 2006, when he finally received permission from the Sea Org to travel to Germany and die with his family. Valeska then returned to the Freewinds. "He called me the day before he died when I was on the ship," she says.

The next year, 2007, Valeska finally left the ship for good. She was increasingly running into trouble with the ship's executives, who assigned her to the engine room. It was during this period when she passed out for four hours while working there. It was decided finally that she should be sent to the RPF in Australia -- a prison detail -- and it was there that she met her current husband Chris Guider, had a son, and routed out of the Sea Org entirely.

Besides responding to those accusations by the church, I also wanted to clear up a couple of things that readers had questions about after our previous story.

First, I want to clear up some dates regarding Tom Cruise and the Freewinds. Valeska put together two different Maiden Voyage events and it's important to separate them. (She says that when you are in the Sea Org and cut off from the world's media, over a long period time can tend to run together. One year is almost exactly like another.)

It was in 2003, not 2004, that Tom Cruise came to the Freewinds with Penelope Cruz and Valeska had the opportunity to serve them in the ship's restaurant.

A year later, in 2004, Tom Cruise came out to the ship for his big birthday bash, and it was then that Valeska got her cold sore and was unable to attend the party. Tom was between relationships at that point -- his breakup with Penelope Cruz was reported in March 2004. The next year, 2005, Cruise would once again come to the ship, this time with his new love, Katie Holmes.

I hope we have those years all straightened out now.

Another thing that puzzled readers was Valeska's account that when Tom Cruise came to the ship with Penelope Cruz in 2003, a man was assigned to serve them, but then he lost out on that chance when he slept in. Instead, Valeska got the opportunity to serve them a meal.

How, readers asked me, could someone sleep in and blow the opportunity to serve Tom Cruise? It seemed to strain credulity. I mean, this is Tom Cruise we're talking about.

"Well, that's because the guy they selected hated Tom Cruise," Valeska responded when I asked her the question.

"He's very different from other people," she added, and then began the strange tale of Pierre Deva.

"He's an Indian guy who grew up in France. He's a favorite of DM," she says, using the shorthand for David Miscavige, who is also called "COB" by Scientologists, for "Chairman of the Board."

"He was so pissed off that he was assigned to Tom Cruise. He wants to serve COB. He's not like your average person. He always does what he wants. And he's COB's favorite," she says. "Miscavige always stays up really late and gets up midday. And so Deva did too, and he wasn't up at 9 when Tom and Penelope walked into the restaurant. So I served them."

I asked her to tell me more about this favorite of Miscavige who dares to sleep in and blow off other assignments he's been given -- which sounds very unlike the Sea Org.

"Oh, Pierre never gets in trouble," she says. "He never goes to study, for example. He's Miscavige's favorite. Every year for I don't know how many years, Pierre Deva has been serving David Miscavige at Maiden Voyage."

I asked her to describe him.

"Pierre? Skinny as you can get. Like a stick. And he's Indian. Dark skin. Dark, straight hair. Probably 5 foot 6 or 7. He just doesn't eat. Except that you'd see him eat food that other people had left on their plates. He's really weird."

For an organization made up to a large degree by very awkward and pasty-skinned white people, Veda sounded downright exotic.

Another former longtime Scientologist gave me an additional detail: "Pierre? He's the Paloma Blanca guy. There's a bar on the second floor that's all white. It's called the Paloma Blanca. It's a normal bar, like a big living room with white couches and a piano. It links through to the Starlight Cabaret. He's this Indian, skinny guy who has been there since day one."

That was seconded by Mike Rinder, who was once the church's top spokesman.

"Pierre was in the stewards department before he became the pet steward of Miscavige," he says. "He's like a caricature of a waiter. You would expect to see him pop up in a Pink Panther movie. He's the perfect waiter, and so got the job. And what happens with Miscavige is that if there's someone who becomes an accepted person on his service lines, whether it's to cut his hair or park his car, they have a job for life. They are untouchable."

Well, we learned something new about life aboard the Freewinds. And I hear that even more former Sea Org workers from the ship want to tell their own tales. So keep on eye out for additional stories here at Runnin' Scared.

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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Valeska's claims that DM didn't want to see her when he was aboard or her claim about that it' was DM who sent her to the engine room because of a sore cold she had, are the most idiotic statements I ever heard!i'm pretty sure that DM didn't even know her. Like every sea-Org members aboard the Freewinds already know, DM is not interfering in anyway with any ethics condition a crew member may be in.About Pierre.he  is a devoted Sea org member with an exceptional intelligence and humour. He is the Paloma Blanca lounge in-charge and he only served DM in there as a bartender not because he is one of the preferred by DM, but just because is the I/C of that lounge.The guy who has served DM on the Dinner and Lunch table on the Horizon restaurant has always been an italian ("Francesco') and again not because DM like him but just because Francesco is a professional waiter with extensive experience in luxurious restaurants.

It's also totally false Rinder's claim that a "accepted" crew member by DM can do what he likes in the Sea-Org, a SO members always follow LRH policy and he has to go study every day and do exactly what other SO members do!Was not Mike Rinder also an "accepted" person by DM once?Of course that now Rinder will corroborate ANY bullshit, even the most obvious ones about DM having seen his personal and profound hatred toward COB and his plans to take over the Church.

Valeska and Ramana arranged story, is nothing more than the usual subtle attack on CoS and DM, only people with eyes filled with hatred are not able to see that.

Wake up guys!See how many times Valeska is fixing her story now. Jeezzz...



The cult needs better lawyers.  They should have realized that sending a C&D letter will only make them look worse (if that is even possible).


There is a picture of Gunga Din (Pierre) at WWP.  The guy does look weird.


I think that rather than treat this with a defensive posture I think she should go on attack. The scientolohole lawyer idiots have opened up the crack.... She should sue back for copies of the signed document AND a copy of the video and then make them public. If they don't, which I doubt, she should try for a class action for all ex scientologist - surely they would be able to provide at least one signed document and video from someone, no?


It's bad enough being in a Sea Org wedding; Veleska Paris' was worse thanks to the hand-me-down wedding dress. All Sea Org marriages I've heard of either end up with physical seperation, as the "church" seems to like posting husbands and wives miles apart, or they are at the same Org and they work radically different hours. It's a fiasco, and probably the major reason SOs "blow."

NE Mom
NE Mom

If it's a legitimate religion, why the confidentiality agreements? I've never heard of any recognized religion asking parishoners to sign such an agreement. Maybe I'm being naive, but I don't know of any followers/parishoners subjected to this type of gag order. This should be investigated. Faith is personal and an individual's faith and experience in that faith should not be regulated. What we think, what we believe or decry as false (in free nations) should not be subjected to litigation. This is her experience and path, and she's chosen to share it. If the CoS wants to be a business and sue people they should lose their tax-emeption status. They are operating like a business, not a church.


I have a question which has been bothering me for some time. The question has been bugging me particulary since Tony began reporting on the Freewinds.

Why hasn't Tom Cruise become a member of Sea Org? I ask this because if he is so gung ho for Scientology why doesn't he take the final step. I have read that Sea Org recruits heavily among all Scientologists.

This question may appear snarky. It is not. I am genuinely curious. Seeing Cruise's manic devotion to the cause in the (secret) Scientology video shows that he is a true believer.

Does Scientology think it gets greater traction out of him in public versus him as a high profile celeb in Sea Org who could extol its virtues. I understand Miscavaige is a Sea Org member. His lifestyle is quite nice. I would assume Cruise's continue as such as well.

Anyhow, that is my question.

Nancy Many
Nancy Many

I hope you guys noticed that the Lawyers were not upset that Valeska may be LYING,,,they did not say that.  They said --- oh she talked,, and she promised us she wouldn't.Guess what?  In america at least, a person can never sign away their rights.In addition, people get paid huge sums of money to keep quiet about settlements,  Wonder how much she got?  Probably none for the first form, and possibly $500 for the routing out one.  Do you think any of those lawyers or DM want to see this up in front of a jury?  Also, let's get some of those other people and their stories out in the open.  We don't want Veleska alone out there.  I'm certain we have many other stories of similar things.

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

It seems to me that the 'Only Ones' that are actively suppressing plain old Truth, Honesty and Integrity is the COS...

What do they have to hide?.... What are Their Crimes?


Most Sea Org members would snivel and grovel before the greatness that is Tom Cruise, like Mike Rinder, even if he didn't think Cruise was the "most dedicated Scientologist" he knew. They'd pretend they thought Tom was the greatest, because Miscavige was expecting that of them, in his presence anyway.

Realistically, from the standpoint of raw meat brought in, Cruise was the single greatest draw, PARTLY responsible for bringing in more people, than anyone or anything except Hubbard's writing itself.

Even out of the cult, Rinder and Rathbun both never say anything against Cruise, holding David Miscavige totally responsible for everything, including his manipulation and pampering of Cruise with custom motorcycles and the like. That's ALL Miscavige's fault.

Deva's attitude toward Cruise may fit in with the rumors that on Scotch night for the execs, Miscavige would share and laugh about tidbits from Cruise's auditing folder.

Here are my theories about why Deva may hate Cruise:

1. He served Cruise once, and Cruise gave off some vibe that he didn't like him, or was not pleased with some aspect of his service. Or, said something, as Deva was leaving the table, and Deva heard it. Maybe Cruise just said something or made a face one time, and it had nothing to do with Deva, but Deva thought it did.

2. He thinks Cruise is too rich, self-indulgent, and doesn't spend enough time "for the cause," like his heroes, L. Ron and little Davie.

I think it is unusual for a Sea Org member to express their dislike or refusal to serve someone THAT important to the planet. In fact, the online OSA shill(s) spend one half their posts on Scientology celebrities, even in stories that don't have anything to do with  Sciloontology, like Cruise's recent film debut in India.

I don't mean to detract from Valeska's story, but this thing with Deva is toadly gnu, and peculiar.

Sarasota Breeze
Sarasota Breeze

 First off, thanks Tony for the great work.

IANAL, but it seems to me that the "Church of Scientology" produces a lot of documents and nobody seems to challenge them on the validity of those documents.  For example the confidentiality agreement.  Is it valid?  What information is it designed to protect?  Is it trade secrets, is it personal information.  Or is it just to make people think that they have signed away their rights.  What about those freeloader bills.  Has anyone ever gone over them to see if they actually mean anything?  The documents have to countersigned by somebody and they are probably notarized.  Has anybody thought about suing the notaries.  The church sued not only the IRS but individual IRS agents.  Why don't the ex-members sue the individuals?  Each person would have to go through the documents he or she signed and verify it.  For example:  Is this your signature?  Is this a document you use in the regular course of business?  and to the notaries, if they talked to the signatory, if there was any duress attached the signing of the document, et cetera.  What is the validity of the billion year contract?  What kind of contract do the staff members sign?  What emails were sent out?  What KRs were produced?  Where are the goldenrods?  Where are all of the auditing records and why can't people get them back?

I know that litigation is a last resort, but the request for production and interrogatories could be filed at the same time as the complaint and suing the producer of the document is a lot easier than suing the large entity for human rights violations.  They are always saying that if these violations happened they were the actions of a few individuals.  Sue the individuals then.


Note to DM and His Teensy Little Fists of Fury: 

I would think that you would not want to be threatening Chris Guider's wife and the mother of his child.

Really. For many reasons, I would think that this would not be something that you would want to do.


More great reporting details that should someday show up in some  movies, where sideline mockery of Scientology can sometimes take place.

There are so many oddities and person to person exceptions about Sea Org life, in all the various Sea Org units.  

When I transferred from the Int (Hemet) RPF to the PAC (LA) RPF, in Nov 2000, the top clique of people on the PAC RPF (LA RPF) were the OSA staff busted and doing their reeducation and penances on the PAC (LA) RPF.   The OSA RPF members violated rules en masse, as a block.   One major violation was sneaking visits with their spouses and even their kids (at that time the LA Sea Org ran a ranch for the still at that time existing kids of Sea Org parents).   OSA staff fudged the spousal and kids visits rules more than anyone else on the PAC RPF at that time.   And good for them.

These exceptions, of people just acting more humane and normal, happens despite the Hubbard crap penalty rules, even in the Sea Org.

Sheesh, on New Years Event breakdowns, at the Shrine, which is a yearly PAC RPF duty, our snacks consisted of bagels, donuts, nice sandwiches and Starbucks coffee.

It's not all hell in the Sea Org and in the RPF, there's plenty of rule fudging!

No pigeon holing can be done 100% of the time with this Xenu fighting and saving this sector of the galaxy bunch! 


I wonder when Scientology plans to scrap the Freewinds? Launched in 1968, it's 43 years old and well past the usual lifespan for a ship of that type.

It's certainly no luxury liner. The cabins are cramped and poorly equipped by modern standards. In fact, here's the Freewinds with a real cruise ship looming behind it:http://i2(dot)photobucket(dot)com/albums/y46/ClanSenescence/Failferry.jpg

Here it is lurking behind a real cruise ship:http://img230(dot)imageshack(dot)us/img230/4732/freewindscompare13683.jpg


I applaud Veleska for telling her story and making a stand. Now just keep her away from Marty.


I absolutely love it!

"We totally refute these allegations of abuse, but we are also angry that you have broken the confidentiality agreement you signed where you promised never to speak of the abuses committed against you!"

We all know they are bluffing, we all know they would not dare take this to court.

Ronbot Hunter
Ronbot Hunter

The policy letters of theirGod Ron clearly state that you can lie to, harass, rob, beat and do whateveryou want to a person that they declare an SP or PTS.

In fact, even if you are not PTS-SP, if you are down-stat, any staff membercan abuse you, and won’t be punished.

That goes for their slaves on the ship. Imprisonment in Scientology is afact of life.

The billion year contract gives them the right under admiralty law, to treatyou as a slave on board. The captain is the master, and you the slave.

But the admiralty law has to be with full and complete disclosure of allfacts or it is null and void in contract law.

Under the Billion year admiralty contract, you are NOT allowed to word clearit, or take your time to read it. You are given no right to refuse or else youare considered an SP if you want to investigate the contract or even take ithome for study. Once you sign it, all the people on ship are slaves to whateverthe captain wants. He can even kill you and throw your body to the fish.

The facts are these, the US Federal and State attorneys use Admiralty law onland, and the rules and statutes we think are laws, are used on land to violatethe Constitution. Because admiralty law on land used upon live people, istreason!!!

So, it does not matter who said what. They did not give anyone full andcomplete disclosure in the Billion year contract, that you are their slave onland or on the seas.

The numbers are on our side. We are hundreds of thousands or by now amillion Ex-Scientologists and the Ronbots are fewer each day.

To fight them you must fight the Admiralty Contract used to enslave you.


Korgo of Teegeeack
Korgo of Teegeeack

Has Scientology ever made a mistake, I mean, even one? Just wondering.

CofS Exit Zone
CofS Exit Zone

"...are the most idiotic statements I ever heard!"

Oh man, you must not be reading your own posts! Pure lulz cow gold they are!

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage poor misguided troll.


I totally agree, Marco!

I mean that would be vindictive behaviour unbefitting of the ecclesiastical leader of Scientology, quite a stretch!  We all know Miscavige has never shown a pattern of such behaviour.  He is a gentle, wise intellectual, shining the light for the world with his numerous enlightened lectures and teachings.

It's also ridiculous to imply that the ecclesiastical leader stays up or drinks or sleeps late.  There's no room in his rigorous ascetic lifestyle for anything frivolous like that. It's clean living - up early to pray, then hours of auditing daily.  Also he give sermons too every Sunday, no matter what Church he is visiting. It's well known all SO members are treated the same. 

Heather Grace
Heather Grace

"i'm pretty sure that DM didn't even know her."

Only "pretty sure", Marcotai? Not so certain about that?


Don't Feed The Troll.


Thank you. I would like to see it. Would you mind telling us under what category and heading we can find this photo?


Perhaps due to the satanic influences the church founder revelled in, he devised a devious method of mind control that was designed NOT to provide a spiritual experience (as countless prior adherent attest to), but to trick and deceive.  

He starts off all nice with "The Road to Happiness" and says "whatever you believe to be true for you, is true!" but turns around and writes juvenile formulaic checklists on how to do everything (childbirth, infant diets, education with clay, ethics checks, nuclear decontamination, running a dentist office, detox programs, laying-on of hands for every disease, ambulance chasing, fundraising, even how to make art) all of which turns out to be complete rubbish.   

But it all counts as their "religion," without having a spiritual component (i.e., they don't pray, have rituals or meditate).


I think you're catching on!  Your comments, last you posted, were even handed and empathetic.  The "church" requires said documents to keep you from speaking of any abuses that one suffered under it's control.  It does this because it know that members are subjected to multiple forms of subtle and not so subtle degradation. Think typical victims of verbal to physical abuse, now imagine that the abuser had them sign a contact never to report it.  Keep looking ;) it get weirder from there, if you can imagine 


Hubbard made a hard rule that celebrity Scientologists can't join the Sea Org because their role as celebrity PR magnets is too important. They can only be made *honorary* Sea Org members in exceptional cases.

That was probably done for Tom Cruise. In the infamous 2004 IAS video, he salutes David Miscavige, and I don't think anyone who wasn't some sort of Sea Org member would do that. As well, a number of reports from ex-members say that there were orders at Int Base to always say Sir to Tom Cruise. (Which didn't seem to go down too well with the real Sea Org.)

"Celebrities are special people and possess a characteristic way of expansion (of Scientology). They have communication lines which others do not have and can use different media for 'expansion.' Because of their significance as "expansionists," it would be crazy to put them on staff in an organization like other Sea Org members. It is more desirable that they remain 'celebrities' and use their talents to present more to the public. When these 'celebrities' want to enter the Sea Org, they can be distinguished with the rank of 'Honorary Sea Org Member.' This title will not be awarded to every celebrity, just those who have shown and proven their dedication to the Sea Org. (FO 3324, Celebrities and the Sea Organization, 9 May 1973)"


Edit: I was mistaken. The order isn't directly from Hubbard, but authorized on behalf of the Board of Directors of Church of Scientology. Perhaps David sidestepped that rule made Tom a Super Special real Sea Org member?


I've read that Tom Cruise said something along the lines of, "if I didn't become a movie star, I'd be in the Sea Org".  

Rumor has it that there's a 'specific reason' he would NEVER get into the Sea Org.  Most likely that specific reason is a past history of drug use.  That will keep you from being a ronbot slave.  

Heather Grace
Heather Grace

Even if she got $50,000 for it, it' was the least they owed her.


Actually, Nancy, in the letter they did accuse Valeska of not telling the truth. I just didn't quote that, because Scientology has already denied her allegations.


They don't give the person a copy of the confidentiality "contract" either. That means that so long as they don't have to produce it in court, they can play pretty fast and loose about what the person agreed to, or that it even exists.

A real contract involves a consideration or benefit for both parties. What does the person receive in return for agreeing to remain silent? Oh right, their freedom, silly me!


One of the fundamental points of scientology and Narconon settlement and confidentiality agreements is that one agree to not talk disparagingly about the church ( or Narconon ), in addition to not discussing the other terms of the agreement or the agreement itself. People sign this right away every day in courts around the world when solving disputes. Usually it is done for saving on legal costs, getting money, peace of mind, an end to a problem between the parties or a combination of these reasons.

The only thing that such a agreement can't do is bind one to agreeing to hide or lie about information on illegal acts, as this would be a form of bribery or extortion.

Valeska has many people who will testify in a court of law, if subpoened, that these agreements in Scientology are made under duress using extortion to get them signed.


They need to word clear "contract".  As LRH said, a lot of troubles start with just a misunderstood word.

Google Scientology XENU
Google Scientology XENU

This is exactly what they did with the Xenu story. We deny it but will sue you for having copyrighted material that we say does not exist. We all know how well that turned out for them. It looks like they are going to foot bullet again on this one.


Amen! Who doesn't want to see that cowardly little man take the stand? He wouldn't last 5 minutes trying to be honest outside his special little crazy world.


Sid said: We all know they are bluffing, we all know they would not dare take this to court.

Especially in the land of Xenophon.


You can't fight Scientology moonbattery with Sovereign Citizen moonbattery.


No contract is valid if it is signed under duress. Also the Billion year contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Even scientology has said that it is more of a spiritual contract. It's no more binding than a Christian purity contract. 


yeah...just because you don't like truth hurting your view made up of hatred?LOL


For you, Mark, anything!

It is under Forums>Initiatives>AnonymousvsScientology>NewsandCurrentEvents>Media

The post is labeled, "Village Voice: Scientology's Cruise Ship as Prison: The Voice Interviews Valeska Paris"

It is on the second page, toward the bottom.  He looks creepy to me.  The hot guy on the couch looks a bit terrified through his fake smile.

Synthia Elizabeth Fagen
Synthia Elizabeth Fagen

I addition, what they are doing is illegal because you cannot ask a person to sign a confidentiality agreement to cover up crimes.

Businesses have confidentiality agreements to protect intellectual property, proprietary formulas, etc.

What kind of church wants young, impressionable, under duress, sleep deprived, mind controlled slaves to agree not to "tell on them"?

CRIMINALS. That's all they are....criminals.


I call it the "Heil Hubbard." They should address Cruise as "Thetan Cruise" or "Operating Tom."


The Xenu thing is a mind bender. Some people say their protest of Sciloontology has nothing to do with the stuff Hubbard has his followers believe, be it common sense or comic book, but really, the way the cult uses use their belief in the secret Xenu story, to control people, and extract money from them? That is at the center of their system of abuse and lies.

They want it both ways. Sue for copyright, but deny it exists.

Recruit a young woman into the Sea Org, punish her if she resists, force her to sign things saying she will never tell, and then claim the Freewinds is a wonderful place, she was never forced to do anything, but they won't stand for her telling about what really happened to her.

Why don't they go all the way, and claim THE FREEWINDS HAS NO ENGINE ROOM. It works on theta power, and if you aren't prepared for the details, you might die of pneumonia.

The one thing the cult is struggling with in particular over Valeska's story, is the direct involvement of David Miscavige. Obviously, when Valeska's mother spoke out on French TV, and with a law suit, Miscavige got directly involved in the decision to get Valeska on the Freewinds.

Just as in the Lisa McPherson case, if Valeska were ever brought to trial, it would put Miscavige in the middle of it. In addition to Ramana, there are other witnesses who would come forward, saying they were there and V did not want to be there at all when she found out it was going to be for years, instead of two weeks.

I know this has all been written before. The Indies are all over Valeska's story, but really it is just like the Xenu biz. David Miscavige is failing because he's stuck upholding a failing system created by Hubbard.

Nancy Many
Nancy Many

Absolutely correct --- many people will attest to the fact that to get out you have to sign, if you don't sign, they don't let you out.  Over and Over again they have been doing these things to other people, and just getting away with it over and over and over again.I am certain Marty and Mike signed these papers.  They have been violating all over the place.  I am certain they would love to go to court and let a little sunshine do some disinfecting for these dark evil secrets...


What people forget about contracts is the "consideration." Both sides are contracting for something the other wants. Party #1 (i.e., the sea arger) agrees to give one billion years. For what in return from schlimontology? Their "eternity"? (Snark.) I would love to see the sufficiency and enforceability of this tripe actually litigated. That would be funny.

The so-called confidentiality agreement would be interesting to see. What is the quid pro quo there? We'll let you go free? Ahh, yeah, that's no good.


You wouldn't know thruth if it bit you on the ass.  You aren't even a scientologist. If you are, have another known scientologist or ex-scientologist verify that they have met you   (and don't use or one of your other aliases)  Troll.


Thank you. I'd been looking in the Attorney Threat thread. He doesn't look that skinny.

While on the subject of Indian Tom Cruise-hating Sea Ogres, I wonder if Tom Cruise's debut in India for "Mission Impossible: Whatever," has to do with increasing his popularity there to recruit for their slave force. Like China, India is mostly impoverished but full of intelligent and capable people. Unlike China, their common language, or lingua franca, is English.

Tom Cruise could purchase little ones to crawl through pipes in the engine room, just using his smile, and a little help from Indian promoters.


That Sir, is a wonderful idea!  Their must be some property nearby that could be purchased by some like minded charity. (We're talking the 909, in the case of "Gold" for Christ's sake. Property values can't be that much).  Oh think of the look on DM's foolish little face if it could be right across the road or something.  There could be huge, flashing signs offering free help if you "blow".  That would be perfect but anything within sight of the compound would be great. I hope someone, with the funding, looks into this.  It's got to be worth a shot, especially near "Gold".


Absolutely on the money Nancy!   My 14 page bullshit doc, I signed, thinking I didn't want to jeopardize  my getting out by failing to sign that crap!   It's all false threat!  (Marty's exposed that ALL these docs are NOT worth a damn, it's all fear instillation, and that is Hubbard, it's dear leader Hubbard, not Miscavige who wrote the crap policy OSA lawyers Moxon et al, and Abelson the front lawyer, doing this threatening, all for humanity's sake, since Scientology's image and survival is SO important!)

Such layers of false threats.

If we just had a "SP/Escaped RPFers Halfway House" next to the LA "complex" for people to blow to, and enough money to get them to their homes, and away from that whole false nightmare.

Nancy, we need another Bob Minton to buy some property next to the complex and next to all Sea Org orgs around the world, for halfway houses to get people OUT!  (Maybe we should do some worldwide "Ideal Org SP Escapee Safehouse" fundraising!

Hubbard's system, Valeska really gives the feeling, great series of articles by these last 3 women!

Great reporting, Tony!

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