Video of Credentialed Photog Barred by NYPD From Getting Shots of OWS Arrests This Morning [Update]

The video above is from Occupy Wall Street's Goldman Sachs protest at the World Financial Center this morning, where 17 people were arrested. Watch starting at around the 2:00 mark. The photographer, who's been identified as New York Times freelancer Robert Stolarik, is blocked repeatedly from getting photos of arrests happening in the atrium by cops, even though he has a press badge.

Gothamist notes that Stolarik is one of the few members of the press that got inside Zuccotti Park during the raid.

We've put in a call to Stolarik and will update if we hear back from him. It's business as usual at this point to see NYPD barring press from doing their jobs at OWS protests, even if Bloomberg continues to deny it.

Update 3:56 p.m. Just got off the phone with Robert Stolarik, who said that his press pass was visible throughout the exchange and that he identified himself to the officers. "It was clearly visible and he was very aware," he said. "That guy clearly didn't follow the departmental directive from Kelly."

[via @Newyorkist]

[] [@_rosiegray]

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Isn't that video from Dicey Troop, the OWS media blogger, And your comical columnist failed to mention the outrageous way the police targeted and arrested, in some cases violently, most of the protesters taking photos and videos.

calvin milam
calvin milam

Rosie: I'm busy trying to straighten out these foolish cops here in L.A., but I expect to be working over you way soon. That Bratton guy, I've tried to talk to him. He's not real smart. Whatchoo gotz? Hold it in the road NYC, I'm coming.

Jay Schiavone
Jay Schiavone

"That guy clearly didn't follow the departmental directive from Kelly."  On the contrary, he probably followed assiduously.  The directive being: ignore departmental directives pertaining to the 1st amendment.  Seems to be of a pattern, not a fluke.

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