Violet the NYU Hawk is Safe, But Bobby Has Moved On

Last we heard about Violet the NYU hawk mommy, she was in trouble. Her leg was seriously injured and it looked like she wouldn't survive. Luckily, as City Room reports, Violet has been captured and is receiving treatment for her necrotic foot. Violet is described as being in "good spirits."

Little does she know that Bobby, her mate, was seen in Washington Square Park with a different mature female a day after Violet's capture.

Violet, who had a baby named Pip in the spring in her and Bobby's nest at Bobst library, suffers from the necrotic foot and an infection in the other foot called "bumblefoot." A nice couple from Long Island named Robert and Cathy Horvath have taken Violet home to treat her, and she is reportedly spending most of her time in a large carrier and "eagerly feeding on antibiotics wrapped in mice."

As for Bobby, the philanderer, a blogger named Roger_Paw noticed that he was spending a lot of time with a new female in WSP. Yesterday, he noticed that the new bird had even moved into the nest once shared by Violet and Bobby. He reports, "It is now safe to assume that they are mates and that we will likely see babies in the spring." Nature is cruel.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the NYTimes reports that Violet died today:


Shiva will be held on Friday and Sunday at Robin's nest, followed by services at Beak Avenue Synagogue (sorry-couldn't help myself).


Roger Paw is a nickname for a female blogger.

Also, they visited the nest; birds don't live in nests unless they're tending eggs....

Gray Rosen
Gray Rosen

Bobby : Violet :: Newt Gingrich :: The first Mrs. Gingrich

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