Income Inequality Visualized on Map of NYC

Pretty cool: a map that visualizes income inequality using Manhattan as a scale. This appeared on the third issue of n+1's Occupy! gazette. Maria Popova has an explanation:

The graphic is inspired by the familiar scales of the universe maps, plotting the relative distances between planetary bodies onto a local map that encourages an embodied understanding of celestial distances by walking local routes. Kelli transposed income inequalities using Wall Street Journal data onto the geography of New York City itself. Zuccotti Park, the center of the map, represents the income of the average wage-earner. Other percentiles' average incomes -- of the top 1%, the top 10%, the top 50% -- appear longitudinally from there, with the bottom-earners (the bottom 0.01%) falling somewhere around Red Hook Battlefields and the highest earners (the top 0.01%) bleeding off the map, almost into the Arctic Circle, in Canada's Prince Edward Island. Walking from Zuccotti park, or the average person's income, to the bottom of the income scale will cost you a couple of hours, and trekking to the very top of the scale would take more than 18 days of continuous walking -- a powerful manifestation of just how imbalanced and skewed our wealth scale is.

The version above might be hard to read; if so, click through to this version.

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Guesty Coasty. Your question, "Why do people use "inequity" instead of "inequality"? Is it just Stuff White People Like?" The really true answer is! "Dumb White People who like to play word games, on WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!" The two are basic in thier nature. An peretuated lack of social position,and a lack of justice! ether way we lose? The 1% profits from ether or! But in time they should remember what happened to " MARIE ANTOINETTE and that guillotine thing that happened. Times have changed. But not human natures. WE ARE TIRED, FATIGUED, WORN-OUT WEARY, and ANGRY! What the end action taken, and the end result is the really true guestion of my interest? GREED!

Guesty Coasty
Guesty Coasty

Why do people use "inequity" instead of "inequality"?  Is it just Stuff White People Like? 

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