Where to Donate Christmas Cheer Today: A List of Charities

In caveman days, if you wanted to give someone something, it usually meant you had to go outside. Back then, being outdoors had about a 10% survival rate, so giving was reserved mostly for daredevils and idiots. During the dark ages, the only giving going on was of the bacterial kind, so the whole endeavor was generally pooh-poohed. In the eighties, giving was replaced by trickling down, and most people forgot how to do it altogether. Thanks to the Internet, not only is it better to give than receive, nowadays, it's almost as easy. Because Christmas is all about giving, we've listed a bunch of charities you can donate to from the comfort of your computer.

By all means, this isn't a comprehensive list. There are hundreds of charities in the area that would benefit greatly from your help, and if you don't see a particular one that you are passionate about here, please leave a link in the comments. All the places below do great work and you can donate to them online. You can also learn about volunteerism opportunities and other ways to help.

Food Bank for New York City


Donors Choose

Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter

City Harvest

God's Love We Deliver

Salvation Army

Coalition for the Homeless

Women in Need

New York Cares


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Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson

Online Donation are commonly in the form of cash, but can also take the form of real estate, motor vehicles, appreciated securities, clothing and other assets or services.


Donation is a way to complete the willing of god, it is poolof connecting in social life, hopes of hopeless and chance to do better forsociety, countries and upcoming generation.

We are working with diyafoundation for propagatewelfare of the underprivileged society with special emphasis on slum children,handicapped, aged; infirm and destitute with donate charities


Wow, OK man that totally makes a lot of sense to me dude. Wow.

www.Total-Privacy dot US

George Costanza
George Costanza

But seriously... When I Googled "The Human Fund" to find a URL to post, I discovered there's a real charity called The Human Fund.

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