Mayor Mike Bloomberg Heckled At MLK Event

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Sam Levin
It wasn't exactly the warmest reception the mayor has ever received. Mike Bloomberg stopped by the House of Justice in East Harlem earlier today -- where apparently most local electeds that matter (or hope to matter) were making their MLK appearances.

Folks in the audience packed tightly into one large room for the National Action Network's Martin Luther King Jr. Day Public Policy Forum. Some weren't so happy to see Bloomberg. Host Rev. Al Sharpton didn't exactly help Bloomberg feel welcome with a strange introduction emphasizing his rocky relationship with the mayor.

Before the mayor arrived, Sharpton -- speaking in a room with many of his magazine cover stories and front page photo-ops from years past plastered on the wall -- made clear that he wanted to be united with Bloomberg on the issue of gun violence.

"Today, we are coming together to stop gun violence...We all got to be real clear that we've got to stand together," he said.

Once Sharpton told the crowd that the mayor had arrived, a chorus of scattered boos and shouts criticizing the NYPD and the mayor erupted.

"I disagree with some of his policies...But let's hear what he has to say about violence," he said. "I got serious issues. He got serious issues, we disagree on those. But I want to us to [be] in the spirit of King."

The crowd of around a thousand then settled down, and the mayor took the mic.

Throughout Bloomberg's speech, which focused on gun control and -- you guessed it, education -- folks continued to mumble criticisms of the mayor. There was a clear shift in the atmosphere from earlier -- when, during Sharpton's speech, many had stood to applaud and cheer.

"So much of Dr. King's message was about children and creating a better future for them," said the mayor, who said he was speaking at this event for the tenth time. "We've made some enormous progress over the last ten years. Crime and murders are way down. Graduation and test scores are up."

"No they're not!" shouted one audience member while others yelled: "Wrong, wrong!"

A frustrated Bloomberg replied: "Oh c'mon, if you don't want crime to go down and student test scores to go up, we have nothing in common. That's what we all should want. That's what Dr. King would want."

"Despite the progress that we've made, there are still too many kids killing kids with guns," the mayor said ("Too many cops killing kids!" a heckler yelled back). "They need to choose college and a career over crime and the streets."

Bloomberg promoted the coalition he co-chairs, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and called for tighter gun control laws, such as background checks for gun sales. He said that the time has come to close the loopholes that allow criminals and children to get their hands on guns.

"We see the devastating consequence of those loopholes time and time again right here on the streets of our city," he said.

The mayor transitioned to a discussion of education where he said the same stuff he's been saying this month -- that the school system must prioritize students and not those who work for it. He shied away from directly mentioning the Teachers' Union this time around, though the message was the same.

Bloomberg, nearing the finish line of his speech, was interrupted again by a loud audience member who shouted something about the lack of black firemen.

"We're working on the Fire Department," Bloomberg said. "We're talking about something else."

He finished by shouting over the crowd to talk about working together: "As Dr. King's example showed us, working together, we can help America live up to its best intentions. Working together we can give all our young people...the opportunity they need to reach their full potential."

As Bloomberg exited, a group yelled: "Stop criminalizing our youth. Stop stop-and-frisk. Stop stop-and-frisk!"

Andrew Brumskin, a 39-year-old Harlem resident, told Runnin' Scared that he was mad about the mayor's speech.

"He's a hypocrite! ... [The NYPD] wants to shoot first and ask questions later. They just killed an innocent man," he said, referring to a shooting last week that left an East New York man dead.

Outside, the stop-and-frisk folks, who have been pushing for police accountability, said they hope the mayor heard them loud and clear.

"For him to act like he's supporting Dr. King, it's the biggest joke ever. If you were really supporting Dr.'d try to help the black and brown people who are getting harassed all the time," Marina Bendetto, a 29-year-old social worker, told Runnin' Scared.

Meanwhile, back inside the crowded room, things calmed down when Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand gave an update on her friend Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot just over a year ago.

"Gabby's doing really well. She's fighting hard," she said. "I think the greatest blessing for Gabby is that everything that makes her a wonderful woman is all there -- her love, her kindness, her sweetness, her courage, her tenacity, her strength. It's all there. She can't always say everything she wants to say. She can't say it in the way that she used to say it, but Gabby is still Gabby. We all look to her for courage and inspiration every single day."

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Barry Hirsh
Barry Hirsh

Bloomberg's a loser mayor in a loser city.

You can't have trans fats if you want them.

You can't smoke if you want to.

You can't carry a sidearm to protect yourself without risking 3 years in jail.

You can't, you can't, you can't.

Just what CAN you losers do?

I'll tell you what you can do - vote for conservatives and get the progressives the hell out.

Then, maybe you can THINK about liberty again.


New York State Government

Albany, NY

June 4, 2008 (revised 5/26/11)

Dear: Governor Cuomo, State-Senator Leibel(now in prison), State Senator Ball, Assemblyman ????? (does it really matter, your a democrat), and Mayor BLoomberg . . .

Every year some new idea about how to make our streets safer via “Gun Control” arrives in New York.  We’ve registered our guns.  Violent crime continues.  We’ve banned assault weapons.  Violent crime continues.  We ballistically identify our legally possessed pistols. Violent crime continues.  There are 200 to 300 million firearms in this country - they are woven into the fabric of our society.  For all the “wiz bang” technology that modern society has invented - rifles and pistols are still the foundation of our national and state defense.  Thousands of times an hour they are used to dissuade another from pursuing an ill advised path; whether in the hand of a police officer or a private citizen.  Yes - accidents and tragedies happen, and a mature society must look itself in the mirror and draw the proper conclusions from these horrible events, but to think that by passing law upon law the public at large will somehow be magically made safer via “gun control” is psychotic and dangerous. 

I and many of you witnessed the attacks on September 11, 2001.  Had those pilots - many of whom were ex military officers - been required to carry a side arm; that day would have ended much differently.  Imagine all the lives and treasure that could have been saved but for an irrational fear of the law abiding gun owner.  Can any of you honestly say that over the past few decades your collective efforts have made New Yorkers safer?  If any of you answered yes then you must take a close look at the FBI statistics on violent crime - you’ll find disappointment waiting for you.  No law can urge the lawless to ask permission from anyone for anything.  Remember ladies and gentleman criminals, terrorists, and sub human miscreants are dumb, but they are not stupid.

The latest iteration of this policy is the idea that putting a serial number on a bullet casing as it ejects from a semi-automatic pistol will allow law enforcement to detect and thus incarcerate more criminals - this is also referred to as micro-stamping.  So let us pretend that all of you are now criminals - how would you alter your behavior to avoid detection?  Police your brass.  Use a sawed off shotgun.  Use a revolver. Gasoline and a match are very effective.  Explosives work exceedingly well in motor vehicles. Poison - women seem to prefer this method - Spitzer should hire a food tester.  There are very effective ways of killing people that never include a semi-automatic pistol.  Not to mention the most obvious trick - remove the firing pin and file off the serializing mechanism.  What about something even more devious - picking up used serialized brass at a firing range and place it at the scene of the future crime to throw off the police.  Serializing casings of pistol cartridges not only will not work, but it will create more permutations of that section of the population of New York State that are hell bent on killing for profit or psychosis.

New York State currently operates a system that ostensibly should be doing what micro-stamping or serializing a cartridge would do.  That system is called “The New York State Combined Ballistic Identification System,” or COBIS.  To date COBIS has cost the taxpayers of New York $30,000,000 and has produced only two matches in its database.  It costs $4,000,000 per year to operate.  We are not the only State to have attempted such foolishness - Maryland has attempted it also.  The only difference is Maryland abandoned it because firearms possessed by law abiding citizens are use to commit crimes in infinitesimally rare circumstances.  I could fill five pages with all I know of ballistic identification and it’s pros and cons - I sincerely suggest all of you educate yourselves and rethink New York's current approach - last I checked New York was running a $5,000,000,000 deficit saving a few million here or there might start adding up to real money.

Many proven methods work to prevent crime, a solid basic education in how to behave in civil society, economic growth, engaged and active parents, etc.  But the most effective methods that exist for reducing crime is self defense and long term humane incarceration for those who cannot coexist peacefully with their fellow citizens.  New York State concealed carry law is a mess - some counties provide permits to law abiding citizens with out much hassle while others, “you have to know somebody.”  Fix this and you’ll have a safer society.  Don’t get me wrong - have stringent rules and requirements that are not capricious for the officials as well as the applicants, but stop deluding yourselves in thinking that permit holders and firearms are in and of themselves the enemy - the opposite is true - concealed carry holders are the most productive and law abiding segment of society.  Florida maintains excellent statistics on this point - less then one hundredth of one percent of all permit holders has ever committed any crime in its entire thirty year history of concealed carry!  Before Elliot Sptitzers behavior was detected he let  200 murderers out of prison.  These people did not steal a loaf of bread to feed their children - THEY KILLED AND RAPED PEOPLE.  Fix this and you’ll have a safer society.  Bring back the death penalty for criminals that take an officers life. 

 Please stop attacking me and my fellow firearms owners we neither deserve your ire or your ad hominem attacks.  Focus your efforts on what works and not what will get any of you reelected, stop using firearms as a means to win votes in an effort to demonstrate to your misguided constituents that you can save them from violent crime if only they surrender more of their forgotten liberty, when the opposite is true - even they at some point will recognize your hypocrisy for what it is.


Joe Doakes


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You can't kick a dog for ever.  At some point they bite.  On November 6, 2012 I hope these people remember what the road to hell is full of good intentions with idiots like Bloomberg leading the way.

Jim D
Jim D

It would be alot easier to move to a non communist state than to change the mind of a libturd!


And this is relevant to the article above, how? A comment section doesn't exist for your personal matchmaking. Here's a hint: ; otherwise your comment is simply spam. 

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