Andrew Hyde, the Guy Who Only Owned 15 Things, Has Upsized

Adria Ellis
Imagine minimizing your life to the extent that you have but 15 items in your possession -- and none of them, not a one, is a $65 Dave Eggers shower curtain! We're talking about the very efficient shopping life of "extreme minimalist" Andrew Hyde, who has been written about widely as owning a mere 15 possessions (not counting underwear or socks). We were curious to find out if that was still the case in 2012, and he's written a post detailing what he's acquired since and what he's gotten rid of.

According to his latest inventory, Hyde currently owns 39 things -- including a backpack, still around since the first count, that fits everything else in the photo above. (Not in the picture is a 2003 VW Golf that he sold but now owns again.) He writes, "Unlike the 15 things post I list out everything and didn't lump together things like toiletry kits. This is just a project, not a manifesto. If you are bothered by it, as many are, look at what in your life has taught you to not look at the power of possibility and get it as far away from your life as possible."

Hyde is likely to downsize again, he says: "I'm planning another trip right now and am figuring out what I'm going to drop down to again." In any case, "The 15 was never a number that I strived for, it was just what I had," he told us. "I've lived in quite a few climates over the past year and haven't thrown things away or passed them on."

Small is beautiful, but sometimes you just need a few more shirts. And sometimes you don't.

Minimalism Project Update: 39 Things [Andrew Hyde]
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Good luck with this amazing project!  As a reforming pack rat, I have to admire your tenacity to continue with the idea of keeping just what you value most. I say this as I sit here wearing the most uncomfortable dress jacket!  Yuck!  Why do I keep wearing it?!  It pulls on my neck and the color is not flattering.  Guess what I'll be doing to this gently used jacket--thrift store here it comes!!  God bless!  :-)

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