Death of a Scientologist: Why Annie Broeker, Famous in the Church, Had to Die in Secret

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Last June, a 55-year-old woman named Ann Tidman died in an apartment in Hollywood.

Her own sisters, who suspected that she was ill, did not learn about Tidman's death until just a few weeks ago. They had tried to get information about her, but Tidman herself -- and the church she belonged to -- wanted as few people as possible to know about her fight with lung cancer.

And that's why we're only finding out now, months after her death, that Ann Tidman died on June 14 in apartment 336 at a complex owned by the Church of Scientology at 1830 N. Bronson Avenue, a block over from the famous Hollywood Celebrity Centre.

For those not in the church, or among its ex-members, Tidman's name may mean little, and her death will probably not be noticed by the mainstream press. But to Scientologists, who tend to call her by another name -- Annie Broeker -- she was a powerful symbol for where their movement had been and where it was going.

On January 14, former Scientology executive Marty Rathbun announced on his blog that a record of Tidman's death had been found online. Then, yesterday, he published her death certificate, along with an analysis of its details. Since his first announcement, we've been verifying information about her final years as well as interviewing people who knew her. [Go here for our primer, "What is Scientology?"]

Janet Reitman, in her excellent history of the church, last year's Inside Scientology, explained what made Tidman such an important figure in the history of the organization. After 1980, when Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, went into seclusion, it was Annie -- then married to Pat Broeker -- who cared for the aging writer:

Annie...spent the years in exile catering to Hubbard's every need. Like several of the other messengers, Annie had served L. Ron Hubbard on the Apollo, starting at the age of twelve. A quiet, pretty young woman with wavy blonde hair, she was twenty-four when she went into hiding. During the last year of Hubbard's life in particular, she served as the link between the Founder and her husband.

Annie Tidman, on the right, dressed up as a bridesmaid for a 1974 double wedding aboard the Apollo. One of the grooms was Pat Broeker, her future husband.
Sinar Parman, who spent several years as Hubbard's personal chef, tells me he still remembers that Valentine's Day day in 1980 when Hubbard and the Broekers drove away from "X" -- the code name for the Hemet, California apartment building where Hubbard and a trusted core of Sea Org workers lived. "When Annie and Pat were going to drive away in a white Dodge van with the old man, LRH said, 'I'll see you soon,' like it would be a short time. I never saw him again."

Hubbard and the Broekers moved around to several places while remaining in seclusion, and then, in 1983, they settled at a 160-acre ranch in Creston, California. As Reitman points out, Pat then spent more time at another property, and Annie became Hubbard's primary caretaker until his death on January 24, 1986.

Parman told me an anecdote of that day I hadn't heard before: The night Hubbard died, he was called at Scientology's secretive desert compound near Hemet, California -- "Int Base" -- and was told to drive an RV up to the Creston ranch. The RV would be used to house a crew that would be working at the ranch in the wake of the incident. Parman drove through the night to get there, a distance of almost 300 miles.

"When I arrived, at about 6 in the morning, the sun was just up," he says. "There's a main place with the stables, and there was a bunkhouse there. The bunkhouse is where Pat and Annie stayed. I hadn't seen her since 1980. She was sitting on the floor with Shelly [Miscavige, David's wife], and Annie was crying. She loved the old man quite a bit."

Parman says he then found David Miscavige and Pat Broeker with a couple of church attorneys. "They were laughing and joking. It was unreal. They saw me. I was in shock. The old man is gone, and they were laughing." He says he was told that there would be no crying, no grieving. "There's no case on post," he was told in Sea Org jargon, to mean that he wasn't to waste his time doing anything but his duty. (Days later, Miscavige and Broeker would tell several thousand assembled Scientologists at the Palladium in Los Angeles something similar -- that Hubbard had voluntarily shed his physical body, and there was to be no grieving.)

As Reitman explains in rich detail, Hubbard's death produced an epic battle for control of the church that most Scientologists had no idea was going on. The Broekers had been given special status by Hubbard as "Loyal Officers," and he appeared to be setting them up to take over the organization. But the Broekers were outmaneuvered by Miscavige, who runs Scientology to this day.

Stripped of his power, Pat Broeker left Scientology after Hubbard's death. But Annie Broeker stayed, as Reitman explains...

Still loyal to Scientology, she was allowed to remain in the Sea Organization, but she was forced out of her position at the [Religious Technology Center, Scientology's most powerful entity] by Miscavige and sentenced to a period of "rehabilitation" on the [Rehabilitation Project Force, the Sea Org's prison detail], along with most of couple's staff. The Broekers' possessions, including a new Ford Bronco, the horses, and a car that Hubbard had bought for Annie, were seized and sold by the Church of Scientology.

If she had been stripped of power, Annie still remained a powerful figure to many Scientologists. She was renowned as the person who had been with Hubbard to the end, and had spent years with him when few others had any contact with him. And if she had lost what seemed to be hers for the taking -- leadership of the worldwide organization -- she in fact had never really had the qualities or ambition to be a hard-nosed dictator of Scientology. She was, instead, known for her humility, generosity, and kindness (a rare quality in the Sea Org).

She settled into a new set of diminished roles in the church and became a fixture at Int Base. She was both a rock star in a church known for its celebrities, and also completely self-effacing at the same time.

Her loyalty to Scientology was tested only one time in the 25 years after Hubbard's death, an episode that Rathbun told in fascinating detail in 2009 to the St. Petersburg Times.

In 1990 Annie had remarried to a man named Jim Logan, a Scientologist who had a tendency to speak his mind about things in the church he didn't like. By 1992, that outspokenness had run him afoul of the organization, and he was "declared a suppressive person," the church's equivalent of excommunication. As a declared "SP," no church member in good standing could have anything to do with him, leaving Annie no choice but to "disconnnect" from him. She filed for divorce as Logan was kicked out of the church -- but they had secretly made plans to reunite. (I reached Logan in Australia, but he declined to be interviewed for this story. He sent this statement: "I am afraid I have no words to relay to you what this person meant or means to me. We share an ineffable love. She inspires in me the finest things I am capable of being.")

On November 17, 1992, Annie began her escape attempt, taking a cab to Ontario airport, where she planned to take several flights to join Logan in Nova Scotia.

In a videotaped interview, Rathbun explained how he was sent on a mad cross-country dash to hunt Annie down and bring her back. (At the time, Rathbun was Miscavige's chief "enforcer" in the church.)

After Rathbun caught up to her at Logan Airport in Boston, Annie seemed resigned to her fate -- as Rathbun says, once she spotted him, her shoulders sagged, and any intention she had of continuing on just evaporated. Taking no chances that she might change her mind if she and Rathbun waited for a morning flight, Miscavige had her flown back that same night on John Travolta's private jet, Rathbun says.

Annie returned to Int Base, and never left again.

"That was the last day she spent off the Int Base," says John Brousseau, who worked at the base until 2010. "Miscavige bought her a couple of Shar Pei dogs. Anything to placate her."

Other ex-Scientologists tell me that owning dogs at the base was a special privilege for only a few. But Tidman was afforded that luxury, after she had been through another rehabilitation and interrogation ("sec-checking"), and settled into jobs with impressive-sounding titles but limited responsibility. Most importantly, she was watched, and only very rarely left the property.

"Maybe half a dozen times, under extreme security, she left the base. Like to the Shrine Auditorium for an event," Brousseau says.

Even her jailers considered Annie exceptionally generous and kind.

"I was the one who oversaw providing a 24-hour watch on her," says Gary Morehead, who was the head of Int Base's security at the time. "I had to set up daily transportation for her auditor to audit and sec-check her every day."

Tidman, left, with Hubbard (right), detail from a 1974 jazz album cover, "The Power of Source" by The Apollo Stars
When Tidman returned to the base, she was considered a security risk, and had to go through months of rehabilitation -- including doses of interrogation, called "security checking" or "sec checking." Holding the sensors of an e-meter, a Scientologist is told to confess his or her "crimes," and is under intense pressure to admit doubts about the organization, plans to escape, sexual transgressions, and other shortcomings. Tidman, in particular, would have been bombarded with questions about Logan until she could answer that she had no thoughts of returning to him. Only then would she be allowed out of the RPF and back to the base's regular "lines."

Morehead acknowledges that even though he was overseeing her interrogations, he was still in awe of her.

"It was known that she was with LRH to his last day, so she was considered special," he says. "She was so gentle. She was a very good-looking girl. It was hard to keep your eyes off of her, she was that good looking. She listened to great music, was very down to earth. She was just fun to be around."

And over the years, he would have to interrogate her again from time to time. He explains that one of her jobs had her working in a darkroom with a coworker.

"A few times Annie would say something about how she missed Jim, and [the coworker] would write up a Knowledge Report," he says. In other words, "She'd drop a dime, thinking she was doing the right thing. So Annie would get a clean up session to find out how she fell into that thought process."

It was Morehead's job to get into her thoughts and remove her desire to see Logan again. [In a remarkable interview he did with Mark Bunker, Morehead also talks about how it was his job to enforce the base's rule that women in the Sea Org were prohibited from having children so they could work 100-hour weeks for about $40 a week. It was his job to talk them into having abortions when they did become pregnant.]

With her thoughts of escape or of reuniting with Logan thus "handled," Tidman became a pliant member of the base community.

But if it was Morehead's job to condition out of her any thought of reuniting with Logan, he says today that effort was ultimately futile. "Probably to the day she died she was at a great loss and was still in love with Jim," he says.

"For years and years, she never left the property. Ever. She just never left. she had her own house on the property. There were a few people who had that, people who were high up or had been there forever. It was called the Tidman house," says Marc Headley, who in 2005 escaped the base with his wife Claire (who had been forced to have two abortions), and subsequently wrote about their escape in a book, Blown for Good.

"She was nice. She wasn't one of these people who were yelling and screaming. She never screamed at me," Headley says. But he says Tidman also seemed "miserable," like someone resigned to a fate they wanted no part of.

"She looked like her dog had died, every day of the week," Headley says.

Repeatedly, her former colleagues told me that Tidman had a way of cutting through the Sea Org's intense, ultra-serious atmosphere with a joke or a kindness.

"She didn't raise her voice," says former Sea Org member Amy Scobee, and she knows that I've heard enough about the organization to understand just how surprising that statement is. "She'd say, 'You criminal,' and then she'd wink at you."

But more than one person described her as "broken" after Rathbun had chased her down during her 1992 escape attempt and brought her back to the base.

Parman, who had known her before she went into seclusion with Hubbard, says the rehabilitation Annie went through in 1992 left her a different person. He agrees with those who saw her in her later years and described her as "broken."

In 2000, the two of them ran into each other at an event. "She didn't recognize me. We used to be close. But she was another person, totally. Her eyes were dead," Parman says. "It wasn't her. She seemed kind of leaden."

Her job, meanwhile, had lost much of its meaning. "She was still CO CMO-Gold," says John Brousseau, an acronym which means "Commanding Officer of the Commodore's Messenger Organization, Gold Base" (another name for Int Base). "But Miscavige had obliterated CMO-Gold, so it didn't mean much. Everyone was pretty much stripped of any importance of what they did in early years. Miscavige is really good at making everyone feel like they were shit."

In April 2010, just a few days before Brousseau himself left the base and the church after decades as one of its most trusted insiders, he learned that Tidman, a smoker, had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

"It was told to me in a very confidential manner, just a few days after she was diagnosed. And it was only ten days before I left," Brousseau says. "Then I told Marty."

Rathbun, at his blog, wrote that when they heard the news, Tidman's two sisters got her on the phone to ask about her illness. We confirmed this with a source close to the family, who backs up Rathbun's version of events: that Tidman herself denied that she was sick, and refused to see her sisters.

I asked the people who knew her why Tidman would keep her illness a secret from her own family.

Gary Morehead, who ran security at the base, tells me it would have been drilled into Tidman that she was too important to the movement to leave the base, or for an illness to become known outside its controlled environment. An important Scientologist, caretaker to L. Ron Hubbard, dying of a disease that the upper-level "technology" of the religion should be able to "handle"? It was the makings of a "PR flap," and had to be avoided.

"I witnessed it. It's the process. It's the way it works. Even a dying person would not tell their family that they were dying. The phone system was designed to have listen-in capability from anywhere," Morehead says.

"It wasn't her choice. You think she was on the phone without someone listening in? No way. The church knew it had to let her talk to her sister, but she would have been told to say everything was all right," John Brousseau says. "This was all rehearsed. She's drilled what to say."

(Two weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw, as I normally do, asking for her to confirm the death of Tidman and for her to comment on Tidman's illness being kept a secret from her own family. As usual, I heard no reply of any kind.)

Rathbun, at his blog, angrily pointed out the facts listed in the death certificate -- that at some point during her illness, Tidman was moved to an apartment in Hollywood, although her sisters were allowed to keep thinking she was being held at the base, for example.

He also blamed Miscavige for coercing Tidman into dying ignominiously.

But I had to put it to Rathbun himself -- after all, wasn't he the one who screamed down the highway at illegal speeds to get to the Ontario airport, and then flew across the country so he could track down Tidman and bring her back? An experience, combined with subsequent "rehabilitation" with hard labor and sec-checking, that had "broken" her?

Didn't he feel some remorse for having helped to break down Tidman so that she never attempted to leave again?

"Do I feel guilty? Well, not really. She made her decision," he told me, saying that when he caught up with Tidman, she could have continued onto a small plane that was about to leave the Boston airport and he would not have been able to follow her on board. Instead, just the sight of him seemed to make her give up her escape attempt. Rathbun defensively added that he'd done what he could to help the family get what information it could in the last year and a half. But then, he shifted tone.

"Yeah, I do feel bad about it," he said about the 1992 incident. "But I think I've been doing everything I can to reverse those problems."

Rathbun, who was the second-highest ranking executive in the church until his defection in 2004, was one of many longtime, powerful Scientology officials who bolted in what Reitman characterizes as a recent "exodus" of church members. Unhappy with Miscavige and the church's increasing focus on "extreme fundraising," the defections have been remarkable and numerous in the last several years.

And maybe that's what is most remarkable about Tidman's story. That even as Scientology is going through perhaps its most challenging time, she remained loyal, compliant, uncomplaining. Even to the point of not telling her family that she was dying.

"Power and status was meaningless to her," Mike Rinder, another high-ranking executive who left the church in recent years, wrote about Tidman at Rathbun's blog. "What was important was her dedication to LRH and his legacy."

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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I was searching   for  my old friend  a few yrs back and    wasnt able to find her. 

Another  star in the sky!


This cult is engaged in mind conrol plus & is truly dangerous and harmful to it followers who seem to think there is prestige attached to it. Everyone inolved in it should leave simultaenously in order to destroy this stupid organization. Following peole, Spying on them, forcing them to have abortions. God forbid! They are a group of wealthy crackpots who have nothing better to do with their time and are in so deep they have no avenue of retreat. These people are not intelligent. They all appear now at this point to have some kind of mental illness.


Marty is still trapped in the scientology loop and will continue to run on that hamster wheel untill he stops all involvement with it.


Rathbun feels no remorse at chasing this woman down - what a scumbag. His later admission that maybe he kind of feels bad rings insincere. She probably went with him because she knew that these freakazoids would chase/harass her and Logan forever and didn't want to put him thru that. I also wonder if John Travolta knows his private jet was used in this "kidnapping" episode.

The Oracle
The Oracle

It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who the suppressive on her lines was.


I surely I hope that I see the day of implosion of this Church.  It is an insidious organization which more recently has been feeding on its own.  Horrible leadership and many within the organization seem to be unable to treat others with respect and dignity. 

koki raki
koki raki

you are welcomed to Bulgravia..... (in Garry Oldmans voice in Dracula movie)....Tony, excellent work again....Please put Martys OSA (hobson,sam,joy.....others) down and put that transcript out...where he answers 3 times on your question....

Big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

P.S. Mosey- I have friend who was heroin addict....and he did some bad,really bad things (steal,rope,kill...)...but ,now,his new girlfriend says he is PHENOMENAL and that she knows him - not us......I am not saying that he did not turn new page in his life....but what if DM turn new page tomorrow....will that make him good...???


One more thing about this. Anything bad that happens to John Travolta - he COMPLETELY deserves it.

Xenu's advocate
Xenu's advocate

Quick note on myself: I am a scientology watcher and longtime lurker who has never felt the need to post, mostly because I have no personal experience with scientology. The Rathbun  backlash on here, however, got me thinking that I may have something to add.Some of the comments I have seen about Rathbun, both here and in other posts, strike me as rather dubious, particularly those along the lines of 'if Marty had taken over the church, he would have been the same as Miscavige' and 'Marty wants to be the next Miscavige when the official COS collapses.' These kinds of 'what ifs' strike me as both both questionable and dangerous. Let me explain:

My interest partially comes from the parallels between the church and national socialism. I am certainly not the first to notice such parallels – heck, people here often speak of Miscavige as the little dictator, etc. Nonetheless, this all deserves a bit more thought:I have noticed that, just as recovering scientologists go through various stages, so do scientology critics. The first reaction on hearing about scientology beliefs is to say 'how could anyone be so stupid as to believe this nonsense' and the first reaction on hearing about the abuses perpetrated by the church is to say 'that is evil.' Eventually, however, the critic comes to realize that their sanctimonious attitude is highly questionable, that intelligent people got trapped in this movement and that circumstances as well as genuine concern for the betterment of the planet lured them in. Eventually, the critic comes to realize that 'there but by the grace of God go I.' The critic, however, rarely takes the next step. What scientology shows us on a small scale, and what National Socialism showed us on a larger and more extreme one, is that many people whom we consider to be basically good are capable of participating in evil. If we take those parallel so casually drawn between National Socialism and the church of scientology seriously, however, then even those who would exonerate Ann Tiedman have to remember that she would be a high ranking member of the SS. Let us not forget that the public scientologists are like good card carrying Nazis who attended the rallies and cheered. Of course the public did not know about the RPF, just as public Nazis did not know about the gas chambers – both were well trained not to ask, not to question and not to go looking for answers that were right out their front door. Moreover, just as the holocaust could not have happened if enough people, instead of turning a blind eye, refused to go along, so disconnection would not be workable if the public did not do the same.In such parallels I am of course being purposely provocative. The point, however, is that none of us really know just how far we would be willing to participate in evil if placed in the right situation. Of course, we all like to think that we would know better, that at a certain point we would think that a line had been crossed. Thankfully, most of us never have to find out if we would cross those lines – thankfully, because however sure you may be that you would never participate in such brutal acts, experiments suggest that the majority of us would (cf. the Stanford Prison Experiment) particularly when orders come from an authority figure (cf. the Milgram Experiment.) Given this, before we sanctimoniously suggest that Marty would have done X or will do Y given the opportunity, let us remember (a) that what he might have done had he been in the position of Miscavige is no more a punishable offense than what YOU might have done if you had been born in Nazi Germany, and (b) that at the moment he is doing a good deal to expose the criminal activities of the Church of Scientology. I understand why people are suspicious of him insofar as there are those who view the whole of scientology as dangerous. Personally I think that at its best moments Scientology is nothing but pseudo-scientific nonsense and at its worst a very dangerous set of practices that involve hypnotism, brainwashing and can lead to sever psychological problems. Nonetheless, the idea that the anti-scientology movement COULD much less SHOULD get rid of the belief system of Scientology is misguided. We cannot tell people what they can and cannot think in the name of freedom. I also understand why some see Marty's inability to recognize that L Ron Hubbard was responsible for placing many of the abusive policies of the church in place as cause for concern. I too tend to think that those policies are in fact integral to Scientology and its function, but this is good news. Unless I am misinformed, Marty is not currently forcing disconnection and the break-up of families, is not running his own Gulag, is not forcing divorce and abortions on anyone and while he may censor his own blog, this is well within his rights, and he is not following people around and harassing them into silence if they wish to express alternate views in other forums. Finally, as to Marty's failure to immediately recognize his culpability in bringing Ann back, let us be patient. Remember, according to Marty, Miscavige is an SP equal to Hitler – and Marty knows that he acted as his right arm man for a number of years. It is not easy to know something most of us are happily ignorant of, that we we have the capability of being complicit in the perpetration of evil. I choose to take Marty's inability to immediately acknowledge his part in bringing Ann back followed by his confession that he does in fact feel bad for what he did as a positive indication that this man does have a conscience, which is precisely why making this confession even to himself is so difficult. Of course I could be wrong, and if Marty does choose to reinstall the Church policies of the RPF, disconnection, etc., then I reserve the right to change my mind. But you and I could be wrong about our selves too...


Wow, lots of comments in here...

I fucking hate politics, but what can I do?

Aside of commenting too...

R.I.P. Annie


Dear Jim,  I imagine you are heartbroken, and rightfully so.  Please, Just don't try to minimize it, ok? It's ok to grieve and it's ok to see the truth. Many of us here really care about what happened to you and Annie and see it as a grave injustice. Annie would be with you today if Marty had not caught her. It's that simple. Don't let his minimizing of the facts make you minimize the facts, too. Take a few minutes to review your past points of view, enclosed here ML, Mary

AnonyMary 13th November 2009 01:16 AM ESMB[..] Last August, I saw this ESMB post by Jim about the destruction of his family, his wife Annie Broeker and Mark Rathbun's threats to him.[..]"the real story of Jim Logan and Annie Tidman" by Jim Logan 24th November 2007, 03:40 AM   "    My name is Jim Logan, the one referred to as the husband of Annie Tidman in this posting. I have waited 15 years to relate the actual events of Annie and I being forced to get a divorce and the subsequent events to my being offloaded from the Int Base and what actually transpired prior to and following Annie attempting to re-unite with me. It is a long story. I will relate salient events.

     The facts are, I was summarily declared and removed from the Base in October of 1992. Two weeks later Annie called me on the phone and said she wanted to come and be with me. I was in the process of requesting a Comm Ev on the declare and said I would inform the IJC I would put it (the comm ev) on hold. She told me not to tell him anything. I agreed and we planned that she would route out and thence come. For the next several weeks we were in regular communication. How? Subterfuge. The plan to route out was being thwarted by Mike Sutter and was not going as we planned. She called and we arranged to have a flight payed for and when she completed the routing out she would take a plane from the Ontario airport and I would pick her up. As the cycle went, she called me one morning from the airport and she had blown. I arranged to meet her in Bangor Maine. When I arrived I was told the plane had been laid over in Boston and the passengers were put in hotels. I was told she would be on the next morning flight. When it arrived she wasn't on it. I flew to Boston and she was gone. On a hunch I called Gold and within about an hour the call was returned and it was Mike Sutter. He told me Annie was back there and that the whole thing was over. I broke down right there in the Boston airport, completely overwhelmed with grief and utter desperation. I felt I had been completely screwed and now not only did I have an SP declare, but I knew I had little chance to ever reunite with someone I loved deeply. In this conversation with Mike Sutter I told him it was Annie who originated the phone calls to me. He perked up at that and wanted to know more and I sensed the smallest opening at salvaging the cycle. He told me he would review my cycle and be in touch.

     I was called on the phone within a week or two by Mike Sutter and told that I had to write a KR on Annie and tell him anything and everything she had told me about anyone from the day we met. This would lead to a chance at having my declare cycle reviewed.      I spent long hours and days writing this KR and ended up so enturbulated and degraded I could not bring myself to continue it.

     Another phone call from Marty Rathbun informed that if I did not write the KR I "would be doing A-E back to the stone age" and I would do it "50,000 times" if I omitted anything.      I tried again to complete it. In the end, I wrote them both and told them this was bullshit and I told them if they wanted to know what Annie told me they could ask her. I wanted no part of this and I loved and respected this person. Besides, why would they want the testimony of a declared SP against a staff member in good standing?

     My father told me not to sell my soul for a mass of pottage. Sage advice.

     He also told me to wait until Christmas and I may get some comm from her. I agreed and waited. During the wait I studied the PDC tapes and from these formulated a new plan. I would play the ser facs of Mike and Marty and get through this. One major obstacle was that I was given a freeloader bill of over $350,000. Unbeknownst to me was that the policy on cancelling the bill every 5 years was now cancelled and so I was buried with an incomprehensible bill and slim if any chance of ever seeing my love again. On top of that, if Annie blew and was declared then with her years her bill would be astronomical. We never planned on being out of Scientology and that would have been the case. I had no way of speaking with her so I had to do something to get her to NOT route out as I did not want her to be out of Scientology. My lines were cut so I decided that I would agree with Mike and Marty and made a test call to the Base. I told them that Annie had said that LRH never intended that Scientology be taken over or run by any single person but had set up checks and balances to ensure that if ever one person did try to take over they could be handled. She expressed clearly that what was occurring at the behest of David Miscavige was "insane". I received a phone call from Marty Rathbun the morning of Christmas 1992 wherein the above threat was given me and I proceeded to write up a facutal KR, not the sandbag one, but the actual statements made that described the outpoints we had both observed and made it on the both of us. I also made it derogatory so that Annie would read it and not route out. I planned and executed the most disgusting and despicable writings I have ever made with the intention of eventually disclosing to Annie that it was to play this out to get to see her and apologize.

     I received a letter from her in February which was her doubt announcement telling me she was not coming. My plan had succeeded. I spent the next dozen years trying to finish A-E and eventually did, however I was not restored to good standing and now am deadfiled with no comm line to resolve this.

     The facts (some of them anyway) are Annie and I were very much in love and following an abortion and a miscarriage and what we thought was a third pregnancy we decided to route out and be public and get trained and raise a family. She was tired of what was going on and simply wanted to get trained as this was what LRH had told her to do and be with me and just get on with the Bridge. This was not allowed. The sheer fear of her by David Miscavige precluded it.

     I am still an avid and now well versed Scientologist having read this subject from the beginning. The simple fact is, the only road to enlightenment is a truthful one. The alter-is of what occurred on this cycle is something blocking that road.Now, since I'm out here, fire away with what questions you have and I'll put the truth on the line." 

http : //www . . php?2341-From-Miss-X-About-Annie-Broeker&p=45741#post45741I wrote on ESMB: [..] I mean, this is a victim, for sure. I was moved by what I read. I saw that no one replied. It got me wondering if he knew that Marty was out and accessable to communicate to by email; I thought I would inform him and suggest that he might try writing him with his opinion. I did this because his post was heartfelt and had all the elements of someone who had his life ripped apart by CoS .

Since Marty was ignoring his victims completely at that time, I figured maybe Jim might jar him into reality a bit. So I asked if he'd gotten in contact with him, etc. What he replied to me by email speaks well on how the con still lives on in the suggestive minds of those who have a hard time confronting evil: Marty and I            Sun, 8/16/09 Hello Mary, Thanks for your mail. To the point, yes I have gotten in comm with Marty, and been in comm with him for some time now. In fact, we have a very good line and are better for all that has transpired. It's hard sometimes, when one is in the thick of upsets (BPC is the word here that is apt) to consider that what brick walls one bangs into, the pains of impact, loss, and all that can occur in living, are part of living and what Dianetics and Scientology represent when all is said and done are means to deal with it in such a way as to emerge better. Life hasn't stopped, but how one gets through the tough parts and is still full of the wonder, joy and vigor of living is the deal.

Marty and I are both very much Scientologists and we used that material to deal with what happened between us and on that cycle with Annie. All that upset is gone. Doesn't exist. Poof.

Following that post I made initially I have reconnected with many, many friends and through them found that Annie went through quite a cycle under DM after we were forcibly split. She is a good being and I have no doubt that she and I will repair our lines fully at some point. Even laugh together. The idea of unconditional love, love despite all provocation to do otherwise based on real understanding of life and living, love that doesn't permit itself to be alloyed is valid. I suppose I should have posted a follow-up on ESMB. Tell you what, you have my permission to post these mails between you and I and my answer. If any have any questions then they can get a hold of me. I'm not hard to find. Still here, still holding a position. More power than ever. (Still declared an SP by His L’ilness too. I guess I should have been a tiny sparrow this life to enjoy his tender nature). Sincerely, Jim Logan [..]


Tony, I would LOVE it if you would interview Tikk for his analysis of the LOLsuit that the Church of Scientology just filed against Debbie C.


btw, I think that´s Kate next to Annie!


"Yeah, I do feel bad about it," he (Marty) said about the 1992 incident. "But I think I've been doing everything I can to reverse those problems."

Marty, more you will be honest more we will like you. And support you.

Meanwhile, R.I.P. Annie.


There's some information I don't see that anyone has posted that might be helpful. I saw the Broekers do a presentation at the Universal Ampitheatre after Elwrong died. They were happy and glowing and talking about how HellRH was moving on without his body to "continue OT research that wasn't possible while still in a body."

I was volunteering as an "ethics officer" at ASHO in L.A. at the time and a few months later I noticed an "ethics order" on legal-sized goldenrod paper hanging on the bulletin board outside the ethics office. Pat and Annie Broeker, who had traveled with Elwrong for years as he "researched the American civilization" had been declared Suppressive Persons!

WTF!? How could this be? They were the only two Loyal Officers (like the guys who supposedly fought the evil space emperor Xenu way back when in Elwrong's imagination). Hadn't LRH given them that title? I asked about it and was told to shut up about it, it was the right thing.

Later I was told Miscavige had framed Pat Broeker, told him via phone to pull $50,000 out of an account and hide it at the Creston ranch for traveling money if the authorities closed in to grab people after Elwrong's death. Then when Miscavige and goons arrived (Rathbun I assume being one), Miscavige "found" the money, and told everyone Pat Broeker was stealing money and couldn't be trusted, giving him the "right" to bust the Broekers off their positions. Maybe Rathbun can speak to that?

But the main point is, by retrieving Annie like he did, since Pat was probably paid off in millions to keep his mouth shut (because he still hasn't peeped), if Annie had talked once free, the dwarf's evil house of cards would've come tumbling down way back then. By retrieving Annie as he did, Rathbun ENABLED Miscavige to stay in power and continue his evil. In my book, that makes it Rathbun's duty to take the dwarf down for good, to balance his karma in this world - or at least to start balancing it.


Tony, nice catch on the "Power of Source" album cover, I often wondered who the lady was. By the way, that's the band during the recording of the album in a rented movie theater somewhere in Portugal, probably Lisbon. That double wedding photo took place the same year they made the album.

To all the angry people enraged by how Miscavige treated Annie Broeker/Tidman, remember that this is a man who has imprisoned his own wife somewhere, wouldn't let the staff at Golden Era go home, has Heber Jentzsch locked up somewhere, and on and on. He is a backstabbing little shit who hijacked the "church" from its crazy raconteur* founder.

Scientology is nearly dead; for every Org they start, two close. Missions do not last long except in out-of-the-way places, and those that I've seen were hole-in-the-wall joints where the hours were 6-9 at night, Tuesday-Thursday. That isn't a successful model. If Scientology can die in San Diego, which is only 200 miles from LA, the hub of Co$ on the West Coast, then it is absolutely doomed in in the Midwest or the South.

_____________________________* I've listened to Hubbard's auditing tape, his money tape, the racist South African tape on Youtube - the guy liked to run his mouth. It's too bad he didn't marry into wealth and spend the rest of his life BSing at a bar somewhere, or pull a Spalding Grey.


Tampa Bay times posted a story about Debbie Cook being sued by Scientology over her letter because it violated a confidentiality agreement she'd signed.

http://www. tampabay .com/news/ scientology/ church-of-scientology-sues-longtime-clearwater-leader-over-new-years-eve /1213102

There's some spaces in that link. Just put'em back and it'll take you there.



Ugh! You are or you're NOT your. Ugh!

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris


See the Mighty Korgo's post... I was there when the announcement of Ron's death was made... and it even went to far as to include how Ron had to "go back in time" to the point where everything got all screwed up and try to 'fix it'. ... obviously, you are not going to do this with a body in tow.

So, was the whole explanation of Ron's death just a 'Cover' ?

Like so many others.

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

Using the potential IRS change as a leverage point with Annie was pretty damn low...  no one seemed to care what Annie wanted... which is typical scientology... once your "IN" they treat you like they "OWN" you.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Did anybody else read the Tampa Bay Times article?

Church of Scientology sues longtime Clearwater leader over New Year's Eve email

They're saying she and her husband were paid$50,000 each not to TonyO.

The Oracle
The Oracle

Sure. But that still wouldn't mean he is fit to influence others. The guy has a simple desk job with every resource under the sun and he has made a mess of things. 

Raymond Hill
Raymond Hill

"what if DM turn new page tomorrow....will that make him good"

Maybe. But certainly not *unaccountable* to the public and those he wronged. I am of the opinion that the Church of Scientology, through its agents, has been "inflicting injuries upon every element of society", to borrow the words of the prosecutor in the "Snow White" trial (not all the crimes committed were prosecuted in that trial), hence it's why I think it's also the public's business to demand accountability from Church of Scientology's current and former agents (under oath, etc.)

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

Travolta is pretty much clueless... he has no idea... he is just a sweet guy that never goes too deep..... and lives a life of luxury that most people could never even imagine.

Kim O'Brien
Kim O'Brien

If they did not try to teach this shit to our kids ..then maybe it would be a bit different. 

billy bob
billy bob

The only reason Marty Rathbun left the Cult was he fell out of favor with David Miscavige, losing his status as head abuser.  And he couldn't hack staying in the Hole.

Otherwise, I firmly believe Marty would have participated in all the plans and actions that kept Annie a virtual prisoner until the day she died.  

The fact that he lost his power and escaped punishment doesn't make Marty any less guilty of what was done to Annie Broeker/Tidman.

So no matter what great secrets he reveals, and despite whatever help he brings to the downfall of Scientology, he has a lifetime of skullduggery to answer for.  He should have no expectations that his evil actions should be easily forgotten.

On top of all that, Marty still puts people on the cans!  Disgusting!

Kim O'Brien
Kim O'Brien

You make some very good points comment .


An interesting and thoughtful comment.  Thank you.


"Marty—you're a Shit, deal with it. It's abundantly clear that the tech has permanently damaged you.  You can't blame everything on little Davey. You drank the Kool-Aid and on some level you're still drinking it."

That seemed to start the firestorm of comments, or at least provided a lot of kindling. And I'm sticking to it. I suspect that if Marty could get away with it, he'd be a lot more like that little Hitler, David Miscavige. I think the more that Mr. Rathbun is reminded how the tech itself has permanently damaged his ability to relate to people, the better his chances of recovering his soul and his true self. Marty may be on the road to recovery but he won't be healed till he drops the cans.


Excellent post, Xenu's advocate.

"What scientology shows us on a small scale, and what National Socialism showed us on a larger and more extreme one, is that many people whom we consider to be basically good are capable of participating in evil."

The Milgram "Obedience to Authority" experiment is relevant here:

www (DOT) youtube (DOT) com (FORWARD SLASH) watch?v=BcvSNg0HZwk

and also the Solomon Asch "Conformity Experiment":

www (DOT) youtube (DOT) com (FORWARD SLASH) watch?v=pUC3d-Qu3KU

These things are not black and white, there are many psychological layers.


funny thing about issues that come down on lines as written by lrh then get cancelled, like harmonics of clear and the loyal officer issues. makes you wonder what was written by lrh out of his head and what was issued by the lines we thought had lrh at the top


If Marty can not speak to that, I´d like to know his rationale... that whole thing smelled so bad when it came down. 

But you are right... no one dared say anything. 

Broeker either got paid very handsomely or blackmailed or (probably) both. Or he´s dead. 

Seems that Marty might be one of the very few who know the whole truth and nothing but the truth...

"Third Dynamic Engram Clearing" anybody?

(Skip, after you post, click edit and then go in and paragraph break (enter) one or two times.  Have to do it after you post. Clunky blog but workable.)

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Debbie Cook Baumgarten is taking donations for her legal defense at her own personal website.

I hope she doesn't mind a wog donating, 'cause I am more than willing to help her out.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Debbie Cook Baumgarten is taking donations for her legal defense at her own personal website.

I hope she doesn't mind a wog donating, 'cause I am more than willing to help her out.


On the off chance this makes it to trial, it'll be fascinating.

Hell, discovery'll be fascinating. I'd be interested to hear how the Runnin' Scared Org Legal Department thinks Cook's attorneys can somehow compel a Miscavige deposition. Because that would be the end of the lawsuit.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

The biggest irony, is Scientologists are NOT, per Hubbard rules, supposed to sue another Scientologist.   Scientology should NOT sue Debbie Cook, who absolutely is still a Scientologist.   That they are suing Debbie Cook, is off policy, their own policy.  

Raymond Hill
Raymond Hill

To be fair, every resource under the sun can't render sensible Hubbard's nonsense.

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

Kim, be absolutely clear on one thing.  The Prime Directive of Scientology is to Rule the World. Period.

Kim O'Brien
Kim O'Brien

I agree- I actually woke up this morning just as pissed off as I was last night and i thought i might have stepped over the line a little bit so i went back to read my rants. I still stand by all of them. 


And of course "The Wave":

1981 - Based on the real experience of a high school class in Palo Alto, CA in April 1967, whose teacher wanted to explain the rise of the Nazi party to his students.

www (DOT) youtube (DOT) com (FORWARD SLASH) watch?v=BVRXXbU-z7U


Oh, and of course "The Wave":

1981 - Based on the real experience of a high school class in Palo Alto, CA in April 1967, whose teacher wanted to explain the rise of the Nazi party to his students.

www (DOT) youtube (DOT) com (FORWARD SLASH) watch?v=BVRXXbU-z7U

These experiments are serious food for thought.


Oh, and of course most importantly "The Wave":

1981 - Based on the real experience of a high school class in Palo Alto, CA in April 1967, whose teacher wanted to explain the rise of the Nazi party to his students.

www (DOT) youtube (DOT) com (FORWARD SLASH) watch?v=BVRXXbU-z7U

These are chilling experiments, and serious food for thought.


I fixed it Dan, thanks for the tip.

Pat is alive and reachable, but you have to know how.

Hey Dwarf, are you reading this? Did you crap your pants yet?

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Oh, I can't wait! I hope Debbie's lawyer will depose Miscavige and Hollywood sci celebrities. Your right! This will be fascinating!

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Chuck, I can't believe they put a temporarily restraining order on Cook and Baumgarten from saying anything more.

I thought these confidentiality church agreements people signed weren't binding?

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Chuck, I can't believe they put a temporarily restraining order on Cook and Baumgarten from saying anything more.

I thought these confidentiality church agreements people signed weren't binding?

Kim O'Brien
Kim O'Brien

 It would be funny if it was not so heart-breaking and real . I had dreams about that poor woman last night is a bit of a haunting story . Love ..hope..desire ..loss. What a waste . That is why i was so furious yesterday ...taking away someone's hope is fucking soul murder .And any defense of that behavior just makes me sick to my stomach . Scientology seems to be like one of those SAW movies or something ....lock people in a room and make them kill each other to get out. That poor woman was a human sacrifice and anyone who had anything to with that ...well , i think i made myself clear yesterday  

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Your = You're for the grammar Nazi ugh!

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