Beyoncé Gives Birth; Wild Card Blowouts; Second New Hampshire GOP Debate

Last night, Beyoncé Knowles gave birth to her and Jay-Z's child, Ivy Blue Carter. The Daily News reports the baby girl was born in Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side in a private wing and that "hospital workers placed tape over security cameras and are forcing employees to turn in cell phones when they arrive for their shifts." Ivy Blue is the couple's first baby. [NYDN]

Both the New Orleans Saints and Houston Texans cruised to victories at home in the NFL's wild card games. The Saints knocked off the Lions 45-28 behind 466 yards from Drew Brees. The Texans beat the Bengals 31-10 to win their first playoff game in franchise history. The Giants take on the Falcons today at 1p.m., followed by the Steelers game against the Broncos in Denver. [SI]

Mount Rainier park has reopened for the first time since the New Year's Day killing of a park ranger and the subsequent manhunt. Benjamin Colton Barnes is believed to have shot and killed Ranger Margaret Anderson as she set up a road block. Barnes' body was found in a nearby creek afterwards, his death believed to be the result of a suicide. [CNN]

The second of two back-to-back Republican debates is ongoing right now. It's the second GOP debate in 24-hours, and you can read live updates here. [Washington Post]

Expect a pleasant day today with highs in the mid-forties. [TWC]

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Damn i'm so glad she finally had her baby girl and beyonce and baby are healthy and doing fine. Now everyone can stop all the crazy speculations i just hope she gets her genetics from bey side of the family i read someone say she had chocolate skin his nose ears and lips OMG now lets see how much we see  bey parading all over the place like she did when she was pregnant because she should know everyone wants to see what this baby looks like. 


Beyonce who?

According to Romney's web-site:

"This election is about more than just replacing a president. It is an election to save the soul of America."

Romney’s soul is green – he worships at the altar of Mammon. As a founder and principal of Bain Capital, a private equity firm, he made millions extracting wealth from acquired companies. Private equity firms flip companies like shysters flip houses.

It doesn't matter who is elected - there won't be change to the system that favors the connected.

Joann Jovinelly
Joann Jovinelly

God forbid a leaked cell phone photo deprives the idiots from making millions by shilling their stupidly named child, poor thing. America is sick. If she's that much of a diva, hire a staff and have your demon spawn at home.  


if u have nothing to say, then shut it. hater


Oh come on now. Jay Z is an over-rated former crack dealer, and Beyoncé is just another over-singing pop girl who will probably never now shift that babyfat. She is a big girl struggling to bust out of a thin girl's body, and she'll make a cute babymother once she embraces her inner desire to eat properly.

I wish them all the best with their new baby and all their money, but getting hospital staff to turn over their phones?? LOL, get right out of town. I just hope the poor kid doesn't end up being the new Suri Cruise, spoiled as hell and headed for a life in a dumb religious cult, or liqor and drug addiction...

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