Broadway Heir Accused of Pulling Hair

Theater people are just like us, prone to childish foibles and the occasional bad decision. For instance, take Eric Nederlander, of those Nederlanders, you know, the Broadway ones, and former husband of Jessica Seinfeld, nee Sklar. He was arrested at the apartment of his girlfriend, Nancy Okun, who has a "limited order of protection against him" -- making one wonder why he was at her apartment, and, in fact, why she is still his girlfriend -- after he allegedly pulled her hair while she was sleeping and accused her of cheating on him after looking at her cell phone.

Dear Mr. Nederlander, these things are better discussed while both parties are awake, and without any unnecessary and painful tugging at a loved-one's follicles! (Further, never snoop in the cell phone of someone you are dating. Take it from us: It can only go badly.)

For Nederlander's part, his lawyers deny the allegations and say "there are serious issues undermining the complainant's credibility." Meanwhile, he does happen to have something of a reported history of orders of protection, including one issued to his second wife during their split.

After the alleged hair-pulling incident, Okun has a full order of protection against him, and Nederlander is out on a $5,000 bond, posted by "bail bondsman to the stars Ira Judelson."

How the mighty have fallen.

Heir 'puller' of Broadway [NYP]

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A "limited order of protection" is generally different from a "stay-away order of protection." Limited orders usually permit personal/telephone/electronic/etc. contact, but forbid the person from "stalking, threatening or harassing" the subject of the order of protection. Thus, he's not accused of criminal contempt because he violated the order by being at her apartment, but because he's alleged to have violated the conditions of the order forbidding him for harassing or assaulting her.


This man should be kept away from his small daughter until she is old enough to protect herself if he should fly off the handle.

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