Bullying in the Bronx

Parents at P.S. 64, an elementary school in the Bronx, worry that an "out-of-control" bullying epidemic threatens students, according to the Spanish-language daily.

They say that small kids get picked on by bigger students, and that the school isn't doing enough to stop it, El Diario reports.

For 10-year-old Joel Pugo, going to class is a daily torment, the newspaper repots.

His mother, Alcibiada Marte, says bullying has caused her son to fall into a deep depression.

On Dec. 20, Marte says, a classmate bit Pugo and hit him on the face and arms. Pugo was hurt so badly, she tells the tabloid, that she had to take her son to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital and file a police report.

The principal, Marte told the newspaper, said that the situation wasn't that serious.

The parents' association disagrees.

Ada Cortes, group president, says that the bullying has gotten so bad that the P.S. 64 administration can't handle it. Some 20 parents, the paper notes, have started a petition to document the incidents.

Principal Tara O'brien would not talk to the publication, but the Department of Education says it will take the necessary measures to help the school handle bullying.

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He was hit by a girl after he tormented her, since the beggining of the school year.He bullies everyone including all the teachers. Ada Cortez is former employee who misses 40 days of work and did not do her job as a parent coordinator, she was let go for not doing her job. The students are out of control because some parents tell their children to do whatever they want because is public school and nothing will happen to them.

Akash Shaji (S)
Akash Shaji (S)

horrible just hoorrible in my old school saying stupid could get u a detension

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