Colin Myler, New Daily News Editor, Fresh From Scandal-Plagued News of the World

The new guy's got some history.
The New York Daily News is apparently hiring a new Editor-In-Chief, just a year and a half after Kevin Convey took over the job.

But that's not the most interesting thing about today's announcement. It's that Convey's replacement is Colin Myler, the last editor to preside over the News of the World before it collapsed in an epic phone-hacking scandal.

Myler wasn't in charge of Murdoch's trashiest English tabloid when the phone-hacking was actually going on, but he has been implicated in the subsequent cover up.

The last cover of Myler's last paper.
In 2009, Myler told the British Press Complaints Commission in a letter that only one reporter was involved in the phone-hacking scandal. That wasn't true, and Myler knew it wasn't true, because, as he later testified, he'd seen an email that made it clear that the hacking went further. Last month, Myler apologized to the Commission for failing to provide "a full and frank answer."

Myler was also recently raked over the coals for failing to discipline a reporter who tried to blackmail a dominatrix into cooperating with the News of the World.

But Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman no doubt takes pleasure from the fact that his new Editor-in-Chief (who served as executive editor of the New York Post before his last job) has helped to bring the phone-hacking scandal right to the Murdoch's front door. Last summer Myler backed up testimony that James Murdoch knew the phone-hacking was widespread, despite having testified to parliament that he didn't.

The younger Murdoch has since resigned his position, leaving the succession of his father's media empire in doubt.

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As a Brit can I just say how thoroughly ashamed I am that the News Of The World even existed in my country, not to say anything about my fellow countrymen who read it.

Why did Murdoch even own such a small, Sunday paper which never even moved the dial on his huge profits? Because when you own such a vicious, dirty little rag like the NOTW you can behave with impunity since every judge, politician and policeman going has something to hide.

I'm ecstatic that the NOTW is dead, and the Murdoch's reputations are shattered forever - I look forward to the conviction of a Murdoch this year or next for illegal phone-hacking.

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