Cuomo Might Call for Cuts in Tuesday's Budget Proposal

Gov. Andrew Cuomo isn't releasing his 2012-2013 budget proposal until Tuesday, but early reports suggest more cuts are on their way, The Associated Press reports (via Wall Street Journal).

Because Cuomo has to address a $2 billion shortfall -- and has promised no additional taxes -- this means that he will probably push for additional belt-tightening, Reuters notes.

This is especially possible in light of a lackluster economic outlook.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli wrote recently in a report that state tax revenues had increased 8.6 percent -- but that the upswing is compared to a low, mid-recession 2010 figure, the AP says. And the state took in a lot more of this money in early 2011 compared to year's end, suggesting that economic recovery is lagging, says the AP.

Some sources claim that Cuomo might try to tie school funding to teacher evaluations in Tuesday's announcement.

Though Cuomo and his staffers have been tight-lipped about the budget, he did confirm that no funds would be allocated to hydrofracking, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal.

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