Dubai's New Year's Celebrations Were More Restrained than New York's

Dubai rang in the new year last night by shooting flames out of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. If you ever wondered what a half-mile-tall sparkler looks like, watch the above video.

Somehow, New York's celebrations managed to be even more gaudy than Dubai's. In case you missed it, a summary: The ball dropped, thousands of people wore hats sponsored by a lotion company, and a sweater-wearing Mayor Bloomberg danced with Lady Gaga:

2012 Fireworks In Burj Khalifa, Dubai [BuzzFeed]


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ah yea we saw bloomberg dancing with lady gaga,,, dubai is becoming more attractive with new sky scrappers and the these kind of gigantic celebrations of new year evening.. on new year the buj khalifa lightnings are most spectacular


Tony L

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