Get Your At-Home Cocaine Test at the Williamsburg Duane Reade

via @J_Brukman
File this under "good to know." Should you be wandering about Williamsburg on your way to your appointment to pee in a cup and get approval for your new job with the CIA, or for your court appointed biweekly drug test, and experiencing qualms that you may not pass it, you can stop by the Duane Reade on Bedford Avenue and N. 3rd Street (the one with the growler bar) and purchase a handy Quickscreen At Home Drug Test, "the most sensitive test on the market today"! It is 99.9 percent accurate! Why would you purchase anything less?

The answer is, you would not.

We do wonder if this is available in all Duane Reades, and will be reporting back after a short but intensive investigation. Also, does it come in "Marijuana"? (Asking for a friend.)

The Williamsburg Duane Reade Sells At-Home Drug Tests [Racked via @J_Brukman]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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These are available at every Duane Reade and yes there is a test for marijuana and a few other substances as well. So common and available at like every drug store.{92%2COR{93}%2COR{90}%2COR{122}}%26searchType%3DsearchHome&x=0&y=0


I have found that the Teensavers test is a great home drug test for parents with our kids. Our community benefitted from learning about the Teensavers tests. Great to hear that more parents like us are embracing home drug testing. I know my three kids are drug free.

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