Gingrich 'Wounds' Romney; Latinos Demand Solutions from Obama

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Newt Gingrich badly wounded Mitt Romney in the South Carolina primaries. Now, Romney has to revive his campaign in Florida -- or risk losing the Republican ticket, the Spanish-language daily reports.

The three distinct winners in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina prove Republicans' uncertainty and that there is a conservative "rebellion," as GOP loyalists look for an "anti-Romney" to rival Barack Obama's chance for a second term, El Diario notes.

"It's clear that Republicans are dissatisfied," Melisa Diaz, Democrat strategist, told reporters. "Romney has never gotten above 30 percent in the polls, except in New Hampshire. His biggest problem with conservatives is that he changes his positions as often as he changes shirts -- for political convenience."

The conflict comes into play in Florida, which will hold primaries Jan. 31. Romney has a big advantage in Florida. In fact, some 200,000 Republican voters in the "Sunshine State" have already started voting by mail -- about 10 percent of this bloc, the newspaper reports.

Romney's campaign has already spent $3.5 million in TV and mail ads in Florida.

That doesn't surprise Gingrich, who said his campaign might have less cash, but is richer in "ideas and people" instead. Gingrich said that for him, money is not everything, the tabloid says.

Latinos Want Solutions from the President

Latinos want Barack Obama to talk about unemployment, living costs, and health insurance when he makes his state of the union speech Tuesday, the Spanish-langauge daily reports.

For Angelica Rodriguez, ,Obama must talk about unemployment, "because many families are suffering from lack of work."

"There are lots of people who are passing on necessities because groceries are so expensive," she told El Diario.

For 54-year-old Victor Cordero, Obama must announce solutions to unemployment, such as dedicating more funds to work programs.

"I have been unemployed for two years, and I just got unemployment benefits and have to ask for Welfare and food stamps for the first time in my life," he told the newspaper. "I don't blame the Obama administration -- it's Bush's fault. I think that Obama is doing his best to fix the country." 

Magdalis Marrero said that in addition to unemployment, Obama must talk about Medicaid.

"They have to build more houses for low income people, because rents in New York are through the roof," she told the publication.

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The three distinct winners in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina...

Three different winners, O.K. (technically), but in Iowa, Santorum and Romney nearly tied, so I wouldn't call Santorum the "distinct" winner there.


It's Bush's fault? Still using this one huh? I say it's YOUR fault you're not working. You probably don't have any marketable skills that are desirable in the marketplace, have a criminal/drug history, etc. Unemployment is up - sure, but the people I see who are on it for extended periods openly admit that they don't want to work. If you haven't worked in 2 years, that's your fault. Moreover, what planning did you do when you were employed to ensure you'd be financially stable in the event you were to become unemployed? Oh, none... Didn't save anything either? Yep, Bush's fault too, I get it.

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