Greg Kelly Accuser Says She Got Pregnant From Alleged Assault

The woman who accused Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's son Greg Kelly of raping her last October also claims that she became pregnant as a result of the alleged assault. Sources also told DNAinfo that the woman terminated the pregnancy.

Greg Kelly did not appear today on Good Morning New York, the local Fox news show where he is an anchor. His lawyers released a statement maintaining his innocence. DNAinfo also reports that his lawyers have turned over text message records that they believe will exonerate him -- by proving the encounter was consensual. The investigation is being handled by the District Attorney's office.

Prosecutors aren't talking to Runnin' Scared.

Kelly has not been charged with any crime.


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If Greg truly raped this woman, then he should be punished. But please, these woman need to stop the bull and think about what they are doing to someone's reputation if this accusation is false. Things like this just keep on happening and if proven untrue, this woman should be charged!!  If you gave it up and now you got caught, get over it.

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