Bronx Man Accidentally Gets $44 Million Hospital Bill; Hilarious Headlines Ensue

A Bronx man got charged some $44 million for a $300 hospital bill, which he says worried him so much that it almost prompted an asthma attack, the Daily News reports.

Alexis Rodriguez, however, realized that he couldn't possibly owe that much money, so he did some investigating and found out that Bronx-Lebanon Hospital's billing company just screwed up.

The invoice was the result of a computer error, so Rodriguez and several other patients with similar billing problems will not have to pay Bronx-Lebanon a small nation's GDP for simple medical services. The story's happy ending gets even better: The company behind the mistake has apologized, which is real thoughtful and stuff.

Since all's well, we have decided make absurdist lemons into lemonade, and find the humor in something so terrifyingly Kafkaesque.

Behold the best headlines about Rodriguez' saga.

Picture 19.png

(From Gothamist)

Picture 20.png
(From various ABC affiliates)

Picture 21.png
(From the Los Angeles Times)

Picture 24.png

Picture 25.png
(From a version of the Daily News' story featured by Google)

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