It's Time To Throw Out Your Damn Christmas Tree Already

The end of today's non-work day means that the holidays are officially over. Yes, we know that Three Kings Day falls on January 6th but we're tired of waiting around so long for it. It's time to get rid of the lights and decorations and fall into the ho-hum that is winter in New York. So what do you do with that huge green behemoth just hanging out in your living room? It's time to bring the good ol' Christmas tree down to Tompkins Square Park and get it turned into a huge bag of mulch. Our favorite neighbor EV Grieve gives us the tip that it's time to store away the ornaments and join MulchFest 2012.

The official MulchFest festival is on January 7th and 8th, but luckily you can drop off your tree at designated spots starting today.

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation created a nifty little website in order to show you where all the chipping spots and drop off spots are.

The Parks and Rec also make sure to tell us how good this is for the environment: "These wood chips are used to nourish trees and plants on streets and gardens citywide. Or, take home your very own bag of mulch to use in your backyard or to make a winter bed for a street tree."

Now you have to do this -- it's helping the environment and your street cred. Only coolness points and more fertile crops are coming out of this situation!


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Mikoe Wozz
Mikoe Wozz

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But if you had a plastic tree, you could have kept that bastard up until July!


This article reflects a superficial grasp of the Christmas season. The true Christmas season ends with Epiphany. Anyone who is so anxious to throw out the tradition of the tree and celebration of the season should not bother celebrating Christmas. The hypocrisy of ranting about "...throwing out your damn Christmas tree..." would be humorous if was not such a sad reflection of a crass and insular attitude.

Sadly, these are often the same folks running out to "celebrate" the latest Hallmark or AG holiday. Let's hope we don't ruin their special preview to those Valentine's Day sales or the early run on those FTD sweetheart roses.

'Tis the season

actual history
actual history

Look up the origin of the Christmas tree before you go spouting half truths about the "true Christmas season." And for that matter, the origin of Christmas.  I'm pretty sure once winter solstice is over, and the gifts have been given, tradition holds: throw it out.

If your religion prefers to hang onto it longer, that's your business.

André 3000
André 3000

the early run on those FTD sweetheart roses

You mean I can buy those roses today and make them last the six weeks until Valentine's Day?

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