Woman Who Jumped from Williamsburg Bridge Identified, Expected to Survive

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The Honda Ridgeline, via @quinner250
There's a bit of news to follow up to yesterday's breaking story that a woman had jumped from the Williamsburg Bridge and landed, 20 to 30 feet below, and alive, on the windshield of an NYPD cop's Honda Ridgeline truck parked on Pitt Street. The woman has been identified as Jenna Marie Filippi, 34, of Queens. Yesterday afternoon she was rushed to Bellevue with multiple traumas. She is expected to survive.

The Post reports that a man saw Filippi park her car -- a 2007 Acura MDX -- on the Bridge, then climb over and jump "without making a sound -- until she landed with a loud crash."

"She just got out of her car and walked over by the ladder. She stepped one foot over the other and just jumped," Pichardo said.

"There was no noise at all. No honking, no yelling, no nothing."

The cop whose vehicle Filippi landed on said he'd get the car towed "and take it from there." There is still not much on what led to the incident: Fillipi's parents did not comment to the Post.

Fillipi, who was "conscious and talking at Bellevue Hospital," is not the first jumper in New York City history to survive an attempted suicide by landing on a well-placed car.

Woman survives jump from Williamsburg Bridge [NYP]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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And by "well-placed car," you mean "illegally parked private vehicle owned by a cop who thinks it's totally okay to park right in the middle of the crosswalk," right? 

I'm glad his lack of respect for the neighborhood's pedestrians saved this woman's life.  But the cops are really, really bad about their parking habits at that intersection.

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