This Map Shows You Where to Find Single People in NYC

Should you be one of those people who assumes that your dating "issues" in the city stem from the fact that there are fewer men than women here, there's a map for that, and, no, we're not saying you have issues. But there is an interesting new twist. Economists at the NYCEDC ran the numbers, and, according to the latest census data, New York City's population is 53% female and 47% male. But, of unmarried singles between 20 and 34, men actually outnumbered women, 742,400 to 729,500. As for people over 34, they are geriatrics too old for love and unworthy of acknowledgment.

Hear that? More men than women! WORLDS...SHIFTING...

There's also a cool map breakdown (above) of the neighborhoods that, we suppose, could be used to target the singles of interest to you.

On the Upper East Side, young single women outnumber young single men nearly 2 to 1. Jackson Heights, Queens is on the other end of the spectrum--where there are 1.7 males for every female. The neighborhoods with ratios of 1 to 1? Jamaica, Queens and Pelham Gardens in the Bronx.

Gender normative map translation: Pink is lady-ville. Blue is boy-town.

Also fascinating: 21- and over-age New Yorkers spend an average of $140 a year at bars, "which is 58% higher than in the United States as a whole" and maybe our bar tab for a week, if we're being realistic. Map that, NYCEDC!

Ratio of Single Men to Single Women in NYC [NYCEDC]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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"As for people over 34, they are geriatrics too old for love and unworthy of acknowledgment."

So who's the douche bag that thinks over 35 and up is geriatric and unworthy of love ?

chopped liver
chopped liver

$140 a year, is that in bumblefcuk or just in Narnia...welcome to NYC $12 plus tip and bs..

A Reader
A Reader

Where does that $140 figure come from? It seems quite low. Thank you.

jeff m
jeff m

$140/yr?  At $12 a drink that's like one night out a MONTH

jeff m
jeff m

figure seems very low lol

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