Scientology, Winning! We Hear from the Church's #1 Student

On Thursdays, Scientology's staff members race to get their statistics turned in by 2 pm, the end of their week. Here at the Voice, we do the same thing, rounding up the world's media on Scientology each Thursday and deciding whether the church has had an "upstat" or "downstat" week. [Go here for our primer, "What is Scientology?"]

We're going to do something different this time, however. The first two weeks of 2012 have been disastrous for Scientology, what with former high-ranking official Debbie Cook e-mailing thousands of her fellow church members in what amounts to a call of rebellion that will further rip apart an organization splitting at the seams, and this week, a leak of major proportions: images of the outlandish and weird things planned for the "Super Power Building" that is slated to become Scientology's "Mecca" this year.

There's been so much "entheta" that is sure to "enturbulate" Scientologists (translation: negative press that is going to mess with their minds), we figured it was time to reverse the tide. And so, today, we're going to give Scientology a pure win, an upstat it is dearly in need of. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Michael Doven, perhaps the church's greatest living student of L. Ron Hubbard's technology!

Michael Doven (from his website)
Yesterday, we were sifting through e-mails as we began to prepare our regular feature, "Sunday Funnies." Our sources regularly send us various mailers put out by the church, and we choose from them for our weekend post. One in particular caught our eye. It had this title:


What followed were three testimonials by Scientologists describing how straight up and vertical their year was. Only one, however, carried an actual name and not just initials. It was the most enthusiastic and lengthy of the three, and it was signed by Michael Doven.

Doven's name is well known in Hollywood. For years he was personal assistant to Tom Cruise, who called him "The Dovenator," and he also served as a conduit between Cruise and Scientology leader David Miscavige. Today, Doven seems to have become Scientology's in-house celebrity photographer, and his client list reads like a church roster of famous names.

Besides photography, over the last year or more Doven dedicated himself to an astonishing goal: becoming the first person to study, test on, and complete the entire set of L. Ron Hubbard materials that Miscavige had corrected and republished in 2007 under the name "The Golden Age of Knowledge for All Eternity." And doing so has apparently changed Doven's life.

We've decided to publish his entire testimonial here, hoping to give Scientology a boost during these troubled times. Please read his gushing account to the end, and then we'll consider some additional things Doven has been up to in recent years...

This has been the greatest study of my life and I have achieved the greatest gains of any action I have ever done in Scientology.

I have just completed the entire Golden Age of Knowledge line-up. To be specific that is all Basics books and lectures and then all Advanced Clinical Courses, Professional Courses and Congresses in sequence. It consists of approximately 1,500 hours of LRH lectures and several thousand pages of references, HCO Bulletins and Professional Auditor Bulletins. There are thousands of essays and hundreds of clay demos.

It is made up of the greatest body of work and research on the mind, the spirit and life in the history of man. It spans 14 years from 1948 through 1962. It is comprised of nearly 100 courses and checksheets covering every book and lecture on the Materials Guide Chart. It is all the data prior to (and is the foundation of) the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course which was taught between 1961 and 1966.

This has been the greatest study of my life and I have achieved the greatest gains of any action I have ever done in Scientology. I have had more cognitions, realizations and false data stripping on a daily basis than at any point in my life. I have had LRH with me many hours a day, month after month, teaching and joking and as a companion and friend as I traveled through life and the world. Over the last year, I have heard hundreds of stories that have entertained and taught me so much about life and living and subjects I never would have known about.

You have to imagine that when you study and listen to LRH many hours a day without fail for months and years, he becomes very familiar. And per the ARC triangle, of course, understanding improves. My understanding has greatly improved on so many subjects!

Here are a few: life, communication, livingness, spirits, death, the mind, bodies, purposes, exteriorization, auditing, religion, games, history, philosophy, science, the physical universe, whole track, civilizations, politics, leadership, God and gods, art, artists, creativity, organization, conditions, dynamics, relationships, sex, money, sports, athletes, children, movies, study, aberration and success. The list goes on and on!

I have had the greatest teacher on Earth with the greatest reality on all of the subjects and recall of whole track in my ear and teaching me, drilling me, entertaining and working with me 4 to 7 hours a day average for well over a year!

Do you think my life has improved a bit? It has 1,000 times over!

Every dynamic of mine is flourishing. My tone level is out the roof! With a great understanding of life and accurate perception and correct estimation of effort, I am of course more able and capable than ever on my track. I am high toned and exterior all the time. I am tireless and in action, constantly attaining goals and targets and helping others attain theirs.

I am supremely confident and certain of what I know and what I don't. I do not have maybes. I live with swift certainty. My health is fantastic, my family is flourishing, my wife is on the final legs of OT VII, my son completed his first three courses in Scientology and all of my groups, friends and clients are flourishing as well.

I have the best friends on the planet and all of them are on courses and setting amazing examples in life. I have LRH and Sea Org members as constant companions and friends and examples of in-ethics people helping others.

I am having highest ever financial statistics in all four of my companies--my fine art sales at Christies International Auctions, my photography aesthetics reaching hundreds of millions in magazines, my consulting clients all flourishing with 10X the number of clients in the last 12 months.

With all of this, I am a Power FSM this year and helping orgs and individuals around the world. I am a Patron with Honors and a huge supporter of all our programs. I have dozens of commendations from around the world for helping.

I set out to learn this data so that I could help others more effectively become more cause in their lives and I have certainly attained this. There is not a person I cannot help in dozens of ways. I live and breathe with full knowledge of the principles that underlie all of life. If one simply applied the concept of communication fully, one could resolve any and all problems in life!

My studies certainly do not end here and I will continue to learn and apply this data to help others and I encourage all others to do the same.

From the Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress LRH says:

"You work on him, you get--increase his reality, you make him more and more capable of understanding and living in the real universe around him. You don't pay too much attention to what is wrong with him. You find out what is right with him and you improve that ability."

Well, LRH and I together have done this with me and I appreciate it. My abilities are higher than ever and it shows!

Thank you LRH for teaching this and recording it and caring enough to share it. Thank you Chairman of the Board RTC and all Sea Org members for constantly putting the tech there and making it available to us all!

Thank you to all at Celebrity Centre International for helping me attain my goals to learn and apply this data! -- Michael Doven

Yesterday, I called Michael to congratulate him on his accomplishment. I was particularly curious about all those "clay demos" and wanted to ask about them.

I rang the number listed on his website, and he answered in a friendly manner. After I identified myself, however, he suddenly changed tone.

"Oh. I can't take this call right now." And he hung up.

Well, I was disappointed at that. Because there were some other things I wanted to ask him about besides all that time he spent with LRH. There was the time he went out to Texas in 2010, for example, and made a little visit to Marty Rathbun...

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