Mnemonic Devices to Help You Remember That It's 2012

Once upon a time, people expressed concern come the New Year that they would forget to write the correct date on their checks. Because the only people who still use checks are con artists, there is one less thing to worry about as we ring in 2012. Still, it may be difficult to remember what year it is, and forgetting this information could be humiliating. That's why we've thought of a couple mnemonic devices to help you remember that, for the next 366 days, it will be 2012.

When in doubt, just think, "The imbecile Thomas Friedman doesn't opine thouroughly nor yieldingly. Sleep inside an arena's skydome. I think there are tough, non-threatening times ahead, Einstein." That's a simple way to remember the first initials of the words in this helpful sentence: "Today is the first day of the New Year, so if anyone asks, say it's two thousand and twelve, not two thousand and eleven."

Not easy enough for you? Then just visualize of the following picture:


On the left is Geddy Lee, the lead singer of Rush. Rush's most famous album is, of course, "2112." The middle picture is of a woman sneezing. Sneezing occurs when your sinuses are irritated. Sinus sounds like minus. On the right is novelist Gabriel García Márquez, who wrote 100 Years of Solitude. So:

2112-100 (years of solitude)= 2012. It's 2012!

Feel free to pass along these handy tips to your friends today, they might need them.


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Your post is excellent. I’m running a blog about mnemonic devices and you know how to teach this topic. Mnemonic devices are my passion so I’ve decided to start a blog about this. I think I will come back very soon to share some ideas.


You forgot another easy mnemonic picture thingy....A picture of Prince (his album "1999") plus a picture of Olivia Wilde (her character's nickname of "13" on "House").

There you go - problem solved...


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Most random Geddy Lee ref ever, but I'll take it.

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