How Well Do You Know New York City? Pat Kiernan Will Quiz You. [Updated]

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Pat Kiernan told us once, "Being a New Yorker is a state of mind. Not something on your birth certificate. The qualifications: some combination of knowledge of the city, love of the city, length of time here, and comfort with both defending and criticizing the city." Included in part one of that clause: Knowledge of little-known, quintessential, or otherwise intriguing NYC factoids. Included in part two: Love of Pat Kiernan. (See also: "Shit New Yorkers Say.")

Now's your chance to find out how how much of a New Yorker (or at least, how much of a New York City trivia aficionado) you really are. This Wednesday, TrivWorks and the Bell House are hosting an event, "Why We Love NYC," emceed by, yes, Pat Kiernan, who will test you on all matter of city pop culture trivia. We spoke to David Jacobson, the founder of TrivWorks, to get some advance questions (none of these will be asked on Wednesday, but they're "in the style of the NYC pop culture trivia" that will be tested). Consider this your PSAT.

10. At which Manhattan hotel can you find Woody Allen playing jazz clarinet most Monday evenings?

9. What are the three ingredients in an egg cream?

8. What book did Mark David Chapman have on him when he shot John Lennon in front of The Dakota on December 8, 1980?

7. Who is that subway dermatology guy?

6. What do you get when you order the "Recession Special" at Gray's Papaya?

5. What was the name of the massive piece of artwork created by Christo, which covered Central Park in February 2005?

4. What was the name of the fictional coffee shop on Friends?

3. The firehouse used in the Ghostbusters movies is located in which Manhattan neighborhood?

2. For 20 years, what genre of music did NYC's CD 101.9 FM broadcast, before going off the air in 2008?

1. According to his flyers, what will Dan Smith teach you to do?

For bonus points, here are a couple of our own questions: How many years has Kiernan been easing us into our mornings on NY1? And what can he do with a shoe that ensures we shall love him forever?

Answers after the jump.

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Numbers 8 and 4 aren't really NYC trivia; John Lennon fans and Friends fans, respectively, who have little or no unrelated knowledge of NYC might well be able to answer them correctly.


True - however, the event is billed as NYC pop culture trivia, including the people, places, events & TV/movies which shape daily life in NYC


You think reruns of Friends "shape daily life in NYC" or that past airings of the episodes continue to do so? Either you're wack or those are New Yorkers I don't want to meet.


Just call the Coffee Shop Karvas and split the difference :)

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