How Well Do You Know New York City? Pat Kiernan Will Quiz You. [Updated]

[Answers: The Carlyle; milk, seltzer, and chocolate syrup (Fox's U-bet brand); Catcher in the Rye; Dr. Jonathan Zizmor; two hot dogs and a drink; The Gates; The Central Perk; TriBeCa; smooth jazz; play guitar.

Bonus: 15 years; open a bottle of wine.]

Whether you aced these or failed, you may want to show up for Why We Love NYC at the Bell House this Wednesday, January 25, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25. Winning is priceless...except, of course, for the bragging rights...and the prizes.

Update: Alas, Jacobson informs us that the event has sold out! But, he promises, "Another event is definitely in the works."

Update 2: Due to demand, a second date for the event has been added. Trivia round two will take place on Monday, Feb 27, at the Bell House. Get yer tickets now!

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[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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Numbers 8 and 4 aren't really NYC trivia; John Lennon fans and Friends fans, respectively, who have little or no unrelated knowledge of NYC might well be able to answer them correctly.


True - however, the event is billed as NYC pop culture trivia, including the people, places, events & TV/movies which shape daily life in NYC


You think reruns of Friends "shape daily life in NYC" or that past airings of the episodes continue to do so? Either you're wack or those are New Yorkers I don't want to meet.


Just call the Coffee Shop Karvas and split the difference :)

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