Enjoy Looking At Subway Rats? Play 'Rate My Rat'

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Did you enjoy looking at that picture of the giant rat in the Bronx Foot Locker? Yes? First, ew, and second, we've got the perfect quest for you. As part of their "New Yorkers Deserve A Rat-Free Subway" campaign, the city's Transport Workers Union has started a "Rate My Rat" contest.

The game is simple: Stand on subway platform. See a rat or some trash that might house a rat. Take a picture. Upload the picture. If your rate gets the most votes for "best rat" you win a MetroCard.

Ratfreesubways.com has some "official contest rules:"

1. This contest is only open to "the 99%." If your income is more than a million dollars a year, you don't use the subways, so you're not on this website anyway.

2. Uploading photos of "Ben" or "Socrates" from the movie classic "Willard" is not allowed as those images are protected by copyright.

3. Photos taken by mutant rats in the system who know how to use a cellphone are encouraged.

4. Employees of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority are encouraged to submit photos of the rats they encounter on a daily basis. The ones with four legs, that is.

Though some of the rats in the gallery are pretty nasty, we do have a soft spot for the little guy/girl at Grand Central drinking out of a Miller Light can. He's our kind of rat.

For inspiration, maybe take a look at this gallery of reader-submitted subway rat photos City Room collected in summer 2010.

TWU spokesman Jim Gannon told Runnin' Scared in an email that the contest, which ends Sunday, was was "a way to engage riders in a fun way." It is part of a larger ongoing effort from TWU Local 100 to pressure the MTA to take steps get rid of the rats. The union's campaign started in September. Here's an introductory video:


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A "Filthypeople-free subway" would make more sense; the rats are only there because they are drawn by the food and other refuse PEOPLE toss away in the subway.


What I don't get is: Why do we humans always blame animals that are just trying to survive the same as we are? They live in the filth WE CREATE! Rats by nature, and cockroaches too, are very clean animals, if you ever watch them they are always preening over themselves, cleaning themselves, etc I have several pet domestic rats, and just this morning alone, in the space of 10 minutes, I watched one of my rats clean herself 6 times. How many humans can match that record?


Just another reason not to visit New York. Not because they have rats.. but because they have dirty people who throw their garbage everywhere.  They wouldn't have rats if they didn't throw their crap everywhere... I see new york hasn't ever changed. It us still a dirty nasty place. How is it the rats fault. They are doing us a favor by cleaning it up for us. Stupid people.


are New Yorkers stupid or just lazy filthy people? Clean up the trash, quit throwing your food items all over & the rats will leave to find a new food source! That simple - honest!


Such cute little devils! Willard, Willard...

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