Rick Perry: There is Not One Non-White Person in America. (Also, Rick Santorum is a Pig!)

Usually, the advisors of even the most aging white male Republican candidate will pay some crude lip service to the idea of a multi-culti America. Not Rick Perry, though; we've watched his latest video "America is Caling" through a couple of times, and from what we can see, there is not one non-white person in all of America, from New York harbor's Statue of Liberty, to the midwest's amber waves of grain.

From the images, you can almost imagine that an edited draft of the script looked something like this, right before it was handed to the narrator: "This election is not about me. This election is about our white children, it's about our white grandchildren." That would certainly not be any stranger than the actual words that appear on-screen in the ad ("When America is on its knees, He will bring us to our feet").

And then in "Unelectable," Team Perry went on to say (graphically if not in words) that Rick Perry is a pig, and that he's basically the same person as Barack Obama. The visual wipe turning Santorum into Obama is quite a stretch, even for an eleventh hour political ad. We can only wonder if "frothy mixture" Santorum would have also kicked Don't Ask, Don't Tell to the curb. At least they showed there is one non-white person in the country, even if Perry isn't sure the President is a legal American!

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