Rick Santorum Sweater Vests for Sale for $100 a Pop

Do you want to not only vote for but also look like Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum? If so, you are in luck! Rick Santorum has leveraged his viral fashion-backward menswear choices into a donation campaign for none other than Rick Santorum. But you, too, will benefit -- if you donate $100 (or more) to the Santorum campaign, you'll get "your very own official Rick Santorum For President sweater vest." It's a souvenir you can wear.

The Rick Santorum For President sweater vest is 100 percent cotton -- no itchy wool for you! -- and it is gray, just like the skies when the angels cry. You only have until January 11 to snag yourself one. As the Santorum campaign announces gleefully, "Don't let sleeves slow you down -- donate today!"

Demand for sweater vests is apparently quite high, perhaps because the "right to bare arms" is a real thing. Health care, schmealth care.

[h/t @adamclarkestes]

Rick Santorum Selling Branded Sweater Vests For $100 Each [TPM]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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