Science Does Not Want Your Fat, Dead Body

As we are reminded regularly, much of America is overweight or even obese, and this is bad, bad, bad. Not only is it unhealthy for our bodies; it means our pants are uncomfortably tight. But beyond that, a certain pride in human life is being able to give your physical specimen away to science when you shuffle off this mortal coil, whether that's so you can help others, feel better about the life you have led, or maybe, have something positive-sounding about yourself to offer up at the gates of Heaven. But now, it seems, science doesn't even want your corpse. Science is turning up its nose at your corpse. Because your corpse is, well, fat. Science is rude.

According to an MSNBC investigation into the subject, there are a few reasons science will pass on your obese corpse. Among them:

-Fat bodies are harder to store.
-There is too much tissue on a fat form, which means "the students don't get as good a learning opportunity."
-The embalming process adds more weight.
-"Bodies taller than about 6-foot-4 or heavier than about 300 pounds simply don't fit on the trays."
-Overweight (and extremely tall) bodies are harder for "slim" technicians to lift and move.
-Overweight bodies are not "perfect":

"In a perfect world, they'd like to have a perfect body with perfect anatomy -- or near perfect," said Wade, whose ["perfect"] program is among the largest in the nation, with a peak donation of some 1,800 bodies a year.

-In fact, adding insult to injury, obese bodies are "more difficult, time-consuming, and unpleasant to study."

While half of adults would consider donating their bodies to science, according to a Johns Hopkins study, weight limits for donations are generally between 170 and 300 pounds, tops. Which means, if you are heavier and hope to donate, you may want to prepare your loved ones, and/or yourself, for some rejection.

While some seem to think that this might entice people to lose weight, we feel it may simply entice people not to donate their bodies to that ingrate, science.

Donating your body to science? Nobody wants a chubby corpse [MSNBC]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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Teaching hospitals and instructors want perfection for their student's. The healthy body. Sure, that's fine when they need to learn procedures, but in this FAT nation, TONS of us come to you with TONS of medical issues related to FAT. Why don't scientists want a willing obese dead person to donate their body. Too much of a challenge? Really? Try to come up with a cure for the "lazy disease." I'm sick of hearing about the alcohol disease, the drug abuse disease, and all of the brand new emotional disorders that are surfacing every day. Is ANYONE trying to find out why my brain overwhelms me to the point that I have lost and gained 100 pounds 4 times? I have been through every single program known to man, including TWO volunteer surgeries. Doesn't ANYONE want to figure out why? Take my body, let the students work on the "perfect people" and then they can freak out when a fattie is under their knife one day. Isn't there a scientist who cares about the future of our nation of massive proportions; literally? No I don't "choose" to shovel in a loaf of bread, I am "compelled" to do so. Use my body when I die, and figure out what is wrong. I am NOT normal, but I am not crazy. Someone take the challenge for Gods sakes!  Cheryl C

An Anonymous Reader
An Anonymous Reader

I'm a guy who's down to about 350 from 450+ (I was near 500 at one point) and I would have considered donating my body to medical science when I died, but now, even if I do get down below 300 and look as good as a supermodel, you guys can suck it. I'll be cremated and scattered out to sea rather than let medical science learn anything new from me. Let's not forget medical "science" are the same idiots who won't give me a prescription for any ADHD medicine that works for me because I won't submit to an insulting drug test like a common criminal. And people wonder why I don't trust doctors...


Considering that these are the very people that medical students will be treating when they become doctors, wouldn't you think they'd WANT obese bodies to dissect?


Mmmm, big-breasted women....

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