Scientology, Cooked: Commenters of the Week!

"This Debbie Cook show is just too much!"
If the rest of 2012 is going to be like this first week, the hooch reserves in the underground bunker are going to need some bolstering.

Things started off one second after midnight as 2012 began, when our pre-loaded first story of the year, "What is Scientology?" popped up on cue. We'd been working on it a few weeks, larding it with good stuff from such luminaries as Jefferson Hawkins, Larry Brennan, Dennis Erlich, and Hana Whitfield. We hope it proves a competent introduction to the subject for years to come.

Just a few minutes later, however, we started getting frantic e-mails from some of our best tipsters -- the epic saga of Debbie Cook's e-mail had begun.

Of course, we knew that most of our readers were probably sloshed at that hour, so we sensibly waited until just before noon on Sunday morning to put up our first story about Debbie's stunning call to rebellion among her fellow church members.

But we still weren't done with the first day of the new year. That evening, someone solved the puzzle we had embedded in last summer's big countdown, The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology.

Monday morning, we looked ahead to what 2012 might offer by talking to Mark Bunker and Mike Rinder.

But on Tuesday, we got back on the Debbie Cook story, trying to put her e-mail into some perspective by talking to someone else who hit the church with a broadside, actor Jason Beghe.

The next day, we got into Debbie Cook's background, and wrote about the homophobic hazing ritual that marked the end of her Sea Org career.

Our usual Thursday Stats Roundup included not only more Debbie Cook mania, but also a fun item about a gossip website mixing up Tom Cruise with indie Scientologist Tiziano Lugli.

Friday morning we got back to our usual look into what it was like to sail with L. Ron Hubbard with another set of dispatches from the yacht Apollo.

And that afternoon, with the Debbie Cook e-mail finally starting to hit American television, we put together an annotated version of her e-mail to help beginners understand what all the fuss is about.

Now that's some way to start out the new year. Let's move on to the awards, shall we?

We spent some time preparing our introductory article "What is Scientology?," and we wanted to include real experts in it, people who had spent years in the church. One of those was Hana Whitfield, who had actually worked with L. Ron Hubbard and provided us with some fascinating remembrances of him. Reader Schockenawd appreciated her contribution...

Hana Whitfield's recollections are really interesting, because they give some dimension to what I otherwise think of as a cartoonish LRH, running around in his fake naval uniform, selling snake oil to the naive. Hana makes it seem understandable, rational, even inevitable that LRH should have created an empire. Whatever else he was, LRH was obviously charismatic... the mark of the most successful cult leaders. Time will tell how his successor, David Miscavige, is remembered. My money is on the version of him as the despised Napoleon who rode the gravy train right into the ground.

Professor Dave Touretzky piped up with a very clever shorthand for how a career in Scientology goes...

Scientology condensed into 5 easy steps:

1. Raw meat level: self help / personal efficiency courses to get you in the door and put you at ease with the "org" and its jargon.
2. Dianetics: you need therapy for all the bad things that happened to you in life, starting at conception.
3. Scientology: you're an immortal spiritual being, and you need therapy for all the bad things that happened in all your previous lives, too. Higher rates apply.
4. Operating Thetan levels 3-7: you're possessed by the spirits of murdered space aliens called "body thetans", and they need therapy too. Bad news: they have no money, so YOU have to pay. Secrecy and higher rates apply; magical powers are promised if you persevere.
5. Suppressive person declare: you realize you've been scammed. You have no magical powers, no one else does either, and it's time to close your checkbook and get the hell out.

I've used this formulation in a bunch of radio interviews. It's very effective.

After we posted our first story about Debbie Cook's e-mail Sunday morning, the very first person to comment on it was Barbara Graham...

This confirms muttering I have been hearing for the past year or so. Members are beginning to notice that all the fundraising going on is impeding their way up the Bridge.

Members are beginning to ask, did I join to buy buildings for a screaming midget?
In most cases (the heterosexual Tom Cruise aside) the answer is "NO!"

Synthia Fagen, meanwhile, was thinking about Debbie Cooks's possible outcomes...

Well, Debbie would like to keep this out of the media but, that is impossible.

I have concern for her. What she has done is exactly what she should have done but by doing so, she has obviously made herself a target. She needs reinforcement.

I realize that she is denouncing all of the exes out here and we will let her do that but, at some point she's most likely gonna need support.

I hope she has planned this out well.

We also enjoyed this brief comment by Kate Bornstein, who was trying to put the Debbie Cook e-mail into some context...

I've been on the phone all morning with ex-Sea Org pals of mine. Nothing remotely like this has ever happened in Scientology. Not ever. We're all agreed that it's so cool.

Our second Debbie Cook story featured ex-Scientologist Jason Beghe. And it made reference to an official church response from spokeswoman Karin Pouw -- which inspired Jefferson Hawkins to send in a comment...

I love their assertion of "27 new orgs." Typical Scientology shell game. In fact, the majority of those are the same old orgs that they have had for the last 20 years, moved into big new (and empty) buildings as part of their "Ideal Orgs" real estate scam. Scientology members are pressured to contribute millions to buy a new building, then the ownership of that building transfers to the "Mother Church," not to the local organization. Meanwhile the local org is stuck with maintenance, renovation, utilities and property taxes on a huge, empty white elephant. And most are struggling to pay their bills.

Scientology used to publish address lists. They don't any more -- wonder why? One of their last address lists, published in the 1998 edition of the book "What is Scientology?" listed 143 Churches of Scientology. If you go to their website and spend several hours with their complex "Org Locator," you can see that the total now is around 140. For every "new" org that opens, another is quietly closed or merged, all under the banner of "expansion." The new "Ideal Org" in Copenhagen, for instance, is a merger of two earlier organizations. Same in London, Paris, and my city, Portland.

As for their "Mission" network -- supposedly hundreds of smaller "starter' organizations, these have all but disappeared. Those that still exist are usually two guys and a dog in someone's living room. They used to be big, going organizations with 20 or 30 staff. Now their "Ideal Orgs" aren't even that big.

Check it out yourself. Look up the address of the local "Mission of Scientology" in your city, and go there and see what you find. Probably an empty building or a dry cleaning business, or a used clothing store - as I found here in Portland.

Or visit your local "Ideal Org," get a tour, and see how many people are actually inside.

And did you notice that "thousands of Scientologists" in their press release? What happened to your "millions," Scientology?

Professor Dave Touretzky explained how the Cook e-mail put the church in a very difficult spot...

Debbie Cook's letter has put DM in a Catch-22 situation: once people read it, every time Scientology pressures them for donations they'll be reminded yet again that Debbie was right. So much for this year's big New Year's video message from COB; she's ruined it. So suppose DM backs off the heavy fundraising and just pushes people to pay for their bridge? Well, in that case people are going to want services -- and DM can't provide them. They'll discover that the number of competent auditors is way down. That the quality of "service" at FLAG is far from the level of perfection they expect. And that, more than 15 years after Scientology started raising funds for the Super Power building, they still aren't able to offer the rundown. If you can't get decent services from CoS at any price, what's the point of remaining a member in good standing? Maybe it's time to close the checkbook and wait for LRH to return.

The next installment in our Debbie Cook saga was one that looked at her background in the Sea Org. Former Sea Org member Mat Pesch spoke up to help us understand what Cook's experiences must be like.

Most Scientologists live in a bubble world where they think their church and its members are "saving the world" , that they are superior to others, can do no wrong, etc.

When confronted with the truth they immediately reject it as "too incredible to be believed". They cover their eyes and ears so as not to have their bubble world popped.

Many have already given years of work, their life savings, abandoned family and friends to have their bubble world. Confronting the truth is a hard pill to swallow. I know, I worked for almost 3 decades as a staff member in the church's Sea Organization.

Scientology is full of good, honest, trusting people. Unfortunately there are people like Miscavige who betray that trust in a BIG way.

Whistle blowers like Debbie do so at great personal risk, knowing that they will be attacked by thugs and PIs hired by Miscavige. Their only motivation is the intention to bring about reform within the "church" of Scientology and to warn/help others.

My wish for all Scientologists is that they find the strength to look and think for themselves

Staying on our Debbie Cook theme, the latest thing we published was yesterday afternoon's annotated version of her e-mail.

That brought out one comment in particular that we dug. Here's Skip Press giving an alternate take on Debbie Cook and her mission...

It's always hilarious to me when Scientology "executives" or former staff cry out about the "alteration of tech" or "bad transcriptions" or other such garbage about early books or policy letters. Anyone who's ever published a book knows you get the final look at it before publication, and Hubbard published a lot of books. He was so persnickety about detail, he instituted "white glove" cleaning inspections on the Apollo flaghsip, and that was carried out in every Scientology organization staffed by Sea Org members. The "tech" got corrupted? Balderdash! THERE IS NO TECH. It's all made up by Hubbard or stolen from other places. Dianetics is nothing more than abreaction that was developed by Freud and Breuer and abandoned. Debbie Cook is doing what ALL former high-ranking Scientologists do upon leaving. When they reach out to other Scientologists, they make sure to state their "ranking" such as what OT levels they finished, certificates they gained, ranks they held in the Sea Org. That's a way of convincing themselves that - as in Cook's case - they WASTED decades of their lives on b.s. and they're trying to make it OK in their mind. Follow LRH? You mean, the "super intellect" who died in a trailer in Creston, CA screaming at unseen disembodied space alien "body thetans" he thought were attacking him? Debbie Cook ,- this is your life.

And she's living an entertaining one, at that! Thankfully, we all benefit.

Can't wait to see what the next week brings in Debbie Cook chaos.

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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A psychiatrist could have a heyday with L Ron's tortured soul, gay exposure and the duality of some of the gays. It is like shooting fish in a barrel but there has to be some way to help the lower levels understand reality. Does anyone have ideas on how to stop the auditing, to expose auditing for what it really is and to protest the destructive control from the top that is present. I realize that ABC hasn't grown them yet but what about the Enquirer, etc a level down who have come to expose some very important stories and made the big networks sit up and take notice.I hope that a Debbie Cook interview in some media is just around the corner if she is harrassed enough. 

The Scientologist
The Scientologist

For a supposed man of education, it's lame to see Touretzky still touting the "murdered space alien" - that's purely his addition. No matter what anyone wants to say or claim about OT III, Hubbard nowhere uses that phrase. The word "thetan" itself refers to a spiritual being, as in we are spiritual beings. In other words, we don't have spirits; we *are* spirits. "Thetan" is simply the Scientology term for "spirit."

The whole thing about "murdered space aliens" is a contradiction per Scientology terms and philosophy. A spiritual being cannot be "murdered". A spiritual being is immortal. You can kill the body, but you can't kill the spirit.

As for "space aliens", it's obvious people like love to throw this phrase around are just looking to antagonize and mock Scientologists, which by the way, doesn't help anything. It's also clear that such people have not listened to all the lectures where Hubbard talks about "whole track" subject matter. Even Wikipedia articles no longer stoop so low as to repeat the childish "space alien" mantra.

Touretzky should be ashamed of himself that Wikipedia has actually achieved a level of neutrality and academic precision and maturity that he apparently is incapable of attaining. Keep in mind he is a computer science professor - no university in their right mind would ever hire this joker as a religion and/or philosophy professor.

It's also obvious he and others like him have never listened to the bulk of the lectures where Hubbard talks about whole track stuff, and that includes all of the Class VIII (not just the one single lecture called "Assists" which they always refer to - that is a huge course with A LOT of lectures to get through).

Just to be clear, OT III does not deal with "space aliens". The Galactic Confederacy were not "aliens" as pop culture would understand the term. The Confederacy was made up of people, human beings. That's right, HUMAN BEINGS. That's what Hubbard talks about. Ancient human civilizations on many different planets far outside our solar system. We're talking millions and millions of years ago.

This is why Hubbard loved Star Wars and based on the immense popularity of the film, believed people were ready enough for OT III data to write a screenplay based on that data. After all, Star Wars takes place " a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away". Ever read Revolt in the Stars? They're humans in a human civilization. Parallels between Star Wars and OT III are incredible, and OT III came out long before obviously.

The only difference between the humans of the Galactic Confederacy and present day Earth humans, according to Hubbard, is that the people of the Confederacy were taller (average height being about 7-8 feet), were far more technologically advanced than we are, to the point where they had technology to transport and manipulate spiritual beings, e.g. they could kill someone's body and "install" them into a robot body (what Hubbard usually refers to as "doll bodies").

The best and most accurate description of the theory behind OT III can be found in a book by someone named L. Kin called "The Pied Pipers of Heaven" or something like that. It's very accurate in describing the technical aspects of OT III and what "body thetans" are and what all that means and so forth. And this guy very obviously did OT III, because he doesn't get anything wrong.

Unlike Touretzky and those who parrot similar nonsense, who have never viewed the full OT III materials, nor listened to all the lectures by Hubbard (including Class VIII sets) on whole track subject matter, and who have such a ridiculously poor understanding of Scientology that all they can do is mock and antagonize Scientologists by misquoting and misrepresenting Scientology beliefs, even the most basic beliefs, in order to portray anyone who has ever done Scientology to be totally deluded and nuts.

All that said, I'm not saying that OT III is true or that critics shouldn't criticize the material and beliefs. What I am saying is that it is *not right* to misrepresent the material and the theory behind it. That only reinforces the idea that the world outside Scientology is filled with evil people and SPs who are out to destroy Scientologists and ruin their lives.

If you want to criticize Scientology in a way that will "wake" people up out of Scientology, you can't go around antagonizing them by misrepresenting what they believe. I mean these guys are getting even the most basic Scientology principles wrong.

I mean what the hell? Why can't you criticize Scientology without stooping so low? Do you guys realize how stupid and childish and immature it is for adults to behave in such a manner? That even Wikipedia got fed up with your nonsense that you won't find any mention of "murdered space aliens" anywhere in their articles, and that Wikipedia has become one of the most and very few neutral sources of information on Scientology?

For a long time I never bothered to really investigate Scientology on my own because of people like Touretzky and that guy in Norway, Andreas Lund or whatever his name is. I read some of the stuff they wrote years and years ago and I was so disgusted and repelled by their deliberate misrepresentation of Scientology beliefs and just mocking the hell out of Scientologists, that I didn't bother reading more. It reinforced for me the idea that no matter the problems, the Church was right about the charactert of those who criticize Scientology and their intentions.

It wasn't until I began talking to people I knew who had been in the Sea Org and who ended up leaving that I began having serious doubts about the Church and about many aspects of Scientology in general, that I began seriously reading stuff like A Piece of Blue Sky and the experiences of people like Hana Whitfield.

That's what opened my eyes. People like Touretzky just encourage Scientologists to keep their eyes shut.


We in RTC want you to know that COB read Debbie Cook's e-mail and, needless to say, declared her an SP. Her SP Declare will be carefully locked up in selected Ethics Officer's cabinets under lock and key.

Debbie's SP Declare will only to be shown on demand to those who can prove they received Debbie's e-mail. Moreover, the person asking to read Debbie's SP Declare must give OSA a  print out of the e-mail they received along with the e-mail address, the IP address, and pathway of the e-mail as this is need for detection.

Debbie will not be receiving a copy of her SP Declare due to COB's policy in which SP's Declare are kept confidential when a person publicly blows. The logic on COB's part is flawless: When a person publicly blows and attacks Mankind's only hope, i.e. COB, such a person cannot be trusted with any communication or datum from the RTC. Debbie knows the magnitude of her crimes against COB. She does not need a piece of goldenrod to remind her.

We in RTC are offering a big reward for e-mail lists of persons to whom the Debbie Cook e-mail was sent. Anyone turning in a mailing list will receive a free IAS pen and pen holder.

anon anon song
anon anon song

This week's commenters of the week struck a nerve for me because I think it indirectly demonstrates what is inherently wrong with scientology: the ex-scientologists who post here are insightful, astute, honest, forthright and often are so in a humorous way. Never, never are scientologists still "in" display the same qualities. Their MO is always the same: denial, obfuscation, attack and a blatant refusal to address an issue head-on (we can just forget that they should also address issues with FACTS, but I digress).

Case in point: in response to Debbie Cook's e-mail, the Co$ not once presented any evidence that her points were wrong, untrue or even partially inaccurate. Not so in the VV comments section since this story broke. Tony provided the forum for posters (many ex-scientologists) to dissect this event down to its every pathological molecule.   

So this is the smoking gun. Which could it be?: the dismissive "only the stupid and gullible fall for cults" or there's a causational fault line where a human being with all their knowledge, wit and intellect is allowed to express themselves, to better themselves, to "live" themselves... or not.  


RE:  Bobox

Now the Mayan comment was funny and timely.  You have my vote for "Commentator of the Week."


If I failed to make it as a "commenter of the week" I did at least have a small triumph:  my throwaway joke on New Years that the Mayans really meant to predict the end of Scientology in 2012 became a minor meme, repeated a couple times on Marty's blog as well as here.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Nice to see Prof Dave Touretzky posting his comments.   He did more to summarize Scientology properly than anyone alive.   His short excellent summary phrasing  has been quoted for years in media and really cuts through all the Scientology longwinded dodge-language. 

Debbie Cook's future, will be something like this:

1) In the near future Debbie Cook will receive either a "Non Enturbulation Order" or a "Suppressive Person Declare" on her.

2) Debbie will most likely request a Committee of Evidence (Scientology trial).

3) She most likely will lose the Scientology trial and they will declare her a Suppressive Person.  (If they do this, she'll appeal with a Board of Review which will find her SP declare was not off policy, even though an SP Declare would technically be off policy, as SP declaring her would technically violate page 381, "Introduction to Scientology Ethics" by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007 edition, which says a person's value must be weighed even if the person is guilty of the accusations.)

Debbie's value is very great, she headed the top productive church in church history, making 1-2 million a week, for 17 years, do the math.

4) But if their recent trends are correct, they likely they might choose to give her the silent treatment, and NOT send her any goldenrod "SP Declare" issue, but just internally erase her from their discussions, give her the cone of silence treatment SP treatment minus any public issuance of her SP declare.

Radio Paul
Radio Paul

I truly think I am addicted to Scientology stories where they make complete asses out of themselves. Debbie did a great job of exposing DM and at the same time showing what is wrong with her and Scientology in general. Her comments on how the public could not understand the email reminds me of when Rex Fowlers wife demanded the police return his briefcase with Scientology stuff in it because it was religious material and above their understanding. 

Now that we have had this major injection of lulz I need a bigger rush. Maybe Tommy Davis will blow next with a story of how he was forced to have (I love Tom Cruise) tattooed on his ass by DM. Maybe Heber Jentzsch will crawl out of a sewer pipe to freedom after spending the last decade tunneling his way out of the hole with a spoon, like in the Shawshank Redemption. What ever it is, I know Scientology won't fail to entertain. 


As always, thanks for all the great writing on Scientology. It is wonderful to see all there past, and currently ongoing crimes reported all over the internet.

Go Anonymous

We are Legion

barbara graham
barbara graham

I lol'd hard at Jeff's description of a Mission as two guys and a dog in someone's living room.

There is/was a Mission in San Diego. We staked it out one Saturday from the patio of a Marie Callendar Pie Shop that had an outdoor deck. Not one thetan went through those doors all day (10 am - 2 pm yes we haz no lives) except the head of the Mission and two workers.

We went by on DM's birthday and it was GONE. I know these are franchises, I know the holders are told they can make a living flogging low level Dianetics to unwary passersby, I know they cost a great deal of money to launch one, and I know that they inevitably fail.

Skip is right about Hubbard micromanaging everything. Given that he was obsessive about his work, the very notion that it was somehow transcribed improperly is absurd. There is no way LRH would have allowed any mistakes to slip through; what is there is exactly what he wanted.

I bet he would beat DM to a pulp for altering his "tech." And that's if the old man was feeling benevolent that day.

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

Really great writing Tony.... superlative!

A huge thank you to all those who come to share their own expert knowledge and experience...

Everyday as I read these stories .... I can just feel the Body Thetans Vaporizing with each cognition of Truth....;)

Best Wishes to All !

Marcab Hard Party
Marcab Hard Party

On the Tom Cruise celeb mix-up (borrowing from a past Celebrity Centre meme): One does not simply buzz the Celebrity Centre on a Ducati 1098 without causing some enturbulation.

Kim O'Brien
Kim O'Brien

Debbie Cook's email made it over to a story on The Daily Beast ..written by Janet Reitman..


1.  The real question is, I think:  what is DM/COB planning to do with his $1B slush fund?  

After the federal department of education debacle under Bush (for putting SCN'er John Danielson in as Chief of Staff to Sec'y of Education Rod Paige, 2001-2005, during the creation of the despised NCLB, the set of laws/rules/regulations that drained billions from public ed into the private sector), plus other SCN stumbles by (usually) Republican politicians over the last few years, the reasonable presumption is that the symbiotic relationship Scientology had with the more right-wing part of the Republican Party is all but over. 

Is DM trying to buy back political influence during this election year?

2.  For me, Chuck Beatty's interpretation of SCN-speak is invaluable, as is almost all the commentaries from the ex'es who are striving to make sense themselves of what happened to them during their SCN years while helping each other and then educating those of us who were not involved with SCN.  Thank you all.

3. And as a corollary to #2, blogging can be fun/informative and/or a self-centered waste of time or both.  We all know that.  So, VV, please focus on the people with real information to share.... 


The only way to stop auditing, at least with those chintzy stress test tables, is to look for that FDA sticker that is supposed to be on the front or the sides of the e-meter. The Angry Gay Pope stopped a couple stress tests by just asking questions, though they seem to run away from the guy if they figure out who he is.

Real auditing is the bread and butter of the cult; you will never get rid of it as long as Scientology exists.


The citizens of the Galactic Federation may have been more-or-less human-like in appearance, but they were not humans. The human race evolved on Earth (Tegeeack) much  later, as detailed in Hubbard's book History of Man. Anthropologists estimate homo sapiens to be only about 300,000 years old. When human beings evolved here, the disembodied thetans laying around from OT III attached themselves to us and -- voila! -- we have body thetans.

The logical holes in Hubbard's "space opera" are too numerous to detail here. But even if you buy all his nonsense about a Galactic Confederacy, there's no reason to assume that its citizens were homo sapiens. They could have resembled Vulcans or Klingons or Romulans or even Ferengi -- all of whom are humanoid in appearance, but none of whom are human. Hence, they were space aliens.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty


Touretsky is being funny, but he sure simplifies things that average Scientologists are not even allowed to talk about.

We've gone over 15 years with the Xenu story in the public domain, and few have spoken well about it, plainly and simply.

The Wall of Fire is the first half of what is called the 4th Dynamic Engram.

The wall of Fire is the mass murder part of the 4th Dynamic Engram.   Then the 36 and 1/2 days of crippling mental implanting was the second half of the 4th Dynamic Engram.

A humungous amount of dead alien souls, including all of us, since any of us who were earthlings back 75 million years ago here on earth, we all got the same frying by that Wall of Fire windstorm that made earth into practiclaly a billiard ball back then.

And all us, as souls, the humanoid aliens brought here by Xenu, and the earthlings, all that was left was us as souls.

And in the interceding world history, the more capable souls attached themselves to human bodies, as human bodies evolved.   The surplus extra souls, clustered, and are the problamatic souls that infest people's bodies today, and it's the surplus souls that Hubbard's "upper levels" (3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 upper levels) get rid of those souls, using the Hubbard talk therapy exorcism.

All of us souls here, got those 36 and 1/2 days of soul mental implanting.

Technically we are all reincarnated space alien souls and factually, if you are a Scientologist and you take the Xenu story as real, we were all fried!

The Xenu story truly needs to be discussed simply and plainly, but unfortunately Hubbard made discussion of the Xenu story confidential.

Fried, or cooked, or roasted dead alien souls, the Wall of Fire incident was the hydrogen bomb incineration of ALL of the souls.

It's sad Scientologists are stunted and stifled, by Hubbard's penalty rules for not discussing this all important 4th Dynamic Engram in its details.  


The Scientologist whined:

"No matter what anyone wants to say or claim about OT III, Hubbard nowhere uses that phrase."

Well these are the words Hubbard actually used.  Where did Prof. Touretzky get it wrong?

The head of the Galactic Federation (76 planets around larger stars visible from here) (founded 95,000,000 years ago, very space opera) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet, 178 billion on average) by mass implanting. He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H-Bomb on the principal volcanos (Incident II) and then the Pacific area ones were taken in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic area ones to Las Palmas and there "packaged".

His name was Xenu. He used renegades. Various misleading data by means of circuits etc. was placed in the implants.

What would you call dropping "H-Bombs" on millions of people (who happened to be space aliens)?  My term for that is murder.  Do you have a different term?

Whine all you like, but quit lying about your cult's beliefs.

barbara graham
barbara graham

Scientologists like to play word games. For example, the aliens murdered by Xenu were physical beings until he turned them into Soylent Thetan. Maybe Hubbard did not say "murdered space aliens" in so many words, but he did say Xenu rounded up beings and paralyzed them with alcohol and glycol before loading them into DC8s with rocket engines and dumping them in a volcano on the prison planet Teegeeack before blowing them up with hydrogen bombs.

Sounds like murdered space aliens to me! His behavior was definitely actionable, so it's probably a Good Thing he's being held in a mountain prison held in by eternal batteries.

I hope some mountaineer finds him soon...imagine the impact eternal batteries would have on today's world!

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

When I first experienced Hana Whitfield ...the stories of her experiences with Ron in the 'good old days' .... it really took me to a whole new level... it completely dissolved all the tens of millions of dollars spent by the church to 'Propagandize' the history of Ron.

Here was a 'Living' testimony of 'How It Was'..... 

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Oh Greta, Louanne, which ever sock puppet you are? Is that what your fearless leader "David Miscavige" told you?

You people are weak, and following a man like Miscavige proves it. How come he isn't publicly sticking up for you? Why do you continue to follow a leader who is a PTS? He doesn't care about you, he only cares about raping you of your money to build bigger orgs to impress his boyfriend Tom Cruise.



Hello, The Scientologist, is this satire? It sure seems like it.

Thanks for the chuckle!


The Scientologist, You DO know that you sound like a madman, don't you?  You speak of Hubbard's rantings about the Galactic Confederation, Xenu and all the rest AS IF IT WERE REAL.  Wait, I'm talking to someone who believes Hubbard's hallucinations -- never mind.


"I mean what the hell? Why can't you criticize Scientology without stooping so low? Do you guys realize how stupid and childish and immature it is for adults to behave in such a manner?"

Here's what's stupid and childish:  Locking a 6 year old girl alone in a chain locker for a week. Get your priorities straight. 


Not from this planet and came here through outer space = "space alien"

Do you really think you can wipe away the absurdity of the Xenu story, which is out in public for all to see in Hubbard's own handwriting and hear in Hubbard's own voice, simply by saying that critics don't know what the term "space alien" means?

Classic Scientology argumentation:  Distract with word games. 


Open your eyes wider.

People laughed openly at Battlefield Earth.

People blamed Jett Travolta's death on the fact that his vital medications were withheld in accordance with the medically unsound nonsense L Ron Hubbard wrote.

Oh, and he said smoking cigarettes protects you from cancer.

Believe me, when this cult fails there will be a lot more laughter.

Most who have quit are ashamed to have been active scientologists putting money in the pockets of an evil little midget like Miscavige.

L Ron Hubbard was a child-abusing junkie. His "tech" is worthless, and what is left of the cult will be destroyed.

Expect it.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Can I just get the pen holder, I already got my pen!    Please!


A $15000 value!!  Act now, operators are standing by for your call!


In my obscure way, I was actually trying to make a point.   I think we are seeing the End of the End of the World, as we knew it.  A lot of people were genuinely worried about Y2K, but 2012 is generally being treated as a joke.  Harold Camping's Rapture predictions last years generated howls of derision, and the "Left Behind" fans that we used to hear so much from has largely vanished from public discourse.  Even sturdy apocalyptic cults from the 19th century like the 7th Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses, who have been stifling their disappointment that the old rockball just keeps spinning for so long now, sound weary if you talk to them these days.  And that is part of the fossilized attitudes from the past that CoS is so stuck in:  how are they going to keep instilling that sense of urgency when hardly anybody anymore buys "The End is Near" talk?

anon anon song
anon anon song

The irony is that there's an alien connection somewhere, but the scilons dismiss it as hogwash.

Kudos to you :)

Radio Paul
Radio Paul

The recent treatment I have seen, is SP Declares out of the blue. People who have protested them are ignored. They are not going to give Debbie a forum to argue her case. Also the concept that someone would give credibility to the whole SP Declare process is just as silly as Scientology it self. Debbie has made it clear that she sees DM as corrupt and for her to participate in some false extra judicial process that is controlled by DM would be a dumb move on her part even if they allowed it. If they did allow it, it would be because they fully controlled it and have plan to use it on her. But then she has been a fool for years so maybe she will be dumb enough to go that rout.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

OMG. For some reason I found it hilarious visualizing poor Heber tunneling out of the hole with a spoon...laughed so hard my family came in and asked, 'if I was ok?'It's official, $ci-watching makes me nuts! I want to pull a Britney Spears and shave off my hair.


I drove by the address given for my local "church" several times--couldn't find it! There are 3 different addresses listed in the phone book (yes, yes, I still use a hard copy phone book, insert technology-challenged comment here), but this was the address listed on the website. Maybe I'm afraid of Sciloons in my backyard that aren't even there.

And for fun, check out the Yelp site for your neighborhood CoS.


I know of one mistake he Freudian slip let through and that was in the definition of the "second dynamic" - according to $cientology the area of life covering sex, reproduction, and families, otherwise known as the "2D". The definition that "slipped through" was that sex was a heterosexual or bixsexual activity. A guy gay on staff put that in there. I always wondered how Hubbard would let that one slide, because people, particularly staff, could get in so much "ethics trouble" over homosexual activity. I wrote about it at length for The Morton Report. That was before I found out that Hubbard was in love with the first Clear (a gay man, John McMaster), and was probably diddled by Snake Thompson on a sea cruise. In other words, it was all about Hubbard's own tortured soul, as usual.

barbara graham
barbara graham

And yes, I have read OTIII, the copy having been verified as the real deal by several people who went to OTIII and beyond!

The Scientologist
The Scientologist

You obviously don't get it and that's fine. People of Touretzky's ilk will never get it. They also tend to be atheists or anti-religion in general, so that's to be expected.

But your assertions that most who have left are ashamed to have been Scientologists, and that the "tech" is worthless, and the allegations about Travolta's son and so on, these are all your speculations and innuendo. And Battlefield Earth has nothing to do with anything I wrote. I'm not even a fan of Hubbard's fiction or science fiction in general, and I've never even read it.

As for "when" the cult will "fail", people have been predicting the death of the Church since it started. After Operation Snow White, no one thought the Church would survive that. After Hubbard died, a lot of people expected it to collapse (even though Tony claims the late 1980s was the period of "greatest expansion" for Scientology). On and on since then people have predicted the end of Scientology with as much accuracy as those predicting the end of the world. 

That's why I'm glad a resource like Wikipedia doesn't have hardcore anti-Scientologists editing it, because they wouldn't last a second there. They deal in facts and they deal specifically in meticulously sourced facts, particularly with a controversial subject like Scientology. Bias is a terrible thing.

The average person will glean their knowledge of Scientology from reading Wikipedia or books like Inside Scientology by Janet Reitman - in other words, sane and neutral sources.

One of the reasons Reitman has gotten a lot of respect from active Scientologists in good standing with the Church because she's not out to destroy Scientology or antagonize Scientologists. And there are A LOT of active Scientologists who have read the book.

Personally, I've never understood those that seek to utterly see Scientology eradicated from the face of the earth. That makes about as much sense and is about as sane as the Church's idea of eradicating psychiatry off the face off the Earth.

Radio Paul
Radio Paul

I know the feeling! Scientology fails and it helps people laugh their asses off. Except when people are killed. 


I'll bet we live in the same city.  I was convinced there was a "mission" about 2 miles from my home, but it turned out to be just a WISE business.   There is only one mission here-a dilapidated house in a shitty part of town. 


And, not only did you read OTIII and pass through the "Wall of Fire" unprotected, you didn't get pneumonia from hearing the great sekrit of the universe--as Hubbard predicted would happen. Geesh, if that stuff was true, I should have been dead 17 years ago.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

I don't wish for Scientology to be eradicated, I wish they'd reform.   And part of that reform is to drop the penalty excommunication rules entirely.  

And not make it an excommunicatable offense to discuss the Xenu story publicly.

Just be normal and not so combative.   Scientology's a science fiction religion, and if the soul is real, almost all of the Xenu story could possibly be real.   Why fight open discussion of Scientology's spiritual theory?  

I appreciate Dave's great short phrases, since not even any encyclopedia summary writing gets down to the nuts and bolts.

Scientology's a talk therapy past lives mental exploration religion at the lower levels, and at the upper levels it is mostly high volume talk therapy exorcism of the surplus souls that infest all human beings' bodies and cause us mental troubles and worse.  

barbara graham
barbara graham

"Get it?"

You're right. I don't know what the "it" is we do not get? Elucidate.

I know ex-members like Tory who are not "ashamed" and in fact give the Comm Coursea thumbs-up as something that helped her. I know others who are deeply ashamed thatthey brought friends and family in. So, like everything else in life, it's some of this and some of that. Some are ashamed, others really feel some courses helped themby giving them tools to use in their day to day life.

The facts about Jett Travolta's death are incontrovertible. Seizure meds were notgiven. He went through the Purif on several occasions. He was not supervised, hithis head and lay dying on a bathroom floor while Travolta and his wedding photographerslash nanny slash kissyface bff partied on the beach. The boy was usually in a room eating junk food and playing video games; the modern day version of locking upyour crazy aunt in the attic and tossing her a bucket of fish heads.

He got no therapy for his autism. He couldn't even talk. Scientology did not help the Travoltas with that.

Most people don't want the "eradication" of Scientology. We do, however, demandreform and we want the organization to take responsibility for the people it's hurt,and compensate those whose lives were spent slaving in the Sea Org.

Many anons agree that you have the right to pursue your beliefs. You do not have the right to practice these beliefs if they break secular laws.

There's a reason you don't see Anonymous outside Freezone or Indie events. We don'tsee these groups as a problem, whereas Scientology, Inc. has a lot to answer for.

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

No one needs to 'Actively Destroy Scientology' ....

Just get people to see it for what it is.... that will be enough.


Psychiatry is a real & valid science of the mind. Scientology is a backstreet scam developed by a child abusing dead junkie.

For you to compare the two is laugh out loud funny.

Also - David Miscavige is a coward. He should be on TV, defending the cult, but instead he hides away and not even Tommy Davis is speaking on his behalf.

Wikipedia banned the $cientologists from editing its pages. Because $cientologists are liars.

I could care less about Debbie Cook, Heber Jentzsch, and all the OT8 fools who have spent millions and yet can do nothing about the fact that Anonymous can and will destroy the cult.

Most Anonymous are working to dismantle $cientology for fun.

Not one is in the pay of drug companies, which is a favorite paranoid theory of those dumb enough to believe Miscavige.

The 1980's were just as much a period of mass exodus, and with the internet comes the death knell of cults like yours that require ignorance to function.

It's over. Only a matter of time before the Midget Miscavige is in jail.


If Scientologists "deal in facts and they deal specifically in meticulously soured facts", then why do they refuse to accept the proven fact that LRH died with a psych drug (Vistaril) in his system?  

Or that his military 'honors' were forged or that he flunked the only course on nuclear physics that he took?You are arguing yourself into a corner.  I really hope you wake up and realize that it is all one big fraud.

Radio Paul
Radio Paul

Remember what LRH said about the Walrus! Be careful what you ask for.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

$cientology defiantly fails. Still trying to figure out why (some) intelligent people fall for this crap? Hell, I'd rather be a walrus minder at an aquarium, than be a scilon.

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