Scientology in 2012: Mark Bunker and Mike Rinder Give Us a Preview of Enturbulation To Come

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The new year has already started with a bombshell, but we wanted to get a longer view of how 2012 might turn out for Scientology watching. So we asked a couple of far-seeing church observers to give us their thoughts.

We have some fascinating prognostication from Mark Bunker, whose film Knowledge Report should be coming out this year. And from Mike Rinder, the former church spokesman with some thoughts on what sort of a year Scientology leader David Miscavige may experience. (And as a bonus, Bunker sent over the clip you see here of Rinder from the upcoming documentary!)

We asked Bunker for his 2012 plans, and Wise Beard Man was kind enough to send this reply...

I'm so looking forward to people getting a chance to see Knowledge Report. I expect to start showing a rough cut to people in the spring. I'd like to get some feedback from friends before taking it out for some test screenings but the main city I can't wait to show it in is Clearwater. So far online, I've been showing brief snippets from the raw interviews. Just a few minutes ago, I rounded them up and put them on a page at XENU TV.

There you can also see me being introduced to a crowd of independent Scientologists at a Free Zone convention in early December. I can hear the nervousness in my voice. I wasn't quite sure how they would react to me but it went well and I had an interesting time. I have never been audited on an e-meter before so I asked for a sample session which was taped for the movie. It will help me explain what the whole process is like. I've read a few comments from people who seem to think I'm about to attest to clear and soar up the bridge to OT VIII. That's not the case.

I still have filming to do on movie. There are some key interviews left to do. I'm waiting to hear back from David Miscavige. I have my fingers crossed. He hasn't done an on-camera interview since he spoke to Ted Koppel on Nightline back in 1992. I bet he's itching to talk to me. Here's part of what I wrote to him which can now be considered
an open letter:

Dear Mr. Miscavige,

I'm making a feature documentary on Scientology entitled "Knowledge Report" and am writing to make you aware of the film and to ask you to participate. I hope to make the definitive documentary on the subject. Your cooperation would ensure that your viewpoints and those of your organization are fully and fairly represented in the film.

As L. Ron Hubbard said, "Communication is the universal solvent." I couldn't agree more. I know that by sitting down with you, I will be going right to the source.

Given the media reports of the rapid expansion of Scientology, I understand that your time may be limited. I can make myself available at your convenience to talk with you in L.A., Clearwater or at the Int Base. Perhaps while there, I could tour Golden Era studios and talk with Heber Jentzsch and other officials of the church.


Mark Bunker

If he agrees to do the interview I will promise not to call him Slappy.

There are other elements of the film that still need to be shot which I'm keeping under wraps for now. I've started a new fundraising campaign over at IndieGoGo for anyone who is interested in supporting the project.

I appreciate all the support and goodwill I've received so far. I could use some help coming up with a subtitle for the film and would love to see what your readers come up with. I'm toying with the title "Knowledge Report: The Modern Scandal of Scientology" as a tribute to Paulette Cooper if she doesn't object. Any ideas?

Commenters, let's see your best suggestions!

I also asked Mike Rinder for his best guess about how things would go in the new year. Here's what he sent me...

I think 2012 is going to be a year of upheaval in the RCS. ["Radical Corporate Scientology" is what I think Mike is referring to here, an epithet he and Marty Rathbun, another former high-ranking Scientology official, assign to the official church under David Miscavige. -- T.O.]

I believe there will be more significant defections from Miscavige's fold and more extensive media exposes -- that you will be joined by other important media reporting on the demise of the RCS.

Miscavige will become increasingly paranoid, and his public appearances will become even less, with even more visible and always present security around him as he convinces himself that "everyone" is out to get him. Meanwhile, his staged events will become more over-the-top and make more outrageous and unverifiable claims.

I think there will be government action against the RCS in more than one country.

I think there will be a LOT of focus on money -- how the RCS has become a "Vulture Culture" exclusively interested in extracting everything down to people's last gold fillings. And how that money is spent. I think the flow of funds into Miscavige's accounts is going to dwindle significantly. He will continue trying to convince his followers he is lording over massive expansion of Scientology by displaying grandiose buildings, but even those are going to become harder for him to pass of as anything other than props.

Sooner or later, Miscavige is going to have to sue someone because he cannot stand the fact that for someone with a litigious reputation, he has not sued anyone for what has been said about him and hasn't sued anyone for using "his" tech. And when he finally decides that the downside of a lawsuit is less than the downside of not suing, he is going to find himself in a world of a hurt as he cannot afford to allow himself to be deposed or have to testify in a court of law. Maybe he will reach this tipping point this year...

And now it's your turn. What major events do you think are going to grab our attention in this year of Scientology watching?

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

Keep up on all of our New York news coverage at this blog, Runnin' Scared


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  I predict that, after all the defections, Bill O'Reilly will still have "no problem" with Co$; that Fox News will still be calling Anonymous a group of hackers; that most of the big name celebs will still be scibots, though I do see 4-5 celebrity defections this year.  I also do not see Jim Lynch coming up with any huge revelations about V.V. or Tony.  I see the church going bankrupt in Australia (hey, they have Jan Eastgate's criminal trial, a class action over the Sea Org, Aleska's story and whatever new revelations surface).


What is building energy is the push towards mainstream media. There are just too many people having too good a time at Miscarriage's expense. I think this is a very dangerous time to be a scientologist if those dictating philosophies are both paranoid and feel that they have a finite amount of time left before this all blows up. I have serious reservations about the freezone as the inherent problems with scn philosophy is flawed to the core. 


I predict that Trey & Parker will receive the Nobel Peace Prize for "Church of Mormon".  As the two finish their acceptance speech with a hearty "Hail Xenu", a pair of 14-year old Sea Org "Volunteer" twins will shoot poison darts at the necks of the SP scribes, miss them and hit Kenny Loggins [in Oslo offering moral support to the prize winners and hoping to land a spot in 'Mormon'], instead. The two Sea Org "Volunteers" next appear in "MIssion Impossible 5—'Riding the Apollo'", opening 'wide' December 21.

PS to the Bearded One—I'd call it "Slappy's Clambake."


I predict that this year David Miscavige will be arrested just like Al Capone was arrested for not paying taxes.

1. A nightmare on L. Ron Hubbard Way2. The New Space Mountain3. A parody of the movie "Oh God!" called "No God!"

I think you should interview David Mayo and his wife Julie.  I also wonder if the spy who lived with Paulette back in the day is still alive?  If he is it would be worth it to contact him. 

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

I'm not very good at this, but I'll give it a shot.

Knowledge Report: Scientology Journey Into The Volcano

Knowledge Report: Scientology Prisoners Of Power

Knowledge Report: The Scourge Of Scientology

Knowledge Report: Scientology Masters Of Illusion

Knowledge Report: Scientology Labyrinth Of Lies

Knowledge Report: Scientology The 21st Century Scam

Knowledge Report: Scientology A True Tale Of Horror

Knowledge Report: The Skeleton In Scientology's Closet

Knowledge Report: Scientology The Renegade Religion

Knowledge Report: Scientology In The Shadow Of The Giant


I think Reed Slatkin would be an excellent interviewee also.

My prediction for 2012:I think more and more front groups will be attacked for their connection to Cof$.  As a poster pointed out earlier the demise of front groups like Narconon is an excellent way of destroying the power of its parent. Cut off its secular reach to the world and you cut off its future.

I believe the investigations that were conducted in 2011 will produce some result this year. I don't know whether this will be a slap on the hand or some sort of IRS inquisition but I do believe that something will occur.

With the letter of Debbie Cook for the start of the new year, I look forward to more defections of public and staff.  Hopefully, more and more staff will defect leaving skeleton crews in all the ideal orgs. Perhaps these poor buggers will get more than $40-50 a week with less people to pay but I doubt it.


What Is Scientology - Knowledge Report, might be the wisest pick. I know it's switching titles, but think the way Google thinks...


Mark Bunker:

1. What Is Scientology - Knowledge Report.

2. Knowledge Report - Transparent Scientology.

3. Knowledge Report - "The Source wasn't on Source."

Thank you.


Knowledge Report-Horrors of a Science Fiction Religion Come to Life

Mimi The Great
Mimi The Great

I couldn't help but giggle when Bunker promised not to call him Slappy. Bwahaha. DM will never sit down for an interview of any sort. If it isn't scripted and blowing self absorbed delusions of importance and excellence up his own ass with an audience of well trained and brainwashed minions to applaud at just the right will never happen.

This does beg the question, why the hell aren't YOU in KR Ortega??

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

I predict:

With the help of Anons exposing $cientology, 2012 will be hands down the most damaging year ever for $cientology's public image and internal affairs. Anonymous (Project Chanology) is the perfect weapon against $cientology. They deserve an honorable mention when it comes to fighting and exposing the cult. Where do you think most of these breaking stories and leaks come from?

Thank you Anons for your diligence, for keeping the public informed and for your promise to "Never Forget."

I also predict that John Travolta will continue to stay in the closet. lol


I am reminded of miscavige's 06/07 New Year's Eve address - you know, the one where he explained his strategy "to literally audit this planet from three feet behind society's head" (something that didn't work out so well for poor Thomas Ciancio).

In that episode of 'All my Scientologists', davy was proclaiming the success of his "diabolical" plan that resulted in some magical mystical number of column inches of anti psychiatry press.  My prediction is that whatever it was that he claimed that number to be, 2012 will bring, by an order of magnitude, more "column inches" of negative press to the cult.  

To think that this will happen with no assistance at all from those evil psychs, which means that all this time the CoS has been tilting at the wrong windmills...

In re-watching the video on Youtube, it made me realize how deeply indoctrinated these people must be to accept this over-the-top nuttiness as reality.  Regardless of recent events, it will be a long way back to Kansas for too many of those lost souls. 


Its kind of amusing that Miscavige has not sued anyone, especially for RTC violations. I mean, nothing has been filed about trademark violations in years.

I can just see the almost ready to defect members writing Knowledge Reports on " COB " saying "Fear of being deposed is NO excuse for not wearing one's hat" lol


Film title:Knowledge Report: Cult of $cientology, in Honor Paulette Cooper

IMO, saying it's a tribute to Paulette Cooper, makes it sound like she died. No, she thrived in spite of Fair Game and other such nonsense.


Hey Mark, how about Knowledge Report - The Continuing Scandal of Scientology.

That way you pay tribute to Paulette without making her book seem unmodern, lol


I predict that in 2012, Mark Miglio will be promoted to Senior Dishwasher, thus preventing him from spending so much time defending his dying cult here.

I predict Marcotai will be the same mindless cult-bot he usually is.


My prediction would be that we will hear from one or more of the following people:  Heber Jentzsch, Shelly Miscavige or Tommy Davis.

Movie Titles:1.  "Knowledge Report: What Are Your Crimes?"2.  "Knowledge Report: The Golden Age of Fleece"


In 2012: Tom Cruise finally leaves CoS. After handing over millions, he finds himself barred from the Super Power Building due to height restrictions on the Cups and Saucers, the Chair-O-Planes and the Ghost Train. A few weeks later Cruise is photographed by TMZ with Marty and Mike completing his Super Powers course in Busch Gardens.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

My wish list for major ex members to speak up, in 2012

1) Some top ex staff of the Scientology IAS (International Association of Scientologists, which is  (the membership honey pot where a billion dollars in donations has been stashed) goes public.  

2) Pat Broeker surfaces talks.

3) Shelly Miscavige defects and talks.

That would be a good year!

Anon A
Anon A

I can just imagine David Miscavige silently reading Mark Bunker's interview request letter with clenched teeth and throbbing forehead veins.  At least until li'l Davey gets to the cheeky bit about Mark interviewing Heber Jentzsch, whereupon the tiny dictator leaps up from his chair, ranting and cursing while slapping any hapless underlings unfortunate enough to be near (and short enough for Miscavige to reach their faces to deliver said smackings).


Don't forget Marty Rathbun's promised book coming out this Spring. 

Knowing Marty and all the times DM used him and relied on him to handle situations in Scientology whatever they may be - IRS, Government, Legal, Lawyers, Celebrities, etc - my prediction is there is much more that has not been revealed by him about DM and his activities that will make his new book an explosive expose that will keep your readers up all night turning the pages.

For Mark Bunker - Knowledge Report - Looking Behind the Curtain of Scientology.

Jefferson Hawkins
Jefferson Hawkins

Scientology has been collapsing for some years now, however, as long as they keep receiving millions from their hard-core members, they can maintain the illusion of "expansion" by buying up real estate, staging elaborate events, and insisting that they have "millions" of members and "thousands" of organizations. It's an empty shell. They cannot fill up their new "ideal" orgs. They cannot fill their new "Super Power" building in Clearwater. Their local organizations are insolvent, and are relying on bail-outs from their members to pay the monthly bills. When will it collapse? Hard to say, but when it goes, like all "bubbles," it will go fast. Debbie Cook's letter is significant because it targets the only thing that is propping up the cult empire - wealthy members who blindly donate millions.

Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack
Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack

I am thinking of picket signs that work well. Anything with Scientology spelled $cientology gets to the point quickly.Ron is Gone but the Con lives on has a certain poetry to it.I like the words "Cult of Scientology" as opposed to "Church of Scientology" because it lets everyone know which side you are on.


David Ceptimous LOL
David Ceptimous LOL


France - Scientology will lose their epic legal battleAustralia - Scientology will look even more crazy as dirty washing get hung out to dryUSA - Defecting members will continue to blow with a blog post already written

Marks Film:Knowledge Report: America's Most Dangerous Cult


Miscavige isn't going to sue anyone because then he'd have to show up in court. If $cientology sues anyone, the defense just subpoenas Miscavige and he won't show so the case goes tits up. That's very simple, and they won't be able to buy off judges.

I predict that a lot of people will realize that people like Rathbun, who is trying to make a living doing $cientology and trying to say it's the "real" stuff because they don't know anything else to do, will have to get real jobs because knowledge about $cientology will be even more widespread, and there won't be enough stupid people left to fall for that balderdash.

There will be a major international scandal involving John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, or all of them that may or may not involve sex but will end with $cientologists being even more laughing stocks than they already are.

In 2013, when the new Republican Congress and President are in place, $cientology will be thoroughly investigated and if he is still around, David Miscavige will go to a maximum security prison.

Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson

I see Anti's Ex's and Free-zoners continuing to fight against the "church" to ensure it's downfall.  This is not to say that at the end of it we will all hold hands and sing kumbaya.  I also believe that a slight crack may develop in the grout that holds Mike and Marty together, with Mike coming out against Hubbard.  Maybe just my own wishful dreaming.  I do foresee more high level Scientologists leaving the "church" including Public, Staff and SO.  I believe That the next big name to leave will be Travolta but that he will keep his head down for a while.

Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack
Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack

These people have gone through the defections of L.Ron junior, John McMaster, Captain Bill, and David Mayo. They have suffered through articles in Reader's Digest, Eye, the L.A. Times and even a Time Magazine cover story. They have been raided by the FBI and RCMP. Bob Minton used his considerable financial resouces against them. They were a political issue in England. Germany clamped down on them hard. France threw the leaders in jail. Canada convicted the church itself, criminally, a Canadian precedent. This is just off the top of my head. Whatever the case, the suckers kept coming to be fleeced.

All the while I would go to the net and enthusiastic critics would proclaim that Scientology was going down.  I thought, "These are tough people that have already survived a lot. Critical articles and defections are not going to make them keel over". 

Then I began to think they would fail, not with a bang but a whimper. Membership would trail off with repeated bad press and defections. Cash flow would minimize. Cult offices would close one at a time. They would slowly become yesterday's cult. L.Ron's nonsense would live on with the freezone but they would not be as predatory or as greedy as corporate Scientology and, hey, what can you do?I think we are close to that situation now. The Scientologists may look cooked on the outside but it will take some time before the inside is ready. But, much like watching the fall of the Berlin wall, which was the final indication of the failing of communism, we will have to see Tom Cruise stand up and say, "I made a mistake. L.Ron Hubbard was only a man." It is not unthinkable. John Lennon publicly withdrew his support of the Maharishi. Cruise could show us just how much he cares about humanity by pulling away publicly.


I've got to be honest. The first time I heard the title of Paulette's book, I at once liked the title for its directness, but thought the word "scandal" was a grandmotherly word, and I'm in my fifties. How often to you use or hear someone say: What a scandal! That's scandalous. Scientology's dirty linen. Oh my!

It also conjures up the 18th century Sheridan play: THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL or the 1920's THE TEAPOT DOME SCANDAL.

"Scam" is a stronger word. "Modern" is good because it is a little play on Dianutty, but younger people today would probably say "shitpile" or "shitstorm." Anything but "religion," please!


Personally, I would not be surprised if we hear from all three.


  No, the cups and saucers remind him of gays, and he leaves the cult.


Actually, I'd like to forget that Rathbun is releasing his so-called tome this Spring.  I'm sure it will be filled with nothing but self-serving drivel about how great LRH really was and that the tech can cure cancer.  He'll sprinkle a few more teases about all of the incredible documents he has in his arsenal but not give out much.  He probably thinks he can get a few books out of it....he really has an unbelievably high impression of himself.


Living off the interest of a billion bucks or so would not be so tough.  All Miscavige needs is a very Few wealthy fans.  When I say wealthy, I'm talking about more than $10 million.  Those who only had one million are surely broke by now, maybe even in drastic debt.The public pay for everything, including the buildings. 

The legal team must be the highlight of operating expenses, then accountants, and lobbyists next.  How much would he need to continue to live in the lifestyle he has been accustomed to if he wants to "divorce" himself from his feeble sheeple?  Would the interest be enough?

What I have seen from the last few years is a deliberate attempt by DM  to remove the Majority of members, both public and staff.  If you look at it from the view that's what he's been doing intentionally, much starts making sense.  It's similar to what has been happening in Corporate conglomerates globally:  Only the absolute top wealthiest are wanted as clients or customers; anyone else who insists on hanging on receives Zero customer service and charged outlandish and highest premiums, and for that all they get is the lousiest, unrepairable product.

Oh, there is another major expense:  bodyguards and security force.  Yes, for himself, but how many  people have copies of a Scientology Inc spreadsheet?  I'll bet accountants are pricier than legal.

Synthia Elizabeth Fagen
Synthia Elizabeth Fagen

My guess is that the mantra, "Hell hath no fury like a wealthy Scientologist scorned and deceived" may be the best way to describe the tsunami coming in 2012. This will be Miscavige's worst year ever and hopefully his last.


Good predictions, David. Good title suggestion too.Don't forget Russia and Hungary though, I am pretty surewe won't hear about those countries at the next Int Event.


Wise comment, Robert. Thank you.I find it ironic that many Freezone good people been around longer then Ex'sand yet they are still drinking kool-aid, even though they are helped some Scilonsto break out of the whole mind-fuck of Scientology. Intentionally or not. This is one of the reasons I can never hate anyone really, even being "official" SP me.2012 will be full of win, indeed. Just watch.


That ^^^^ will happen. And a little more. Probably this year. Why? Because there is no Internet Correction List. And most people can smell BS just fine. 

Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson

LO effin' L  Yeah.  Like DM standing there with a bunch of people larger than he is and the choir singing, "He stands SMALL".

Old OT7
Old OT7

Or..."The Wizard of Oz & L. Ron Hubbard - A Tale of Two Fairy Tales."

Hey, I may not be MarkStark but I'm working here (spoken with an east coast accent).


I see your point ( and I am in my fifties,too ... lol). looking again at what the word scandal means, it seems to fit and is not as generalized a word as compared to scams ( which people can dismiss as an attack where as scandal means " 1. An action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage".  I still think it applies to the situation athand and fits if he wants to pay tribute to Paulette's book. Perhaps Mark would find this a better fit: Knowledge Report - The Continuing Scandals of Scientology since there are so many wrongs occuring, lol.


Tommy Davis is still alive, but I have my doubts about the other two.


You obviously don't know him personally.   Marty has only scratched the surface.   Just wait and see.  

Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson

" This will be Miscavige's worst year ever and hopefully his last. "  -  From your lips to God's ears Synthia.


I think you nailed it, Syn. Also, you rock!


Oh, nada from Germany, as well. Them Germans.


It's been obvious for years that Marty has intentionally revealed only some of what he knows, not all. And when he does pick a story to tell in public, it ALWAYS ends with some version of "Miscavige made me do it." He is nowhere near being truly honest yet. not even close. Maybe he'll get there some day, but for now, I think it's safe to say that Marty Rathbun is still approximately 50% full of shit. It's progress of a kind, I guess.

I can't imagine what kind of holes he'll have to leave in his book (if he is actually planning one) in order to avoid the worst things he did all by himself while in the cult. He still has a lot of people he owes amends to before he can be taken seriously.


You are correct, I do not know him personally and I have no motivation to do so.  The opinions I have of the man come from multiple sources, including being an avid reader of his blog.  I have yet to see him take real responsibility for the crimes he committed and almost everything he writes (or allows in the comments section) serve his purposes first and foremost.

His continuing belittling attitude toward some he hurt while in the cult is enough for me to never want to know him personally.  He is also continuing the LRon-con by making claims of OT powers and being able to cure physical ailments with the tech.  I'm sure he is a pleasant fellow but his behaviors are to be judged, not his self-serving commentaries.   

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