Scientology Network TV Ads: More Precious Reactions!

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Scientology's aggressive network TV ad campaign continued last night with another 2-minute commercial that aired on Fox's American Idol right after the New York Giants defeated the San Francisco 49ers to win the NFC championship and earn a spot in the Super Bowl.

Poughkeepsie's Michael Farrell was one of the first to react, and we've collected dozens of additional tweets that popped up within a few minutes of last night's ad. They're a hoot!

If Scientology was looking to provoke a reaction, they got it. But is this the one they wanted? What we saw were a lot of young people either laughing or mocking the ad...


Corey Smith's was one of the very few positive reactions to the ad we saw. But we're not sure his suggestion was the one Scientology was looking for...


Whitney Swab was one of several who wondered what Scientology is all about. Hey, Whitney, try out our primer, "What is Scientology?"


Melissa Bykofsky seems a bit confused about the nature of advertising, all of which, of course, is about belief systems...


Well, you get the idea. It looks like the church is going to continue to spend big bucks to place its slick ad during prime advertising slots. The ad does its best to give the impression that Scientology is growing by leaps and bounds (4.4 million new people every year!), when it has been shown repeatedly that it invents numbers like that based on the amount of crappy junk mail it sends out to people. As we've shown previously, the actual number of active Scientologists around the world is probably no more than 40,000.

But then, judging by these tweets (we grabbed about half that showed up last night), even those folks not particularly familiar with Scientology seem to sense that the ad is pure propaganda.

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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Oh dear. Anyone get the idea Miscavige is trying to convince his best friend that he isn't really hoarding all of his precious 'donations'?Ha ha! Too late Gollum.  Even Tom Cruise isn't THAT dumb! 


This is to show members and outsiders that Scientology's not dead.

To me, it's just another sign of desperation.

Ron Newman
Ron Newman

Was this on more than one TV network?  Your post says Fox but some of the tweets mention ABC.


Epic stupid in this vintage ad from Scn -- Go to youtube, and watch dftaP5eLD0o


I saw this ad come up last week on Hulu while I was watching The Daily Show. I didn't think it would hit mainstream television waves, or rather, I didn't think that CoS would be so stupid as to do so.


What a crap commercial, as if you can find God and the Truth its a load of old bull


Okay I have to comment on the "battle of the Marcotai's".  And Tony, if you have any suggestions for solutions, or just thoughts on this dilemma, please chime in.

One problem with using Disqus for comment threads is that anybody can steal anybody's identity...something which is not possible on message boards or other types of online communication forums.  But here, anybody can call themselves anything no matter how many people use that user-name.

And thus we have the battle of the Marcoati's - one who is a well-known Scilon-bot famous for his poor grammar and his strident if utterly ineffective efforts at dead-agenting VV, Tony and the rest of us CO$ critics, the other a more recent addition with FAR better English who is using Marcotai's name to  criticize the CO$.

Personally I would prefer the identity-theft to STOP.  Look, Marcotai has a right to spew his Scilon-speak, and at this point he's one of the few bots left who even have the cajones to show up here.  While I find him, and the shy-of-late Mark Miglio, to be pathetic loons, one can't deny the fascination in seeing what he has to say (not to mention the entertainment value).  That is lost if someone keeps pretending to be him.

Tony, are there any technical options to prevent this?  If not...would you at least come out and state your thoughts on it?  Perhaps a few words from you would dissuade the "fake" Marcotai from mucking up the comments with this game.  Hey, I want to hear what they BOTH have to say...but I don't want to have to keep guessing which one is which.

(By the way, in case anyone doesn't CAN figure out which is which - just click on the avatar and you will see all of their prior comments.  One is obviously the original Marcotai - just look for the horrible language skills and clear evidence of cult brainwashing - while the other posts a lot of angry anti-Scn posts using reasonably correct grammar.)

Synthia Elizabeth Fagen
Synthia Elizabeth Fagen

Scientology is the laughing stock of the world. They're throwing money down a rat hole.

They, apparently, will never twig on the fact that the ONLY possible way for them to earn even a modicum of respect is to actually DO the things that they say they do, but don't.

They think they can just throw up some slick ads and the world will suddenly be in awe? The reason people are disgusted with these ads is not only because they are pure BS but because they are an insult to people's intelligence.

How stupid do they think people are?

The real truth is that these ads are not meant to be for the American Idol audience. They are meant for the suckers who are still inside the cult. That's all.

Consider these ads the constructed walls around the Truman Show. That is all they are and nothing more.


<rant> One thing in particular burns me about the Scientology ads: My church, the United Church of Christ, tried to run ads on the major national broadcast networks during events like this or just on a regular night. We weren't allowed. I remember CBS, among others, finding the ads to be too controversial. In them we told fold we were accepting of anybody on their journey: the poor, LGBT, the elderly, parents, kids, and families of all configurations. You probably already guessed. It was the LGBT thing which threw our commercials of the broadcast networks. Though they would take some for their cable clones. AND, Scientology which is controversial because of their vicious actions gets a free pass on major network broadcasts. Scientology harms folk. It abhors LGBT. It isn't keen on the poor, though it is keen on keeping ya poor, the elderly don't last (no medical help), and families of any confirguration are there to be destroyed. </rant>


Village Voice Founder’s Son Criticizes Company for Advertisements That Others Can Use for Sex Trafficking of Minors, Joins Groundswell Campaign

John Mailer, son of Norman Mailer, joins 80,000 supporters of campaign on to ban sex ads that may feature minors on Village Voice-owned Backpage DOT comThat campaign has more than 80,000 supporters not just few dozens of anti-Scientology Ortega's supporter against SCN ads.


  Yeah, 4.4 million new members, but not a single perfect clear.


The scientology criminal enterprise is employing demographic targets for recruitment.  Late teens to late 20 year olds are major AI viewers.  Desperate cult is desperate.  The upside is that scientology is spending millions of dollars on those ads, which they will receive far less in return, if any.  


Legislative Bill Targets Village Voice Child Trafficking Ads!full article at: villagevoicepimps DOT com


if you have not seen this you should -  "The De-Evolution Of A Devoted Scientologist" on YouTube it is very sad. One guy films his friend mental breakdown from $cientology. If you think the frist half of the video is disturbing wait tell the end.

however, being the watchers you are you've probably seen iti hope Tony can put it up here for everyone to see


"One of the Legislative Solutions to Remedy the Village Voice Child Prostitution Ad Business"

Full article at villagevoice DOT com


it's very interesting that Tony Ortega is only posting biased hate-mongers's comments about SCN ads. Many of them are used to post comments in here as well. LOLYou may ask why, this bigoted editor is spending almost 24 hours a day to attack a religion.Please google: Village Voice pimps. 


Yeah... Village vice's sex's commercials are much better.At least they give a sense of for "us" to exist.LOL

Kim O'Brien
Kim O'Brien

Holy shit balls - Marty is now raising money for the Debbie Cook defense fund .


Any minute now...

"Those comments are just confusion blowing off.  If we repeat the ads enough times, the wogs will love us.Love,Marcotai"

Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson

I knew I was right.  The younger generation is smart.

Hartley Patterson
Hartley Patterson

Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a Merchant of Chaos and Suppressive Person whose outlets attack bona fide religions worldwide. Why is the Church giving him money?

Chocolate Velvet
Chocolate Velvet

Holy shit, that is funny!


I remember seeing this on tv, and just falling out laughing. Same as it ever was...


Yeah, let me talk to my IT guys about that. I don't know if there's a hidden character in the second name or something. Clearly, it's dirty pool. (Hear that, fake Marcotai? We don't play that way here.)

Dean Fox
Dean Fox

The church of scientology has cash reserves conservatively estimated at $2billion and perhaps more wildly estimated at $16billion (truth in between perhaps?) Yet they will have used this ad campaign to draw more money in to the church of scientology.

The ad campaign is a direct response to Debbie Cooks criticisms that the church of scientology is all about getting money and not about disseminating scientology; the ads will be sold to the cool aid drinkers as dissemination, while cunningly getting more moeny from them.


The US television networks routinely reject most --if not all-- Christian religious advertising, period.

Here's an example of just one religious ad (from an organization called Lookup316) banned from the upcoming Super Bowl: 

VVVVVV (d0t) christianpost (d0t) com (slash) news (slash) fox-sports-rejects-super-bowl-ad-featuring-john-316-48759/

The industry-wide Christian ad blackout has been unwritten policy for many decades (even shows about Jesus typically won't allow any church-sponsored advertising) but can anyone explain why Fox makes an exception for Scientology?


No OT's either. Not one.


Forgot to add : the above website is sponsored by Wally Hanks - convicted pedophile and long-serving Scientologist in good standing with the "church" of child abuse.


Not a chance. When I saw "Alan" in the first video, it was clear he was just a mentally ill guy with a poor grasp of Scientology. And now he's a vegetable. Don't blame the church.


Jan Eastgate, head of CCHR will help cover up child rape - but only if you're a Scientologist!!


back under your bridge, please


Scientologist or not, Marcotai, you are lost and confused as much as they are!

sorry for feeding the troll


Yes, saw that! It's going to be a ride and a half methinks.

Marty has started taking donations, but has not yet confirmed that Debbie wants his help or is even in contact with him.

When one poster had the temerity to ask whether there would be a refund if the legal team wasn't required, Marty replied with:"Not quite. We are putting the defense (offense) together now, and paying for it. This message alone in today’s post was worth 50K in defense impact. Anything unused can be returned. But, the chances of that are slim."

Can someone explain to me what "defence impact" means?


Bona fide religions are just stuff out of implants, haven't you heard?

I find the alliance perfectly natural.


A fool and his money... Murdoch knows how to make it, the maniac Munchkin knows how to waste it.

Chocolate Velvet
Chocolate Velvet

Hmm. That voice-over at the end sounds kinda like the COB himself - could it be?


Hey, OK, The "new" Marcotai will stop right here. It was funny though right?


Thank you Tony.  You have the smartest comments board on the internet...hate to see it dragged down into anarchy and irrelevancy by childish games.


FWIW, the Methodists, the Roman Catholics, and the Mormons seem to get their ads on television. Maybe they are in cahoots with the Scientologists?  :)


One:  CBS ran an ad for John 3:16 made by Focus on the Fetus, oops, Family, Saturday before last. Ironically, that's the one Bible verse that everyone who watches football knows, because of people holding up John 3:16 signs in the stadium.

Two:  Jesus was pretty clear about what his followers should be doing, and it wasn't spending huge sums of money shilling for something that pretty much everyone has heard over and over and over again ad nauseum, ad infinitum since the day they were born. Rather, he said, and I quote:  

"Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

“Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’" (Matthew 25:34-40)

Sorry to go all black top-grain cowhide leather Bible on you, but I'm sure I'm not the only one tired of the piety pity party coming from certain Christians.

(Edited to change word order in one sentence.)

Dean Fox
Dean Fox

The UK does not allow religious advertising on TV of any kind. That's a good thing and I hope it never changes. That said we do have religious TV channels with Benny Hinn and the rest.

The church of scientology did however manage to run some citizen's commission of human rights ads much to the annoyance of some because they convinced the regulators CCHR was secular like WWF or Oxfam.


Fair enough, however the church could not help him like they probably claimed they could.This video reminded me of the Dan Murman video wich is similar but i think dan was almost normal to begin with

SP Onage
SP Onage

I like the new Marcotai. Debbie Cook's email must have made him see the light. Good for you Marcotai - Welcome to the world of FREEDOM.


Ha ha, I'm just kidding. At least the private adult ads in the Village Voice are for consenting adults!!

In Scientology the kids get raped and Jan Eastgate covers it up! Google "Wally Hanks". Scientology protect pedophiles!


Well the reasons are obvious not to pose as a drooling mindshafted cult member, and the last thing I wanna do is compromise the integrity of this amazing news outlet and Tony Ortega's hard work in reporting the ongoing hilarious lack of insight this cult or its members has on the world around them.

It was just too easy, and hard to resist when he started spamming his creepy homemade smear campaign against Mr Ortega and the Village Voice rather than address the truth of the situation as regards Scientology in 2012.

How typical of a Scientologist.

Instead of reading and applying common sense when the stories of David Miscavige's missing wife - presumed dead? - and all the other creepy clam activity that they deny in the face of irrefutable evidence, Marcotai instead starts a hate campaign for maybe three readers??

That's why we love these cult freaks, right??


Thanks.  And yes, it was funny, I will admit it.  But poor Marcotai has enough crap to deal with...all those damn body thetans clinging like parasites, the ever-present fear that Xenu will make a come-back, being a laughing-stock of most of the civilized world, the RPF hanging like an axe over his head if he doesn't make it through a sec check...these are heavy loads.  Why add identity theft to the mix? ;-)

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

YES, YOU ARE VERY FUNNY! It was fun reading the hilarious posts. But, LeeAnne is right. I'm gonna miss you! :-P


Yes, it was funny!  But a good idea to stop for the reasons above. 

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

You know, Marcotai use to really piss me off, but Jeff Hawkin's post helped me understand who/what these sci sockpuppets really are...kinda feel sorry for them in a strange way.

Anyway, even though Marcotai disagrees with most of us, he does have the right to speak his mind and keep his id private.

Besides, if Marcotai quits posting here on the Voice, then I'll be the only one left with bad grammar. :-\


Catholics and Methodists probably not, but the Mormons... hmm.... considering they also have a deep foothold in the entertainment industry...

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