Scientology on the High Seas: Ringing in 20 A.D. with the Commodore!

On November 18, we started a new feature here on Fridays: the Voice has obtained hundreds of copies of L. Ron Hubbard's previously unpublished "Orders of the Day," which he gave to crew members as he sailed the Mediterranean. Our documents cover the period from late 1968 through 1971, and this time we're looking at what was happening the week of January 1 through 7 during those years.

After the jump, LRH is not pleased with conditions aboard his yacht...


January 3: The yacht's in bad shape? Turn in your shipmates!


If you are wondering what happened to get a low condition on the ship and sudden drills, the mystery is solved.

This ship could not go to sea in a dead calm.

False reports and illness are apparent.

We got rid of highly enturbulative elements and we are down to finding the free loaders who do no work and thus overload the rest of us.

From my educated viewpoint, a ship can't stand a high condition. It may have earned it. When it gets it, it violates it and it becomes a false assignment.

I only have to find a few areas of sloth in a ship to realize it is unsafe and is just about to have a big catastrophe. I prefer to act before the situation is hopeless.

It is not hopeless yet. You will know when it is when I stop trying to put it right.

We have been too long in port.

The way to get the ship back up is to find and do your own job well. Knock off the false reports, the loaf and the 2D and the ship will come back to normal.

Right now I wouldn't take this ship 10 feet down the dock, much less to sea.

And in the future, I'll see she moves more often.

When just a few of us start carrying the majority on their backs, it's time to act.

The things that set this off were:

1. Finding that we were not incorporated for Greece when I had a false report it was all set.

2. A false report from the Public Officer VIPs had accepted for Boxing Day when the invitations had just been tossed into their offices; this caused an entire review of relations thinking something was wrong.

3. Finding Sue Payer had violated her orders in the Children's squad, was teaching them without checksheets, had 2D going with Berry amongst other things.

4. M. Douglas falsely "holding the post" of coxswain yet not even getting up.

5. Sickness and enturbulation in II not handled by 2nd Mate.

These caused me to start looking very hard and the completely messy "readineess for sea" clinched it.

I am sure there are good areas in the ship. I'm also sure they're carrying an awful overload as the areas flanking them let them down.

There's no misemotion about this. It's just you can't get this bad and still live.

Any cooperation in catching this ball will be appreciated.

And PLEASE send me names of candidates for the Mud Box Brigade. If somebody consistently loafs or is invisible or is not pulling his weight, let me know so we can at least clean up the bilges.



January 1: A tribute to the commodore from Captain Bill Robertson...

A MOST HAPPY NEW YEAR AD 20 TO THE COMMODORE AND MARY SUE from the Captain, Officers and crew of Yacht Apollo.


"This planet has swung now 20 times
Around its sun, called Sol."

"And in this short span of time has come

"Keep it Standard,
Carry it on."

"But most of all
Thank you, RON."

Captain W. B. Robertson
Captain Yacht Apollo


January 1: LRH rings in the new year...

OLD 1970

So Good-bye 1970.

It was a tough year on the world.

But it was a great year for development. Both tech and Admin research results were the greatest since 1950. All the years contributed but the payoff was 1970.

So happy 1971, AD 21. Let's make the new tools take the world.



If we can get our tech known and applied now in both Tech and Admin Tech, 1971, AD21 will be a very fine year.

So I wish you a good year, good luck and good postulates!


January 2: LRH decides to share a tribute sent to him by Lt. Cmdr. Joan Robertson:

Dear Sir,

Like you, I am burying the old year and not praising it--


Thank you for the wild and wonderful year we have just finished

for restoring all Tech
for restoring Power
for OT VII
for the Sanity Tech Breakthrough
for Ext Intensive
for the C/S Series
for the EP's
for revitalizing training
for all the other Brilliant Tech Breakthroughs.

And thank you for the Tech of Admin--
for restoring all Policy
for the Bureaux
for the FEBC, HC, OEC--
Supervisor Courses
for Exec Dirs
the Org Boards,
for the Aides Conferences
the personal Conferences
the Data Series
the Personnel Series
the Org Series
the PR Series
this Brillian Management system
the Org and Product Officer System.

Your help on ship lines and to me as an Aide, an officer, a Con, and as a Being.

And for your trust in me in letting me help.

I pledge again my love, loyalty, devotion and work.

A very Happy New Year -- Sir!

January 3: Friendly ports are getting harder to find...


We rapped out the mileage and as I write this we apparently will have our day's stats at the end.

One day and two nights at sea compared to two days and two nights.

It was a fairly comfortable run.

I like this port we'll be in as you read this. The officials have always been pleasant and obliging, the people great, and they don't push people around.

Some aboard don't like it. Smells of fish they say. Well, I prefer the smell of fish and saw dust to the smell of tourists.

I'll never forget the relief and cheer we once felt when driven by the sea and the height of the Smersh campaign this port welcomed us.

It always has been friendly and decent. Not being shoved out to anchor "to make room for the great Tourist Liner BUNKO and the Tanker SS Stinko."

We're off the beaten track here. The Phoenicians, Carthoginians and Portuguese have left their traces. And these people still go on.

I'am changing our scheduling after the next port after this.

Be nice to these people, they're your friends.

Be nice to this port. I consider it an Affinity haven.



Sounds like Punic heaven, what with those "Carthoginian" touches and all...

Until next week, may you have calm seas, Scientology watchers!

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please explain
please explain

generalities! spying on each other, sex is bad, hmmm, spot it in Science Of Survival


Mud Box Brigade=RPFHubbard request "ass kissing" snitches... stat!


Sorry, yes, I have the same enemy in Miscavige that Rathbun does, but I still see Rathbun as an insincere truth-dodger when it comes to his own prior actions and his inability to admit the crimes of Hubbard, all of which Miscavige is merely repeating.


These documents are good examples of why it's harder to pin Hubbard down than Miscavige.

One moment he is bemoaning the state of the ship, and asking for nominations to clean out the bilges, the next he is ecstatic at coming into port and asking everyone to be nice to the locals.

Hubbard and Miscavige both created abusive relationships between themselves and their minions. In the case of Hubbard it was classic "I love you, I hate you" so the victims would hang around hoping tomorrow would be a day they would be loved.

Miscavige on the other hand just doles out hatred. That's why his victims only last so long before they blow.

This is partly why Hubbard was so much more dangerous - a hugely more complex character than Miscavige, difficult to pin down, difficult to characterize, difficult to diagnose.


What the Hub is truly saying with that "Tourist Liner BUNKO and Tanker SS Stinko" bit is that he wants a port where nobody has heard of Hubbard or Dianetics/Scientology so that he can carry out his BS "research", hunt for treasure buried in past lives, or possibly infiltrate the port's government. He never blames his problems on himself, only others, so it has to be tourists, intelligence people disguised as tourists or sailors, etc.

The only thing worthy of anybody's interest that came out of the Apollo years has to be the album the Apollo Stars made, "The Power of Source." Truly it is a crap jazz album for the ages. WFMU's "Beware of the Blog" has the entire album on mp3s. The album cover features a glum L. Ron. surrounded by the depressed-looking musicians; the Hub has those giant `70s headphones on. Photo looks like it was shot in that Portugese movie theater they rented out to record the album, where Hubbard charged people for every mistake they made!

Just Google "WFMU" and "Power of Source" and it will come up. It's the post for March 26, 2009.


has anybody read the new issue of Entertainment Weekly? Ricky Gervais dissed the cult hard again..


Love you Tony but I am so not interested in what Hubbard had to say. I wasted 18 years of my life reading his words and several years of dedicated deprogramming myself of them. Not trying to diss you for your efforts but there are so many stories out on the internet to be highlighted about the insanities people went through while being a member and how they moved on despite them, that I wish you'd conside focusing on them instead of Hubbard's Orders of The Day narcissism.


"You must be wondering why I called you here. We had an excellent dessert tonight, ice cream and frozen strawberries. An hour ago, I sent for another portion but only got the ice will all investigate who is responsible for this theft....even if it takes you all night." -=Captain Queeg

I take it no one on the Apollo saw "The Caine Mutiny" before getting on that bucket?

Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson

Even then he preferred slave labor for punishment.  "And PLEASE send me names of candidates for the Mud Box Brigade. If somebody consistently loafs or is invisible or is not pulling his weight, let me know so we can at least clean up the bilges."

Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein

Aw, man. Mister Tony, WHY do you insist on jogging loose my memories, heretofore so firmly entwined in the unyielding tendrils of PTSD? Sigh. OK—I arrived on board Flag late 1970, so I don't know anything about the lower condition rant above. I never sailed to Greece with LRH and his band of merry thetans. But I do remember the posts from AD (After Dianetics) 21.

The "sanity tech" that Joan Robertson refers to was also referred to as the Psychotic Break Rundown. One of our engineers went... well, mad. He had to be restrained. LRH says he cured the guy, but he was quickly offloaded after he was "cured," and we never saw the guy again. The rundown itself bears that guy's name, but out of respect for him I'm not gonna mention it.

The Con that Joan Robertson refers to having been isn't the sleazy con artist you might think—The Conning Officer was the officer in charge of the watch that sailed the ship while she was at sea. Hana Whitfield was my Con when I was her lookout and helmsman. 

1970 was the year Flag was put in charge of managing all the outer orgs, and the ship was divided into three internal orgs: the Flag Ship Org (handled the ship), the Flag Admin Org (delivered services to crew, outer orgs, and wealthy public), and the Flag Bureaux who analyzed outer org stats and drew up programs for each org to implement. Additionally, there was the Commodore's Aides and the Commodores Household Unit (which later gave rise to the Commodores Messenger Org).

The great big deal was the FEBC (Flag Executive Briefing Course)—a series of 7 or 8 (I forget exactly how many) lectures the old man delivered live to outer org execs who were aboard for administrative (admin) training. The big breakthrough was the old man's "discovery" that every org needs a Product Officer—someone whose ONLY job is to get the org producing no matter what it takes and who or what he has to rip apart in order to GET the product. Along with the Product Officer was supposed to come an Organizing Officer (Org Officer) who followed behind, organizing the mess created by the Product Officer. Ideally, there'd also be an Establishment Officer (EstO) who worked far enough in front of the Prod Off to make sure there was enough of an org there to get the Prod Off and Org Off what they needed in order to produce (ie, make money and get course & auditing completions).

Unlike most of my foggy memory, I remember this part really well because this was my one shining moment in the old man's eyes. Sometime in mid-January (I think it was January 17 or 18), I'd suggested to the old man that we start using his tone scale to customize public relations and advertising campaigns to the surveyed emotional tone level of the public: all we'd have to do, I'd reasoned, was pitch an ad half a tone to a full tone higher than the public, and people would flock in to the org. The old man ignored the advertising part of my idea and instead created the post a PR Officer in the office of the Product Officer. The PR Officer had the job of getting staff to work harder by manipulating them with the tone scale. Nevertheless, the commodore promoted all the way up to Warrant Officer, and I was the first Flag Public Relations Officer (internal). I tell the whole story of my meteoric rise (and equally meteoric fall) in my new memoir coming out in May. 

The old man actually thanked me by name for my contribution at the end of the FEBC tape, "PR Becomes a Subject," but that part was erased after I blew and became the queer and pleasant danger I am today.

Lastly—the stinky port. It had to be the Moroccan port city of either Safi or Casablanca. Sardine fishing was the big deal in both ports, and thousands of sardines lay rotting on the docks under the blazing North African sun. It was bad, working out on the decks but worse below decks where there was no breeze to blow the stench away. None of us considered it Affinity Haven. Ever. The old man had it in his head that he'd get the King of Morocco audited and bingo: we'd have the first clear country. He actually got some auditing done on the military brass, who eventually tried to assassinate the king and we were never welcome in Moroccan ports again. Henceforth, they were convinced we were a CIA ship.

And that's all I can say, cuz I can't says no more.

kiss kiss

Kate (formerly Lieutenant Al)

anon anon song
anon anon song

What in fresh hell does the AD in "20 AD" stand for? I'm going to throw up if it stands for Anno Dianetii. For an implant, hubbard sure didn't mind using convenient christian symbolism. How batshit, yet completely uninspired.


The Mud Box Brigade was the start of the current Rehabilitation Project Force. (A "re-education camp" by any other euphemism would stink as much.)

Skwerl King
Skwerl King

So much Smersh "upstat" with my morning coffee this year. -- 62AD.

Skwerl KingFirst Mate S.S. StinkoIntergalactic Tanker Fleet"Serving Your Thetan Transpotation Needs"


Scientology poetry contest: Captain Bill vs. Marty Rathbun. Any thoughts?


Hubbard always sounded like a manic depressive to me, but then I'm not a mental health professional.

Miscavage is either a sociopath, in WAY over his head, or just an awful person.

Neither seem capable of running a small pet shop, but there they are, leaders of a cult religion.


I just want to add that when the album came out what I've heard is that none of the public Scientologists wanted to buy it, but I think they were cajoled by their auditors or some other important people in the "church."

I would guess the same thing happened when the craptacular "Road to Freedom" album came out in the 1980s.


“Who says we can’t challenge or joke about religion?” he writes. “You have the right to believe what you want; I have the right to believe it’s ridiculous.”

Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein

Reading the old man's words through my old lady eyes makes me laugh and laugh at the young foolish guy I used to be.


Good points about the blather of Hubbard, but I think it's very important for people to see the true man, unvarnished by pretty book covers and expensive advertising. Here is the true megalomaniac spewing out random bullshit and everyone around him pretending he was brilliant. I think this kind of exposure of the fraud Hubbard is actually more important that the exposure of the fraud Miscavige, who will ensure his own demise. 

But Hubbard still has a way to go to be treated with the scorn he deserves. 

anon anon song
anon anon song

Valid point and completely understandable. Though not as exciting as first account testimonies, they are, IMO, valuable as an insight to his psychological ups and downs. He declared war on psychiatrists/psychologists (I'm not sure if he even knew the difference) and his writings such as his Orders of the Day are the testimony we have of just how much damage he caused because he refused to accept that the grandiose esteem he had of himself was problematic.

Enter a self-fulfilling explanation and an audience. All of a sudden, every brainfart was worth writing down.

This series serves as evidence to anyone who'd bother to make that final step away from the cult is that scientology's eventual demise isn't all about David Miscavige.


I was thinking just about the same thing.  I'd rather get a root canal than remember being on the ship.  And he's such the babbler, goes on and on about the most inane things.  It disturbs the force.On a different note:  how can anyone praise this person who obviously was mean and cruel and hateful?  How is it possible that people respect hubbard?  This too disturbs the force.I want my money back. :(


Shhhh. Don't tell the Indies. They think treating decent Scientologists like shit started with Miscavige. 


And in the process fosters vendettas and back-stabbing. How delightful. I suppose that was for his own entertainment.


Kate, is your book out yet?  I suppose I could Google your name, but I'd like to buy it from a source where you'll get the most in return.  You are enchanting!

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Heck. Forget about the Commodore, I am more interested in what Kate has to say.

Chocolate Velvet
Chocolate Velvet

"Queer and pleasant danger"!?! Heehee! Kate, your dry sense of humor is a real delight. Go on, girl!

S. P.
S. P.

Year of Dianetium? Don't you mean "Anno Dianeticorum?"

But yes, that's what it means. _Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health_ was published in 1950.


It's "After Dianetics" I believe.


There once was a bully named MartyWho never let thetans leave the partyThen regretted his damageBlamed it all on MiscavigeNow he blogs about Hubbard the fraudy.

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

I would love to see Marty do a 'Slam Poetry' piece and post it on you tube....

Hubbard's grandson is really quite good.... levity is a great tonic for somber thoughts.


Howsabout Marty and Debbie?

There once was a Thetan named Rathbun,Whose stay on the Freewinds was no fun.But Debbie Cook's shake uphas the CO$ waked up,and DM is now on the run.


I surely willEnjoy more poems from Captain Bill,But I'd really throw a partyIf we got some from Marty!


But you know that if Hubbard or Miscavige ever did run a pet shop, the employees would be working for free and signing loyalty oaths by the end of the first week.


There's a very comprehensive attempt to analyze Hubbard at the end of "A piece of blue sky", which is available online.

"Manic with paranoid tendencies" was one psychiatrist's attempt to sum him up.


I can honestly say that Power of Source is far and away the crappiest album in my collection. And that's an understatement.

Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein

How is it possible that people respect the old man... fucking great question. For my part, I think it was an alpha wolf/beta wolf relationship. Not so much respect as adoration and loyalty—both out of fear, and longing for a pat on the head. This is a scary world. L. Ron Hubbard promised to not only protect us, he also gave us a role in saving the universe. How often does that come along? Our relationship to him has been chronicled over and over in the golden age of Sci Fi—Heinlein, Bradbury, EE Doc Smith, Frederic Brown. Not LRH—his writing was mediocre at best, but he wrote with those same values of "we'll follow you anywhere in order to save the world." And he put those values into the canonical administration of the "church." Hell, we didn't need science fiction—we were living it. D'oh! 


I'm just glad I got my mind and soul back but I know what you mean. Someone ought to start a class action lawsuit on the IAS 'donations'. There are certainly enough people who were ripped off. As far as org donations, it really depends on when you paid them and if they are repayments or refunds. Many people signed away their right to refunds when they signed those clauses that came out in the late 1990s but a lawyer can tell you what your right really are, depending upon what state you live in, where they were paid and what you signed or didn't sign if you are asking for a refund. A repayment can be had easier. Sometimes having a lawyer draft a letter threatening to sue if the monies aren't returned can do the trick. See the advise of those who got their money back. exscientologist forum - ESMB - has much information on it regarding this. Best wishes, Mary

Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein

Deckard and everyone who's been responding to my ramble: that's sweet of you—all of you—really. Thanks. I've got lots to say about my book, and I promise I say it all when we get closer to the publication date, May 1. For now, it's more fun for me to stay on topic as guided by our fearless leader, Mister Tony. xoxo K

anon anon song
anon anon song

Oh FFS! Kate confirms it in her post below. AD in the Christian sense does not stand for After Death (common misconception), it stands for Anno Domini which translates to In the Year of Our Lord.

Hey, but that shouldn't stop that messianic old fart!


Google "captain bill galactic patrol lyrics" and "marty rathbun ode"


Be careful what you wish for.

Captain Bill:blogs villagevoice com/runninscared/2011/07/post_24.php

Captain Marty:markrathbun wordpress com/2011/03/12/an-ode-to-l-ron-hubbard/


No joke! Body infested with little bugs, sapping your purity? That's classic paranoia. Get a bunch of adults to buy into the delusion? That's spreading the contagion -- mass paranoia! We're talking DC-8 level foil hat nuttery.


I have to laugh at the "tendencies" bit.  To me that word means a bit of a lean towards something.  Hell, he was flat out and horizontal in his paranoia -- nothing hald-way about it.


I remember making the decision to join the SO.  It was 1968, the SO had just been formed and there were posters all around St. Hill (where I was doing the clearing course) reminiscent of the Uncle Sam Wants You posters c. WWII.  I knew I had to join because hubbard's purposes and goals were certainly much more important than anything I could have come up with on my own.  Once I actually arrived IN the SO, I knew I'd made a biiiiiiiig mistake.  It took me a year to get off that tub.  So very surreal.  I think back on that year and I know I saw evil incarnate.  Whew!  But here we are now, free, with all the responsibility that attends.You're amazing.  Thanks for all your good vibes.

Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein

Awwwww, thanks for the smile—worth all the bags o' gold ya might bring me.


Good day to you sweet ladies, do I hear damsels in distress?

I hear tell that the Dwarf-Pope of Scientology hast robbed thou of thine silver? Fear not, for I shall smite him with my sword of justice and rod of retribution, and recover the foul loot!

I must go now for the forest crawleth with his OSA minions, and surely they will distribute fair game materials to my neighboring trees if they catch me!

Oh well, faint heart ne'er won fair maiden....

Until the morrow, onward to victory!!!!

Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein

I want a Robin Hood too—wouldn't that just be swell? I never asked for my money back. I paid for my L-12, and I bought a fancy-dancy clear bracelet and a couple of generations of e-meters. And books—a full set of the Org Exec Course green volumes, and every other single book. My fave was "Scientology 0-8, The Book of Basics." It's got ALL the scales he ever dreamed up. But now, COB says the original books weren't the real McCoy—how about that? Maybe that's why I'm such a raving SP—squirrel tech in the original books. Anyway, I got rid of all my Scientology stuff as soon as I left—but when I sat down to write my book, I had to get a whole bunch of new books. Have you seen how darned expensive the books have gotten? Holy smoke! Robin Hood should give people back 90% of their book money. 


We actually did get all of our money-on-account back -- repayment, as it is called.  As for a refund of the 10s of thousands donated to superfucker, idle orgs and iass, well, we'll be a long time waiting for that class action suit to happen, won't we?  It's a wonderful fantasy:  bold attorney with balls of steel, taking on the cult, grabbing back that billion dollar war chest and giving it to us poor schmucks who fell for all that claptrap.  Saving the world????  Not a chance.  Where's Robin Hood when you need him?


I did find a Group Declare for the Galactic Patrol,Who sound like they were sure on a roll,Described as an "off-beat parody of the Sea Org",Who already have strong resemblances to the Borg,But when I Googled "marty rathbun ode",All I got was "martyrathbunblog" ranting that he broke the Code.

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