Scientology Spokeswoman Who Disconnected From Her Father Criticizes Scientology Victim Who Didn't

On Thursdays, we bring you Scientology news from around the globe. And this week, we were planning to note that Australia's television program A Current Affair had done a nice job on a story we brought you earlier, about Ramana Dienes-Browning and her hellish 8 years on Scientology's private cruise ship, the Freewinds.

But then, our plans for a brief item about the Australian program changed, as we learned more about the chatty church spokeswoman who appears in it, Virginia Stewart...

As you may recall, our lengthy interview of Ramana Dienes-Browning was one of three substantial stories we did in November and December about life in the Sea Org and aboard the Freewinds. A shipmate of Ramana's, Valeska Paris, alleged that from 1996 to 2007, she was held against her will aboard the vessel. Her sister, Melissa Paris, recalled her several years -- while underage -- doing menial labor at Scientology's UK headquarters for a total of about $40.

Ramana told us of her own ordeal as a young Australian teenager, pressured at 15 to join the Sea Org and work on the Freewinds. At 16, she felt pressured to marry before she was ready, and then she was hounded by Sea Org executives when her husband admitted under interrogation to masturbating. She spoke of how harrowing it was to be assigned to the engine room as punishment, and how she became so despairing of her fate, she carried a knife with her, considering suicide. Ramana also explained in detail her ill-fated attempt to escape from the ship, which had her just steps from freedom before her complex plan fell apart.

Most of those details didn't find their way into the A Current Affair program, but at nearly 8 minutes, it's still a substantial piece that also brings in Valeska Paris, as well as Don Jason -- who literally had to rappel down a line to escape the ship -- and Marty Rathbun, a former high-ranking church official who witnessed first hand the control measures on the Freewinds.

Then, at the end of the program, Australian church spokeswoman Virginia Stewart appears and calls the testimony of these four independent witnesses "fabrication and lies." She also accuses them of getting together to come up with their stories as a group.

Yesterday morning, I asked Ramana about that.

"It's just ridiculous. She's saying we've made up these stories and talked to each other about what we're going to say. It's just rubbish," she told me. "I haven't seen Valeska since we were on the boat together. I've never spoken to Don Jason. I've never spoken to Marty Rathbun since he was on the ship when I was. It's so ludicrous to say that we talked to each other for our stories. It's such a stab in the dark on their part."

But Stewart wasn't finished stabbing.

The day after A Current Affair's initial program aired, the program came back with a follow-up: Stewart had more specific attacks on the credibility of Dienes-Browning and the others. Please watch carefully...

I found it particularly interesting that Stewart had something to say about the letters between Ramana and her father. In our story, we had described how Ramana had felt pressure from the Sea Org to "disconnect" from her father, David, because he was uneasy with her involvement in Scientology.

"I was under constant pressure to disconnect from him," she says in the A Current Affair program.

But Ramana never disconnected from him, and after leaving the church, she has a great relationship with him.

"Since I left Scientology, he's one of the few people I can talk to about what I've been through. I've had to deal with depression and post-traumatic stress. It's been amazing to reconnect with him. We've really been able to make up for lost time," she told us in December.

As we have reported numerous times here at the Voice, Scientology's policy of "disconnection" is alive and well in the church, despite what Scientology executives might say to the press.

As a matter of fact, we have Virginia Stewart herself denying disconnection, and on the record.

Last July, we broke a story about how Placido Domingo, Jr., son of the famous tenor, had left Scientology after its officials had tried to pressure him into disconnecting from his ex-wife, with whom he was still good friends as they raised three children. When he flatly refused their orders to disconnect, word went out for Scientologists to disconnect from Domingo, and hundreds of them began unfriending him at Facebook. Meanwhile, confidential material from his church confessional files suddenly showed up on websites that he believed were operated by the church itself.

Domingo called Scientology "scary and pathetic" for the way it was treating him. The story got picked up in a big way in Europe and Australia (and less so here in the U.S., where mainstream media still tends to shy away from serious Scientology reporting).

In Australia, the story was so prominent, Independent Senator Nick Xenophon made public statements about it, and Virginia Stewart then denied to television host Kerri-Anne Kennerley that Scientology practices disconnection. Here, watch for yourself, and note her words: "The church actually doesn't have a policy of disconnecting from their friends or family if they follow a different religion."

Again, please watch carefully (the good part is from about 1:00 to 2:00)...

So why am I asking you to watch these videos so carefully? Because I want you to imagine what might have happened if A Current Affair or Kennerley had known what Stewart wasn't telling them.

Virginia Stewart was telling the Australian public that Scientologists do not disconnect when a family member believes in a different religion, but what she wasn't saying was that she had disconnected from her own father for that very reason for the last 23 years of his life.

Well, almost 23 years. But we'll get to that.

Yesterday, I called the Scientology church in Dundas, New South Wales, which is just outside Sydney, and asked to speak with Stewart. I was asked a couple of times to identify myself, and also to explain what the Village Voice was. After a short wait, I was told that Stewart was unavailable, but that I could e-mail her a question. I immediately did so.

While I waited for a response, I worked with the help of several former Australian church members to piece together the Scientology career of Allen Wright, Virginia Stewart's father, who died last February in Switzerland.

According to his friends, Wright was a memorable figure from when Scientology was in its heyday.

Allen Wright
"Allen originally hailed from New Zealand. He was an Olympic-level cyclist, a world class audio designer, and a dedicated Scientologist. He was on the Mission Into Time voyage with LRH and acted as ship's photographer, amongst other duties. Some of the well known photographs of LRH used by the church even today were taken by him," one friend wrote about Wright when news of his death reached Australia. ("LRH" is a reference to L. Ron Hubbard, and in 1968, the "Commodore" sailed the Mediterranean looking for treasure that he assumed he had buried during past lives so he could dig it up later -- this voyage he called "Mission Into Time," which became the title for a book he wrote on the subject.)

Michelle Sterling, an Australian who runs the "Ex-Scientologist Message Board" (ESMB) confirmed for me that in recent years, Wright posted at the forum under the screen name "ULRC/S." She helped me track down several of his postings in which he described his career in the church.

"When I say I was a Crse Sup [Course Supervisor] in Sydney 76 to 82, I mean in the CoS [Church of Scientology]. I do know CBR [Captain Bill Robertson] didn't start the R/Os [Ron's Orgs] until mid 80's. I was one of the first to study with him," Wright posted on August 25, 2009.

What Wright meant by that was that he was a trained member of Scientology's church staff from 1976 to 1982, and was trusted with supervising the individual cases of church members and their auditors. But over the course of Scientology's 60-year history, there have been numerous cases of splinter groups breaking away. There's currently a growing movement of "independent Scientologists" who object to the management of the official church, and who practice the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard outside of church leader David Miscavige's authority. Another group that broke away in the 1980s was led by Bill Robertson, a man who had captained Hubbard's yachts during the late 1960s and early 1970s when Hubbard ran Scientology while at sea. Robertson called his independence movement "Ron's Orgs."

Scientology generally reacts to such splinter efforts virulently -- Sterling tells me that anyone who would have been among the first to join Robertson's movement would have immediately been considered a major enemy of the church.

"I was on 'New OT5' when things started to change, going from the most wonderfully ARCish place I had ever experienced into a copy of a nazi concentration camp," Wright posted on January 25, 2010. "ARC" stands for affinity, reality, communication -- a Hubbardism that generally describes positive feeling. By 1982, however, Hubbard had become a recluse, and a struggle for control of the church was underway. A young David Miscavige was taking over, and things were changing. Wright was apparently one of those who didn't like what Scientology was becoming.

He left the church to pursue higher levels of "Operating Thetan" enlightenment with Robertson than were being offered in official Scientology. (Currently, wealthy Scientologists who can afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars in training required can only go as high as "OT VIII.")

"I then studied with Bill Robertson and did Excalibur (OT8), OTs 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 with him before he died. Since then I have slowly worked on levels above OT16," Wright posted at ESMB.

In other words, Allen Wright may have become a pariah to the official church, but he had remained a dedicated Scientologist, still pursuing enlightenment according to the philosophies of L. Ron Hubbard. (Other posts indicate that Wright, an audiophile and expert in equipment, was fashioning his own e-meters.)

To someone like his daughter Virginia Stewart, who joined Scientology's elite "Sea Organization" in 1988, such a defector was someone she could not associate with -- even if it were her own father.

"It wouldn't surprise me if Virginia actually hated him. He represented the worst kind of 'squirrel' to a dedicated Scientologist, and there is nothing lower than a squirrel," Sterling says, using the church's jargon for "heretic."

"She phoned me on the day she was joining the SO [Sea Org], and said she was sorry, but she could no longer communicate with me," Wright posted at ESMB on May 19, 2010. "And she has kept that decision, that was in 1988 and I haven't had any communication from her since - 22 years later! I even sent her a great gift for her 40th birthday, but not even a thank you card."

Sterling and two other ex-Scientologists who are involved at ESMB tell me that in the last year of his life, Wright told his friends that Stewart had dangled the prospect of finally reconnecting with him -- if he had posts at ESMB containing her name removed. Sterling confirms that Wright did request that such posts be removed, and they were taken down.

By then, Wright had moved to Schaffhausen, Switzerland, where he was designing equipment for audiophiles at his business, Vacuum State. Last year, this notice appeared on the company's website:

Allen Wright Passing

With great regret we announce that Allen Wright, founder of Vacuum State and Chief Designer of our products, has died on 23.02.2011.

He devoted a big part of his life to improve the quality of communication, and - loving music - his High End Hi-Fi designs are one outcome of this heartfelt endeavour.

We are thankful for the time he has shared with us, for the love and joy he brought to our lives and for the great inspiration he was and still is. He will fondly stay in our hearts.

Johanna Allgäuer Wright
Allen's wife and Managing Director of Vacuum State

This morning, I called Johanna Wright.

Almost immediately, she understood why I was calling. When I told her that Virginia Stewart had denied the existence of the disconnection policy on a television program in July, she said that Stewart had also done the same thing on an earlier television appearance -- she thinks it was probably in 2009 -- and Allen Wright had caught it.

"Allen had seen that on TV and got very upset," Johanna says. "He was so upset he wanted to go to the media."

By then, Allen had reached out to his other daughter, Virginia's sister Monique, through Facebook. Through Monique, Allen delivered a message to Virginia about her public statements on disconnection.

"He sort of forced her to get back in comm with him by threatening to publish that this was a lie," Johanna says.

Allen was talking to an Australian journalist, who was poised to reveal Virginia's secret. But when she began to answer her father's e-mails, Allen decided not to have a story written.

Virginia told her father that she had not disconnected from him in 1988 because of the church. She had broken away from him because she didn't like his girlfriend at the time. And then had stayed away. For 22 years.

Does that make sense to you? I asked Johanna, who has never been a Scientologist.

"Of course not," she replied, and she said Allen didn't believe it either. "If she's just trying to protect the church, she's able to say anything."

For about the last year of his life, Allen then had some contact with Virginia. "From then on, she did have a little bit of contact with Allen. But he always had the feeling that she did it to protect the church," Johanna says. "He had the feeling that it was not an honest attempt to get back in touch, but just so she could say that they were no longer disconnected if she was asked about it. He was not really happy because he wasn't feeling it as a heartfelt communication. He felt that she was doing it out of a strategy to protect the church."

Still, she says, he did want to hear from his daughters and get more involved in their lives, even as he fought cancer. "He would have loved for the relationship to get better, but he didn't live long enough for it to grow better," she says.

Johanna and Allen were together for 18 years, but they only got married in January, 2010. A little more than a year later, he succumbed to cancer.

"I had contact with the daughters when he died. They wrote back very nicely," she says.
"They were all very shocked. Virginia said they even did the little ceremony to say goodbye to him."

A few months later, in July, 23 years after she had shunned her father because he followed "a different religion" -- Bill Robertson's brand of Scientology rather than her own -- Virginia Stewart told Australians that the Church of Scientology has no policy of disconnection.

That's something to keep that in mind as you watch her question the veracity and credibility of Ramana Dienes-Browning, Valeska Paris, Don Jason, and Marty Rathbun.

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

Keep up on all of our New York news coverage at this blog, Runnin' Scared


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Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Thanks for interviewing Michelle!    ESMB picked up a load of discussion in Scientology chat site history, thankyou Michelle!!!

I wish William James would pipe up, surely he's reincarnated, if Scientology's past-lives theories are correct, and James today would likely be more supportive of Scientology's religious nature.   James would put Hubbard in the typical cult/sect/new religion leader mold, the mentally unbalanced, visionary (Hubbard drew from his wholetrack-pastlives memories, creating the Xenu story, the Duke of Chug story---Tony, you haven't done the Duke of Chug story, and that is a cutting edge story the media still hasn't exposed!).

Scientology's space alien space opera UFO myths, need a whole article, focusing on all the major weighty important sci-fi-esque myths (which they take as fact, believe me!).

The Oracle
The Oracle

I must remark on your mastery at investigation these days Tony.  The blog is becoming a thriller!  Well done on this one!  Not only have you risen to the occasion as a journalist, you are becoming a grade A detective!


two open questions:-Life & Style Weekly (not the most reliable source), says that Isabella Cruise is dating a fellow Scientologist Eddie Frencher. anybody got more info on Mr. Frencher and is this a pr distraction?-I've heard rumors that the head of the A&E Network's wife is a Scientologist. is this true?


P.P.S. I also find it very ironic that Virginia actually stated/confirmed on public TV that people are afraid to leave the church. Afraid to leave the church?! Really? Why would they be afraid? Very telling... Last time I checked, "Fear" is pretty low on The Tone Scale. That little slip can get Virginia in a whole lot of trouble. (Psst, just tell DM it was taken out of context. Good luck, V.)


Sadly, if Virginia could convince herself (under the "Source" and group pressure) that her ownfather was a "Suppressive Person", which she obviously did, she can convince herself to believe in ANY non-sense. Perfect OSA terminal. Tragic, really.

P.S. Virginia did lie, at least twice in those videos. TR's and smiles or not. Lie is a lie. This is some hard-core Scientology.

I still hope she will wake up.


Good article Tony,

When Virginia says that is all fabricated lies, about not being able to leave at will from the ship, I just want to stand up and yell at her.  YOU F*)% liar Virginia,,  I know cause I, myself, experienced kidnapping on the high seas while on the FREE (LoL) winds.

Although I still want to remain unidentified to the cult, Tony you are welcomed to contact me for any further details



In 1968 there was a "PR flap" over Disconnection and Fair Game. Hubbard made a show of cancellation both. Neither was actually cancelled.

Heather Grace
Heather Grace

" At the adjourned hearing in Wellington, Lady Hort produced a letter whichshe said was signed by L. Ron Hubbard. This letter was as follows:

L. RON HUBBARDSaint Hill Manor,East Grinstead,Sussex.26th March, 1969.

The Commission of Enquiry into

Scientology in New Zealand.


With regard to the practice of disconnection, I have taken this up withthe Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology, and they have nointention of re-introducing this policy, which was cancelled on the 15thNovember, 1968.

For my part, I can see no reason why this policy should ever bereintroduced, as an extensive survey in the English speaking countriesfound that this practice was not acceptable.

(Signed) L. Ron HubbardL. Ron Hubbard

LRH/rw"Incidentally, the Dumbleton Powles inquiry in New Zealand was kicked off by a person by the name of F. P. O'Donnell, who just happens to be the grandfather of... wait for it... Virginia Stewart!wwwDOTxenuDOTnetSLASHarchiveSLASHauditSLASHnz02DOThtml


I was a Scientologist for decades, and I still use some of Hubbards techniques in my daily spiritual practice. I can see now what I could not then, that so much "acceptance" of "how" and "what" to think is deeply entrenched in this culture (Scientology) based on the "proper viewpoint" coming from persons in positions of authority or influence over staff and public. Hubbard used to be the top dog, now it's David Miscavige. In a way, I feel compassion for these people, they are under an enormous strain within themselves to divorce their deeply hidden opinions and thoughts from their own awareness. This is layer upon layer of social conditioning. The longer you are in, and made to comply, the more adept a person can get at telling lies to themselves. "Slow train of mind control" was a correct summation by an ex-member, whistle blower, ToryMagoo.

In a way, I think that the demands that society is placing on Scientology officers and PR people to answer up is just forcing them to lie even harder, and this condemns them even more into a condition or state of heartlessness and an "out of valence" condition. (not being themselves)

Disconnection was cancelled in 1968, but it doesn't really matter. Yes it was ordered to be resurrected by Miscavige written under Hubbards name without his knowledge by Robert Vaughn Young. The same viciousness that motivated it's creation in the first place is present in so many other written social (3rd dynamic) policies. The policy "Organizational Suppressive Acts" is another example whereby Hubbard concludes that if a person leaves Scientology that they no longer agree with the philosophical basis subject. This places a person in a very untenable position if he leaves because he was abused, but still believes the tech has helped him.

Matter of fact, I think it's policies like these that help create enemies against the church. I have to agree with Tony that Hubbard did more to create enemies for Scientology than anyone else. 

Hubbard was genius in many ways but the same causes that did him in the end, are personified in the fabric of the subject and it's policies. After all, they are reflection of "Source". 

Scientologists are good people who have learned to lie and all of them have been lied to in the first place.

Paul Schofield
Paul Schofield

Thank you Tony, for putting Allen Wright's story out there for all the world to see.

Allen and I worked together in Sydney org courseroom in the early 80s. He and I became firm friends. He was a man of wit, charm and amazing ability. He left the "official Church" around 1983 but but came into the org one day in 1984 to be "handled" by an RTC Mission. I saw him standing by himself and went over for a chat - I was the only staff member to do so. There were a lot of people standing around that day looking daggers at us.

Fast-forward to 2009. I'd just left the cult and Allen and I re-connected. He came back to Oz for a brief visit and I met him at his hotel in St Kilda and drove him to our house on the outskirts of Melbourne. We spent the day chatting in the yard. I drove him back to his hotel late that night and he went to country Victoria on business then back to Switzerland. He looked dreadful physically - I didn't recognize the old man he'd become at first as he'd always been very healthy - but he was the same old Al, even flirting outrageously with my wife, just like he'd done with the girls back when we were working together.

He told me he had a "physical problem" but nothing more. He chatted about his life since leaving $cientology in Sydney and he had only one regret about it all - his beloved daughters had disconnected from him. He was still a devoted follower of Hubbard - far more so than most of the current group of scilons I know - and he spoke a bit of some of his adventures. He even told me of his first encounter with David Miscavige in the early 80s and how Al's gut reaction was "this guy's like the Gestapo." The time went way too quickly and we agreed to stay in touch and had sporadic contact after that. I hoped to catch up with him in the flesh again someday and was gutted when I was told he'd died.

Allen lived life to the full and was a man of amazing talents. I'm proud to have known him and I pity his daughters for missing out on having his counsel for all the years they shunned him. I knew Virginia well as she was a teenager in the courseroom for several years after I took that over from Al in the mid-80s. Before she joined CMO and was then "swapped" to OSA ANZO because of some "out-Qual."

Underneath that vacant gaze you see on the TV is a good person. It's too late for her to reconnect with her Dad but it's not too late for her to re-connect with the real world.


Scuzzi Mary as a add your pasta once again.

HCO Bulletin of 10 August 1973 PTS HANDLING[..] That getting rid of the condition requires three basic actions: A. Discover. B. Handle or disconnect [..][..] If that suppression is located and the person handles or disconnects, the condition diminishes [..]A PTS person can be markedly helped in three ways: (a) gaining an understanding of the tech of the condition (b) discovering to what or to whom he is PTS (c) handling or disconnecting...[..][..] So you ask him if he wants to handle or disconnect. Now as sparks will really fly if he dramatically disconnects and he can't see how he can, you persuade him to begin to handle on a gradient scale[..] [..] You can get complexities such as a person being PTS to an unknown person in his vicinity that he may have to find before he can handle or disconnect.[..]HCO Bulletin of 31 December 1978 Issue IIOUTLINE OF PTS HANDLING[..]Once spotted, the potential trouble source can be assisted in working out a handling for that terminal, or more rarely, in deciding to disconnect from that person.[..]HCO Bulletin of 16 April 1982MORE ON PTS HANDLING[..] The reasons he cannot handle are because he tries to do it in the heroic fashion that is required in a disconnect.[..]


"He represented the worst kind of 'squirrel' to a dedicated Scientologist, and there is nothing lower than a squirrel"

Uh, didn't Davey alter the tech because of "typos"?  Doesn't that make him a squirrel?


oh. So maybe Virginia can explain to me too why my sister refused to have anything to do with me or our family for 20 some years.

Fredric L. Rice
Fredric L. Rice

I continue to be amazed at the sheer lunacy of the crime bosses in that criminal enterprise, these screamingly insane criminals have no clue as to how their crimes and human rights abuses against citizens appears in the general public among citizens who are not drooling customers of theirs. These insane crooks actually think that what they say in public is going to be approved of by the general public as if their racketeering, frauds, scams, and human rights atrocities are beneficial. Amazing. Such screaming insanity.


The subject of disconnection is also well presented in "The Ethics Of Scientology" book.You can read it in every SCN missions or orgs as well as in many public libraries.There you can find the exact policy that Scientologists apply on that particular subject.i wonder why Ortega and other journalists can't even look at it for themselves.Australian senator. Xenophone, was asked many times to look at it but he was more busy to pursue his own agenda against SCN than looking at real's very clear to me that those few apostates that are accusing CoS to have enforced them to disconnect from their love ones are looking like the Costa Concordia' s capitan who is building lies over lies in order to cover up his CRIME!Also it's astonishing the fact that those few people who claims that they have been imprisonedaboard the Freewinds have actually left the ship many times and even traveled to many countries with their passport and by their own. NOW, when they are faced with those facts, they resort to the 'theory' of; "I was brainwashed by a cult"! LOLAgain, that seems exactly Costa Concordia's capitan attempt to avoid facing his responsibility!FACT: a Sea-Org member is free to leave the organization when he wishes. He is only required to go trough a short standard routing out form.Many of those self proclaimed "critics' of SCN who have never entered a single SCN church or even never read a SCN book (like Ortega or Xenophon) are VERY AFRAID to interview real Scientologists about what their religion did and is doing for them.Hatred, prejudices, bias and personal agendas are the only things that matters to them.It looks like that their only interest is only about a few apostates while IGNORING the thousands of happy Scientologists, which is a ratio of 1 apostate for every 10,000 still happy with their religion and hundreds more joining in.Ortega is probably one of the most shameful 'journalist" i ever seen. He is the editor of the VV. but it's now clear that he is spending ALL of his time to attack SCN. This strange and ridiculous behavior by an editor is not only being viewed by us, writing on this blog, but also it is viewed by his bosses.Anyway, i'm pretty convinced that the truth will come out at the end. 


SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

The Co$ takes the people that mean the most to you in your life, then ultimately uses your love for them against you.

Shame on anyone, or any organization that preys upon the love that parents have for their children and the love children have for their parents! This is fear programming, disconnection – it is cruel and manipulative.

Once $cientologists wake-up and realize that $cientology lies and that David Miscavige is a false prophet, they can shed the fear with the threats $cientology holds over their heads.

What makes me ill about all of this is, most sci's are probably good hearted people brain-washed to lie and to believe in lies.

At the end of the day, people are individuals and are emotionally driven beings. They have a right to be treated fairly, and to be told the truth.


Glad you pointed out that it would have been nice if the media had the background facts when interviewing cult representatives, to challenge their statements.As it is, their statements go completely unchallenged. Fact checking seems to be a thing of the past for most journalists. 

Larry Brennan
Larry Brennan

LOL at about 3:41 on the third video where the scientology spokesperson talks of people "joining" Anonymous that "cyber terrorist group". Other than the fact that it has no members and is not a group it never ceases to amaze me how scientology talks about their protests calling then terrorists. So here it is folks, behind the scenes video of cyber terrorism according to organized scientology:¤t=misc095.mp4Be very afraid!


These spokespeople disgust me. The thing is, EVEN IF all these ex-members are just making all this stuff up and getting together to concoct elaborate stories to make the cult look bad, you have to ask yourself why are there soooooo many ex-victims that would go to such measures? What has the Co$ done to piss them off so badly?

If you can see all the smoke, maybe the actual source of the fire isn't all that important anyway.


RIP Ida Camburn. No disconnection policy? Pshaw.


 I wonder if Eddie's dad is John Frencher? If so, Eddie's dad would be clear no. 6360 and attended the Freewinds in 2005.

I'm sure Eddie and his family have been vetted to date the young Cruise. The whole family would have to be Scientologists in good standing, with no PTS.

Paul Schofield
Paul Schofield

Yes indeed - Virginia's mum (Erin Stewart) was "beached" along with husband Allen Wright because of it - that was how and why Allen left the Sea Org.


What I like about this letter is that LRH is pretending like the "Board of Directors" is the decider of the disconnection policy. He doesn't even have the guts to own it himself. Just how "at effect" can one be?


Is he saying that the practice WAS acceptable in non-English speaking countries?  lol


Good comment, except when were these references cancelled? I'm reposting the following comment:

Vistaril  1 day ago in reply to JustCallMeMary 

Yep, all true. Disconnection is a fundamental aspect of KSW Standard Scientology Tech, as per:Tape: 6505C18 “Organization and Ethics”Tape: 6506C08 “Handling the PTS”HCO PL 23 Dec. 65RA Rev. 10.9.83 SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTSHCO PL 7 March 1965RB I, SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS HCO PL 5 Apr. 65 - HANDLING THE SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, THE BASIS OF INSANITYHCO PL 7 Aug. 65 - SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS, MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OFTape: 6608C02 “Suppressives and GAEs”Tape: 6608C25 “The Antisocial Personality”HCOB 27 Sept. 66 THE ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY THE ANTI-SCIENTOLOGISTHCOB 24 Apr. 72 I C/S Series 79 PTS INTERVIEWSHCO PL 3 May 72R Exec Series 12 Rev. 18.12.77 ETHICS AND EXECUTIVESHCOB 10 Aug. 73 PTS HANDLINGHCOB 29 Dec. 78 THE SUPPRESSED PERSON RUNDOWNHCOB 31 Dec. 78 II OUTLINE OF PTS HANDLINGHCOB 31 Dec. 78 III EDUCATING THE PTS THE FIRST STEP TOWARD HANDLING: PTS C/S-1HCO PL 20 Oct. 81R PTS TYPE A HANDLING Rev. 10.9.83HCOB 8 Mar. 83 HANDLING PTS SITUATIONS HCOB 10 Sept. 83 - PTSness AND DISCONNECTION. . . inb4 apologists say "but, but but . . . it was cancelled".


Disconnection was *not* discontinued in 1968.   Association with a declared SP was always forbidden in Scientology. 



Your last sentence is absolutely true for most Scientologists.

For the stuff about Hubbard, though -- no, he did not cancel disconnection. He came up with it, and he pretended in one letter to the world outside Scientology that the policy had been discarded. He lied. Just as he lied about everything from his past, his "discovery" of the so-called "science" of Dianetics, and virtually everything else. He was one of those people who would rather lie than tell the truth.

Hubbard wasn't a "genius" in any way. He was a con man, and it doesn't take a ton of smarts to be that. Preying on people's willingness to believe and desire to improve themselves and the world is very, very easy. 


 The answer to lies is to tell the truth; not to wring your hands about whether doing so will possibly embarass the liar into telling yet more lies.


Thanks for addressing this point. This thought control process is exactly why Applied Scholastics, Study Tech, etc., are so scary. Manipulate their little minds while they're young and impressionable and you've got Sciloons for life.

It's too bad American schools have gotten so far from Classical education models. Logic and rhetoric are lost arts these days. What a shame.


 Gee Fred; what's to be surprised at?  They're Scientology Supermen and when they pan-determinately postulate reality for us mere wogs, why, it's only fair that we keel over and accept their lies like Ron promised.


Im convinced the truth will come out, and your so- called church will be exposed for what it truly is.  An Organisation based on lies and deciet. Scientology is not ethical, and DM will never be "Clear" of his Massive Ego


Don't pet the troll.


"This strange and ridiculous behavior by an editor is not only being viewed by us, writing on this blog, but also it is viewed by his bosses."

um, he is the boss you dipshit

anon anon song
anon anon song

"it's very clear to me that those few apostates that are accusing CoS to have enforced them to disconnect from their love ones are looking like the Costa Concordia' s capitan who is building lies over lies in order to cover up his CRIME!"

If that is so true, name ONE crime commited by any of those "few apostates".


Please don't feed the troll.


I agree.  It really bothered me that when Anderson Cooper did his expose', he ONLY addressed physical abuse and made no mention of the mental and emotional abuses.

anon anon song
anon anon song

Agreed. Also, in the last clip, the interviewer and Virginia Stewart make a big to-do about an open invitation for Xenophon to visit a scilon church as if that would solve or be conclusive about anything. On the contrary, it's a troubling thought: the last time a senator attended a cult see-we're-so-happy party, we got Jonestown.

anon anon song
anon anon song

The usual Co$ response is to claim that they didn't leave, they were kicked out and are being Bitter Betty's about it.

Fredric L. Rice
Fredric L. Rice

Ah, Mark, I miss her. Snickerdoodles! Man, what a lady she was.


i'm also thinking it's a distraction because Australia's New Age Magazine has a cover story about Tom & Katie possibly breaking up over the Debbie Cook email and a big article about Shelley Miscavige (!!!)

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

Thanks hgc,

To this day there are those who knew Hubbard and those who did not but still are enamoured of him.... 

Now, however, we know for a certainty how often he dodged, defrauded, mislead, persecuted and disavowed any and all who posed a threat, obstacle or potential witness to the truth of his activities.... and no one was an exception to this.

People forget how much Hitler was loved and adored by his followers even when the world was crashing down around them.... literally.

The whole bit of conferring with the Board of Directors is just another example of his methods used to create a "cover" for his "real" activities.


The whole topic of the supposed cancellation in 11/68 is an interesting one.

Hubbard was getting a lot of PR flack over disconnection, so he wrote a policy which would help PR a lot without changing anything significant.  I'm sure it was meant to be misunderstood by outsiders.  What's goofy is that it's also misunderstood by Marty and some other indies.

The policy did NOT cancel disconnection, rather it said that "disconnection as a condition" was cancelled.  Now, one might well ask, WTF is disconnection "as a condition"?

If you dig up some ancient ethics orders, you will find that they would often explicitly state that the subject of the ethics order was to disconnect from one or more other parties who would be named in the ethics order, and that reinstatement to good standing would not happen until that had been done.  THAT was disconnecion as a condition.

So we stopped naming names of people to be disconnected from in ethics orders.  Instead, Type A PTS would be told that they had to handle or disconnect, and if handling was impossible, well, too bad!  And people still had to disconnect from SPs.  Aside from occasional cases where an ethics order might have needlessly forced someone to disconnect from a person who could have been handled instead, the Nov. '68 policy had no real impact other than PR.


Hawkins' analogy of arguing with a puppet from yesterday is a vivid image.  Every time someone responds to Marcotai or Miglio (who hasn't been here much lately) I see someone sitting in a chair yelling at a puppet like a Scientologist yells at ashtrays.

anon anon song
anon anon song

Maybe not.

But congrats on figuring out the path through the dead marshes of Mordor.


Well, of course you are talking about yourself!


"Yes, that idea is always self-fabricated in the minds of hate-mongers"

you mean yourself, Marcotai?


Yes, that idea is always self-fabricated in the minds of hate-mongers.

Heather Grace
Heather Grace

The New Idea article doesn't suggest that TomKat are breaking up.


Marcotai said: "Anyway, i'm pretty convinced that the truth will come out at the end."

The truth IS out ;)

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