Assemblyman Rory Lancman Announces Anti-Hate Crime Bill

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A recent spate of anti-semitic hate crimes has prompted Queens Assemblyman Rory Lancman to propose a law that would toughen penalties on perps who vandalize houses of worship.

The proposed measure would amend the current penal code, so vandalism and thefts that take place on religious property would generally be considered acts of criminal mischief and grand larceny in the third degree.

What this means? Criminal mischief and grand larceny in the third degree count as class-D felonies. So, they would carry prison sentences of up to 7 years.

Lancman, who's considering a Congressional run and has aggressively been courting Jewish voters , will detail these legislative plans at a 12 p.m. press conference at Rego Park's Ohr Natan (9812 66th Avenue, No. 1).

Eric Walker, Lancman's spokesman, told Runnin' Scared: "Anywhere you have a diverse community there are going to be bigots who don't want to see people who don't look like them or behave like them in their neighborhood. The bill itself would increase penalties: It's basically to make sure that communities are not intimidated by hateful people who want to disrupt the free exercise of their religion."

A senate version of the bill has been sponsored by Jeffrey Klein, of the Bronx.

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This law is sure to be abused by the "church" of Scientology, which has a long history of exploiting the legal system to punish dissidents and protesters. 

One such protester, Keith Henson, went to jail for standing on a public street carrying a picket sign -- because California had a law against "interfering with a religion" - which apparently trumped Henson's Constitutional right to free speech.

It would be a shame if the harmless act of writing the word "cult" on the sidewalk outside a Scientology building during a protest now becomes a "Hate Crime" carrying a long prison sentence -- as there's little doubt that Scientology lawyers will insist it is if this law passes.


But those crimes were false flags as far as I know. So this legislation is not stopping anything.

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