Free Bikes! New York Gets Wheels When Bicycle Sharing Program Debuts Next Summer

David Edgar
Now you finally have a reason to belch one Queen song at the top of your lungs. (And no, it's not "Bohemian Rhapsody.")

New York's plans to let loose 10,000 free (or super-duper-cheap-to-rent) bikes on the streets are slowly taking shape. In November, the Department of Transportation announced a plan to develop a bike-sharing program in Brooklyn and Manhattan, reports Greening the Apple. (All the specs haven't been released).

But now, the City wants your help figuring out where the bikes should go.

At 6 p.m. tonight, Community Board 2 will host a workshop at Our Lady of Pompeii (25 Carmine Street.) The attendee list reads like a who's who of local policymakers: Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, City Council Member Margaret Chin, and State Sen. Tom Duane will be among the pols present this evening. They want you to decide where in the city to place the 600 planned bike sharing stations.

No sweat if you can't make this meeting -- more planning sessions are in the works. The full list is available here.

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Why on earth are there not docking stations further uptown than 79th? Most people who would benefit from this live uptown of 110th. Is it because MTA would lost too much business?


New York City doubled bicycle commuting between2007 and 2011, and aims to triple it by 2017. In New York City, 10% ofauto trips are under one-half mile, 22% are under 1 mile and 56% areunder 3 miles – distances readily served by bicycle. 

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