Chris Geidner of Metro Weekly On What Today's Prop 8 Ruling Really Means

We admit it. We're very interested in the goings on with same-sex marriage across the nation, but we're not attorneys here at The Village Voice. Fortunately for us, our friend Chris Geidner at Metro Weekly is (or used to be, before he gave it all up for the far better paying field of journalism). We chatted with Geidner in the above video to find out just what the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional really means. What will NOM do? When could same-sex lovin' Californians possibly get married? And what's the path ahead?

Click play to find out. The most fascinating gem Geidner taught us was the Ninth Circuit of the federal judiciary covers the state of Washington, where same-sex marriage may soon be legal. Today's ruling is now "the law of the land" in Washington, Geidner pointed out, a significant legal precedent for marriage equality activists.

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David Speakman
David Speakman

This basically says in most cases with voter initiatives the majority cannot take rights away from minorities.

JoAnn Ross
JoAnn Ross

Oh, this is positive news here in WA, where our house and senate just passed the bill legalizing same sex marriage the governor is about to sign. But there are people trying to get a prop 8 type amendment on the ballot this fall. Hopefully this will stall anti-marriage efforts. 


No transcript anywhere?

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