Cops to Crack Down on East Village Drunks

Boozers and bars are just ruining the East Village, neighborhood residents claim.

So the NYPD Ninth Precinct, which patrols the area, will deploy eight to 10 additional cops in the next month to combat "nightlife-related problems," according to DNAinfo.

The team will be sent out during the evening, to fight noise and unruliness (which apparently threaten the very fabric of East Village life.)

At a recent public safety meeting, Capt. John Cappelmann, who runs the Ninth Precinct, promised residents that the additional patrolmen will prevent people from having fun.

Now, keep in mind that some East Village residents have been complaining about these same issues kinda forever (or at least for a very long time).

Meanwhile, crimes that are more serious than rowdiness and vestibule-vomiting appear to be on the rise.

Cops say that burglaries shot up in the East Village -- 19 took place in the last 28 days, compared to 12 during the same period in 2011. Felony assaults are also up, DNAinfo notes: 12 in the past 28 days compared to three during 2011. Ten arrests have been made, and at least five involve domestic violence. Cappelmann didn't appear to attribute these crimes to nightlife, but Runnin' Scared reached out to the NYPD spokesman to see what's up.

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Shawn Chittle
Shawn Chittle

Dear Ms. Bekiempis, Several article corrections are necessary:

1. Capt. Cappelmann said they just busted the burglary ring recently and the suspects were locked up and being indicted by the ADA. Since that bust there have been no burglaries with the same MO. In other words 2+2=4: the burglary ring was busted up.

2. The felony assaults reported are overwhelmingly domestic. As the NYPD reported, you can't prevent those with more cops on the street.

3. As for your snarky reporting and lack of respect, your attitude apparently needs some correction as well.

Bring back Jen Doll!

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