Dead Baby Dolphin Found in Jamaica Bay

A dead baby dolphin washed up on the Queens shoreline, and scientists think the infant might be part of a lager group that had recently been stranded off the Cape Cod coast.

Officials from the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation told the New York Daily News that the 3-foot dolphin was discovered on Sunday -- near Jamaica Bay's Fort Tilden park -- weighing a "scrawny" 40 pounds.

Marine biologists think that the female dolphin might not have been weaned and might be part of a group of 179 "common dolphins" beached since mid-January, since she is the same species.

Of that group, 108 were found dead. The News reports that warmer weather might be contributing to this phenomenon.

Officials don't know what killed the baby dolphin.

News reports indicate that the animal seemed malnourished.

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Queen's Man
Queen's Man

Didn't Alice Cooper sing about this way bavck in the 60 and 70s. 'Dead Babies' I just don't think that he made mention of Jamaica Bay? And thier saying yhat they don't know what killed the baby Dolphin! Very interesting!

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