Debbie Cook: "I Have Seen L Ron Hubbard's Technology Create Many Miracles"

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Debbie Cook, testifying last week
Scientology took on Debbie Cook, Debbie Cook kicked Scientology's ass, and now...Scientology wins?

This afternoon, former Church of Scientology executive Debbie Cook posted a public thank you to her supporters at the blog of Marty Rathbun, who is also a former high-ranking church official.

She describes what we witnessed last week, that the church's attorneys threw in the towel after her day of dramatic testimony about Scientology employees being held in confinement at a California compound, where they were subject to abuse. (The church gave up on its attempt to keep Cook gagged, but the lawsuit continues, and Cook is being sued for a New Year's Eve e-mail she sent out that the church considers disparaging and a violation of a non-disclosure agreement she signed in 2007.)

Cook now says that her testimony Thursday was "a very small sample of the physical abuse committed behind the closed doors of the International Scientology Base."

For those slow on the uptake, that's another way of saying, "you want a trial? I'll give you a trial."

Cook also reasserted her dedication to L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology -- if not the Scientology of the official church, as it's being led by David Miscavige...

I support L Ron Hubbard. I have seen L Ron Hubbard's technology create many miracles. There is no question in my mind that Scientology books and lectures as written by L Ron Hubbard hold tremendous benefit for anyone who just takes the writings as they are and applies them. I have seen the lame walk. I have seen emotionally broken people renewed. I have seen relationships healed. And I have seen these things over and over and over again. Nothing could ever shake my belief in the value of L Ron Hubbard's philosophical writings.

The church, meanwhile, calls Cook an apostate, and wants to portray her as an outsider in league with the likes of other defectors, like Rathbun.

As we've pointed out in the past, however, Rathbun's blog has had a powerful reach, getting through to longtime, disaffected church members who are leaving Miscavige's organization to join a growing "independent" Scientology movement.

Now, with Debbie's letter showing up on Rathbun's blog, there's little question that church members are being asked to choose a side: both claim Hubbard for their own.

We're watching Scientology split in a very public way.

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Debbie Cook... THANK YOU and God bless you for opening the curtains on Scientology that destroyed my daughter and then kicked her out of the Church of Scientology !!!!  The Lord works in mysterious ways and you have unknowingly fullfilled His will and the justice for the those harmed and their families that have suffered at the hands of Scientology. You may even be "the savior" for thousands of lost souls in the future who might have otherwise turned to this evil force on the earth.  THANK YOU AGAIN and May GOD BLESS YOU DEBBIE !!! 


Agreed, she's playing her cards one at a time. Yes she was involved in a lot of questionable activities, but she also tried to fight a lot of the internal garbage attacks and injustice that run rampant in that organization. If you have never done Scientology auditing it's easy to say it's crap, but for many, it works. (I got a lot out of it) Debbie figures her life has been changed drastically for the better so she's not going to turn on Hubbard. He's already been taken down by Miscavige.


I just want to see ONE of those miracles come forward.  Show me one clinically blind, lame, paralyzed, etc come forward as miraculously healed.  I've heard these claims my entire life, and never seen a single one on a real person.  I've seen plenty of wheelchair bound persons at Flag, but they never walk again, not even after many years and OT levels.  Just show us ONE.


Scientology's process of Auditing is nothing more than hypnotic regression therapy.  So it does not surprise me if people benefit from it.  I suspect that even the OT levels are really nothing more than a disguised form of biofeedback.  Even if Scientology sometimes "works", Scientologists have to realize 3 things:  1. Whatever benefits or even miracles occur, this does not justify fair game, vulture regging, or any of the evil the cult does.  2. No process or therapy works for everybody.  Some benefit, others don't, and they try something else.3. Hubbard did not invent any of this. He borrowed and stole the ideas of others. 


If I understand correctly, there are several RPF bases in the US: Int Base, Big Blue, and Flag. 

Besides David Miscavaige, WHO has the authority to assign people to the RPF?  Did Debbie Cook have the authority to assign SO members to the Flag Base RPF, or not?  

Regardless, as Captain of Flag, she had to have known about the RPF- and who was in it, how long and why.

Scientologists are remarkably blind to the sufferings of others, could it be until her own stint in the RPF, did Debbie Cook not understand what was happening to these people?  Did she believe the RPF hype and think she was helping someone?

Grateful as I am for her courage to speak out, I truly don't understand her mindset.


Debbie Cook wants to reform Scientology. This is reminiscent of the mobsters who yearn for the days when the Mafia were all honorable men.


Breaking News: "Full lock down" at the Int Base (also known as Golden Era Productions) in Hemet, CA (allegedly infected by ants, but only in a double-wide trailers) is really a happy resort for respected elderly Scientology executives. They love it there!  

Also, picture this: DM facing "key" Scientologists at the next televised International event (March 13) and they all, DM included are trying not to think about DEBBIE COOK.



How many bathroom floor licks does it take to get through to the cultie core center of Debbie's Cult Pop?  ONE.....TWO......nope.  

There obviously weren't enough licks of the bathroom floor for Debbie to see that she is still being conned by a mad man's drivel.

Unex Skcus
Unex Skcus

"I have seen L Ron Hubbard's technology create many miracles." 

"I have seen the lame walk. I have seen emotionally broken people renewed. I have seen relationships healed."

Sorry Debbie, while I do feel for your own abuse at Co$, those statements *are* "lame".

I know she is trying to protect herself with regard to the lawsuit, but it's totally rubbish - as any Co$ watcher knows full well.

So whilst Debbie has to try to protect herself (and I can understand that), the best thing Debbie could do would be to

1. drag the dwarf into a court case 2. blow everything she knows about the MONEY.

Other mongrels have been brought down by following the cash flow, so could all of Co$. Remember, the UK and heaps of Euro orgs have their registered address in South Australia - and that address is fictitious !!!



Grey? Yes, Scientology sure is grey. A little bad mixed with a little good, right? 

If you take that idea far enough, you can rationalize that ruined lives (of other people, of course) due to Scientology are worth it if in exchange you personally get to leave a good auditing session feeling peppy. It's always annoying when people remind you of child slavery, forced abortions and perpetual prison in the RPF when you're trying to focus on the good parts of Scientology, isn't it? 


Anyone still think it's possible that Tom Cruise and John Travolta don't know about this schism happening within the church or why? Anyone still want to claim that they're insulated as celebrities and can't possibly know what is really happening to Sea Org members in the RPF, respected members like Debbie? 

No fucking way. At this point, they have to decide where they stand and publicly declare either support of Miscavige or renunciation of him. You can't donate millions to a criminal who imprisons people and claim innocence anymore. 

helicoptere RC
helicoptere RC

Such a nice informative source. I am glad to visit the place.


Debbie is perfect just the way she is, and is doing exactly as she should.  There's no reason for her to publicly answer for anything she's done.  And we sure don't need her to see the light about Hubbard.  She is a beautiful, screaming ball of chaos, completely out of control, trapped in the gravity of this thing that never let her go, gaining speed and moving closer and closer to its center.  Let's all hope for an extinction level event.


Scientology:  We have met the enemy and he is us


Poor Debbie! If only what she believes transcended into the real world. If what she claimed about "miracles" were true, well, there'd be no such thing as illness, crime, war, hunger etc etc etc ad infinitum.See, this is why scienology and dianetics canNOT stand up to real scientific evaluation. Scientology "success" relies solely on "testimonials". AFAIK, the *only* time hubbard allowed scientific inquiry was  "A Clinical Trial of Dianetic Theory". The aforementioned showed back in 1959 that hubbard's 'engram theory" was rubbish.

It is actually dangerous for Cook to espouse "miracles" just leik hubbard did. (not smoking enough causes cancer!) People can be harmed by such statements. Quacks do it all the time.

Cook can "believe" what she leiks, but telling people something that science disproves ( "seen the lame walk") can actually make illness worse.

What would a homo-sap leik myself know, when scientology can perform such miracles as "the bring back to life assist". Hubbard claimed to be able to get severed limbs to grow back FFS!



Debbie may have seen many miracles in her eyes, but that does not excuse the cruelty and abuse that has been going on for years within the organisation. These things have not been addressed due to the culture and policy of the group and its leadership, past and present.However I am glad that she had the guts to speak out about it, and make it known publicly and under oath.


Just watched the CoS vid of Debbie signing the NDA. It is undoubtedly one of the creepiest, most uncomfortable things I have ever sat through. Whatever people may think of this woman, or Scientology for that matter, I for one am glad she is here, free and speaking out, and I wish her all the very best for the future.


Please do explain your gradient scale,

Are you a scientologist?

If so, great, you have show ingenuity and intellect by posting here,


SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Oh, okay...umm...where is the public thank you to Tony Ortega -Village Voice, Joe Childs and Tom Tobin - Tampa Bay Times? If it wasn't for them covering this case live, which pressured DM to concede, you may have been gagged right now. Thank goodness, for your wog lawyer, the wog Judge, the wog journalists and the wog people in the world, all the sci-watchers commenting on boards all over the internet who are rooting for you.

So, it's not only the Freezone you should be thanking, think about it?

Don't forget to remember LRH’s caution about the road to truth? It’s the only road you can’t walk down halfway.

David Miscavige may have violated you, but you are violating your own integrity if you withhold information about this: "But I am still an important part of the biggest cover up in scientology history."

You see, Debbie, one of these days there will be a Hollywood/Independent movie about scientology, there will be an actress that will portray you as the biggest "whistle blower" that ever hit scientology so, how would you want to be portrayed in that movie and in the annals of history, like a evil tyrannical David Miscavige or a woman with integrity?

Damn, I'm torn because, I want to believe Debbie can make things right for the people she's hurt and for the people in the RPF, she left behind.

InTheNameOfXenu's an except from Debbie's letter to Rathbone-uh I mean Rathbun.....hicup....

"I have since done some press interviews, only with the intention of making it clear that these issues of duress and confinement are not based on the scriptures of the Scientology religion or the works of L. Ron Hubbard. They are the doings of an individual or a few individuals. And that Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard are kind and caring and good."

Now wait just one cotton-pickin' minute! Didn't Hubbard have children locked into chain lockers in the bowls of his ship, The Apollo? Didn't he overboard people who couldn't swim and in some cases had them tied and blind-folded? Also, didn't he  have his sea org members muster and make an elderly man crawl on his knees pushing a peanut with his nose? His family cried as his nose got bloody raw scrapping against the hard deck would and bled profusely! Kind and caring?!

I need another drink....


For those old enough to remember there was once a comic strip called "Pogo". One of the most famous things to come out of that strip was when one of the characters says:" We have met the enemy and he is us." When Scientologists like Cook get honest enough to say the same without projecting onto body thetans, SPs and the ever convenient Evil Dave there may be hope for them.

V for Vacation
V for Vacation

I finally saw the glossy vague Scientology commercial on NBC primetime last night during Parks and Recreation.  So crazy.


Debbie has seen the lame walk but it made her blind to the abuses and the abused until she herself was abused. That seems to be the essence of people's experience with Hubbard's scam, whether Miscavige is the leader or Hubbard himself.

Jesus, the story goes, healed people when they came to him, not when they gave their silver and gold to him, buying into a "bridge" to learn about Xenu, BTs, or how to lie without blinking. Scientology is not a religion. The concepts are too pseudo-scientific, convoluted and oriented toward extracting money.

Debbie has done something pretty great, in the manner of getting out, but for herself, she should try to learn from Tory (or many people on ESMB), even if Tory doesn't have the money-people behind her that Marty does. I suspect Debbie is still stuck for a while, with this trial business.

In order for her to fully understand the cult she was in for so many years, she should read Miller's Barefaced Messiah, and Reitman's INSIDE SCIENTOLOGY, because both these authors provide an objective point of view and both books are well-written and full of important accounts and facts. After that, read books by other exes and pay special attention to the experiences of children like Astra Woodcraft, on YouTube.

No matter what Debbie did in the past, her act of courage and daring may inspire others to follow. She did it her way, and it turned out to be something good. Time will tell, but so far, so good.


Regression therapy seems to have effect (considered to be fabricated) mostly on people who are highly "hypnotizable."  I wonder if there has ever been a study on scientologists, to see how easily they are hypnotized compared to mainstream religions.

Also, on the different topic of biofeedback, scientology is stuck in the 1950's.  Biofeedback available today is incredibly sophisticated  and amazingly affordable.  It measures heart rate variability, respiration patterns, etc.  So if you want the good stuff, run away from scientology screaming. 


I'd like to know the same thing, more about this process of being assigned to the RPF or the Hole, and how many, if any, did Debbie assign to the RPF, write KRs on etc.

I'm guessing that DM was the main person involved in sending Debbie away, and that he also constructs layers of protection, including reports from her staff or other executives (maybe even a committee) about her infractions, so it makes it look like he has little to do with it.

He's good at controlling everything but constructing it so he doesn't take the blame for anything, just like Hubbard. He could hit people, slap them around and it wasn't even him doing it. Part of the magic, for the greater good.

Debbie had more autonomy than M&M. How else could she have avoided clashing with DM until her last 7 months? There might be some ex-members with Debbie stories but understandably, they don't want to write about it now, because it would just hurt her fight against DM.


 By mindset, I mean her public comments about participating in the biggest cover-up in history.  She doesn't specify causing people to suggest possibilities, names in apparent need of a cover-up, and each story associated with these names reads worse than the one before.  This attitude is extremely troubling to me.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Imagine, instead of a "Grand Opening" of another morg, there was a "Grand Opening" of the RPF doors.


It's hard to gauge the internal rumble that Debbie has caused. Externally, because of the Tony and the other press, it's building the public image, putting it before the public in court documentation that they run prison camps.

Before the Sea Org executive can even leave, they have a lawyer make them sign things, where they have to lie, and agree that they won't talk about their experience, what they did, or what anyone else did, including things that were illegal.

Why don't they show a lawyer urging an 8 year old to work for the Sea Org for their next billion years? They don't want to video that event, or have a lawyer present, when kids and their parents are making that dreadful decision.

Here are the possibilities, starting with what I would most like to happen:

1. Debbie continues to attract attention in a way that shakes the cult to the ground, by causing others to follow her example. That is, Heber, and the rest of these Hole dwellers rise up and tell what happened to themselves (go to the press, start lawsuits), followed by other executives and some high roller donors who have been squeezed too hard.

2. Debbie accelerates the steady deterioration of the whole scam, or she causes at least one other major person (Tommy Davis or a celebrity) to take her side publicly.

3. Debbie joins up with the Indies, and enhances the effectiveness of that movement. Some people liked Debbie, maybe even some important (rich) people. No one really liked Rathbun or Rinder when they were in the cult. Marty slapped, bullied and captured people himself and was Miscavige's main thug. Debbie had people who liked her, including people in the public who came for brainwashing at Flag. She was part of their image of "perfection" and "devotion."   

4. Debbie has caused an important ripple, and the suppression of it is going to have continued backlash, but in the end, the mind control inside the cult is effective at making people ignore it, fear it, or actually take Miscavige's side believing that even if she were sent to the prison detention trailer, she deserved it. They will disconnect their minds from Debbie as an SP, more easily than they would a family member. Can't forget that. People disconnect from their children and parents so how hard can it be to disconnect from Debbie. Most people in CoS are so self-absorbed, or centered on the greater good, a few days after Debbie left Flag, they forgot about her.

5. This scam survives on a propaganda machine that is enticing to a fraction of one percent of the population and it can't be stopped. One person expressed it well: Even though he'd read Clambake, learned about Xenu and the high prices, he still got involved a few years later when he hit a vulnerable point in his life. Scientology spoke to him as being EVERYTHING he was looking for. And he was stuck for 5 years. Still, 5 years is not 30 years, AND he spoke out.

Scientology is building a collective rage, particularly among children who were trapped in it by their parents. When these kids get out, see that the outside world is not as Hubbard claimed, and they communicate with each other as adults, they are going to be a growing force. These kids can't heal by blaming their parents. Instead, they have to understand and go after the system which convinced their parents to do things like abandon them to the Sea Org slavery the way they did.


The allegations of the abuse are gravely serious.The abusers names are revealed under the oath.One step at a time.


Oh they know, Sketto!

This is going to be so good, even Weinstein brothers might get involved.

This thing has no precedent. 


Thank you, Ximhb!

It should be the comment of the year. Whether it is he or she is irrelevant. It's kind of both, really.

Who knew that COB RTC and a veteran CO Flag will be instrumental (in their own ways) in this major meltdown?! It's history in the making, indeed.


Same here, Scientia. That vid has so many red flags in it - I didn't know if I want to cry or laugh while watching it. One thing I know, it made me feel disgusted and angry. Co$ comes across worse then mafia, considering the physical abuse combined with spiritual treachery and their slimy lawyer/s.  

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

I am not giving up on Debbie yet. I still think she's worth supporting, she surprised us with her New Years e-mail and again surprised us with her shocking testimony.

There is a long way to go in the next round, I have a feeling that's when we're going to hear her next surprise beyond the tip of the iceberg, as long as she doesn't settle out of court, If she settles out of court then DM wins because she'll be gagged again. If I were her I'd start that tell all book right now, get it published, then comes screenplay-movie. she'll make millions on it, people want to hear her story.

Dean Fox
Dean Fox

" And not just Scientologists, but people from all faiths and all walks of life who saw that a great injustice was afoot and stepped forward to help prevent it."

It's there just hard to spot.


I'm not in this for the thanks, but I hear ya.

billy bob
billy bob

Awh H"LL No!  Thank the Merchants of Chaos?  She still believes in SPs!

billy bob
billy bob

At this point, I'm just happy she didn't gush about the Volunteer Ministers, CCHR, et al ad nauseum.  But I won't be surprised if in a year or so when she becomes the new spokesperson for the Reformed COS we hear her spouting all that dribble.

This has been a sideshow.  The target is Scientology.Enough cheering on the abusers.


They could be at the top of scientology, if they can get rid of Miscavige. 

billy bob
billy bob

Really?  On NBC's "Parks and Rec", hmmm..

I wonder if that was because that show had an episode recently which subtly lampooned Scientology?

It was about a doomsday cult that believed in reincarnation and multiple universes, waiting for the return of their god called Zorp the Surveyor, who has a "Volcano Mouth." They called themselves the "Reasonabilists," because if people tried to criticize them it would seem like they were attacking something very reasonable.


I saw it a couple of nights ago for the first time too. Can they make those fonts any larger? WAY too in your face even if it wasn't a message from a disgusting c**t.

If in doubt, use REALLY big fonts and decimal points cos then it must be true.


She might also read Madman or Messiah by Ron (Hubbard) de Wolfe and Bent Corydon. "Kind, good " Hubbard created three families and decimated them all.


I think that Scientology even has processes that provide people with real spiritual experiences.  Such as what Jason Beghe described.  These experiences are the bait in the trap.  And the trap is Scientology.I think Hubbard learned a lot from Jack Parsons.  L. Ron Jr., Hubbard's son, said that Scientolgy was a form of Satanism.Interestingly, L. Ron Jr. also said that in the beginning, Clears had real "powerz", such as remote viewing abilities.  But Ron Jr. said that once people had these advanced abilites, they immediately saw who Hubbard Sr. was and where he was coming from.  Then they either left or were expelled by Hubbard Sr.Hubbard's "tech" may sometimes produce miracles for some people. But a person or a group can have advanced abilites without being spiritually advanced.  A person or a group may produce spiritual experiences or miracles and still be very evil.  Too bad they don't teach this in school.


 I agree this isn't the time for new Debbie stories.  It's just people know how to google and the old Debbie stories don't read well.

My initial acute sympathy for what she's endured has subsided into more of a sit back and watch the mud-slinging show.  I'm rooting for her, but I sure hope she snaps out of it.


 Exactly like that. And it will serve some big real justice.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Ha! I found it after I clicked the link. I thought what Tony posted was all she wrote. Thanks for pointing that out to me.


Don't think they don't know that. 

As I've always said, just watch any video of Rathbun since he "left" Scientology. He still has way to much zest for fucking with people. He just happens to be on a different side now. But who really thinks he'd be any different if he had the power that Miscavige does? 

V for Vacation
V for Vacation

Here in LA, the "Scientology" sign on top of the big blue building is so ridiculously large, it just smacks of immature desperation.  It's like a 14 year-old going "look at me, look at me, my sign is the biggest sign, which means i'm the best".  It's a Vegas-sized sign in a somewhat residential neighborhood.  So dumb.  But I guess I should be assuming it's that large so LRH (and Xenu or the Marcabs?) can see it from outer space.  /eye roll


What you call "remote veiwing" we call common sensethe only miracles the "Tech" produced is after reading it MOST people left


There are groups that offer spiritual practices on a free-will donation basis.  These groups are not very well known because they don't have celebrity members or shitloads of money.  The also do not attract media attention by exploiting people.Yes I agree that the search for strong mystical experiences can be dangerous.  There are too many energy vampires out there.  I strongy suspect that Amma, the "hugging saint" is one of these.  Well, I digress from the subject of Scientology.I hate it when people disparage cult members as "weak" or "stupid". It is easier than these people think to fall prey to cult-like thinking.  Even highly intelligent people.  Anytime you look away from your own congnitive dissonance in the name of a "greater good".  Supporters of politicians on both sides do this all the time on behalf of their "idols".  Just more cult-like thinking. 


Exactly.  People seeking strong mystical experiences seldom realize how dangerous it is, especially when you are with bad people trying to manipulate you.  It has been speculated that a significant proportion of insane asylum residents are the product of mystical experiences gone bad. 

This is why reputable spiritual teachers emphasize the supreme importance of cultivating humility, compassion, unconditional love etc., and mastering this BEFORE progressing to powerful mystical experience.  

Scientology is just about the worst atmosphere one could imagine to be fooling around with this.  The anti-materialism of most monasteries is an ideal setting, as opposed to getting regged to take out a second mortgage, threatening disconnection, etc.  What a nightmare of a church. 

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