EPA Releases Report on Dangerous Dioxins After 27-Year Delay

The Environmental Protection Agency has finally released its report on the non-cancer dangers of dioxins -- toxic chemicals that abound in most consumer products.

Though health advocates have been wary of dioxins for years, the FDA has said after a nearly 3 decades-long delay that the nasty carcinogenic chems -- in everything from office paper to computers to building materials -- can cause "chloracne, developmental and reproductive effects, damage to the immune system, interference with hormones, skin rashes, skin discoloration, excessive body hair, and possibly mild liver damage."

The reason the report is so necessary? With the FDA's official assessment, regulators can ramp up limits on the amount of dioxins present in food, water, and the environment.

Though dioxins can be found in nature, their high concentration in industrially produced materials poses a greater risk to human health.

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association recently demanded cancer stats for 9-11 first responders after analyses showed that they had been exposed to high dioxin levels. (A ProPublica report discovered that the federal government tried to remain hush-hush about dioxin-related risks at Ground Zero, downplaying the dangers of those and other chemicals such as asbestos.)

And in January, a coalition of environmental groups pressured Mayor Bloomberg's administration to take a tougher stance on curbing the city's use of dioxins and follow reduction guidelines.

The Mayor's office told Runnin' Scared that the administration is actively working with its primary vendor, Staples, to buy low-dioxin products.

"We've been working very hard and very diligently to meet these standards."

Daniel Gradess, of the Center for Health, Environment, & Justice (CHEJ), told Runnin' Scared that he and fellow advocates are pleasantly surprised by the EPA's move.

"We weren't really sure this report would ever see the light of day," he said. "But today we have a full accounting of the effect of health impacts. Unfortunately, they include learning disabilities, birth defects, and diabetes."

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Moving at the speed of government. Thanks, EPA. 

Isaac Rah
Isaac Rah

My post made previously was sort and made in a moment of mental hurt, pain, and distress. I am in much physical pain. Due to my life as a hard working person. First as a child on the farm. Then in my lateteens in the coal mining industry. Then in my early 20s in the roofing business. Then I moved into the painting business. Unknowingly subjecting myself to the effects of high levels of leads and othere highly toxic chemicals and there toxic vapors. It took it's toll, and years of going from doctor to doctor. Which many had no idea of what the underlying cause was. Until I meet some wonderful people at the Atlanta Disease Control Center lovingly helped me understande what was wrong. It seems to my that the harder that aperson works, the more dirty the job, and the more dangerous the job the less a person make in wages. And then years later your sick, tyried, and physicaly ill. And no one cares! Asbestos, and Agent Orange has killed more of my friends, and family, my loved ones. And I was told that cigarettes will kill more than a 'BILLION' people in the next one hundred years. They killed my dear father, 3 packs a day. He died in 1983 at the age of 50. That was his only bad habit. And it did it's toll. Please stand up for youself and your loved ones. Wake up AMERICA! We need the EPA, and the FDA. they need to protect us not the corparations. WE ARE THE CHILDERN OF GOD, AND HE WILL IN DUE TIME TAKE VENGENCANCE ON THOSE WHO KNOWINGLY HARM US AND UR LOVED ONES! Please stand up for our FIRST RESPONDERS AT GROUND ZERO. They were brave  and courageous! MAY GOD BLESS THEM AND THIER FAMIES! I LOST 11 DEAR FRIENDS ON 911. And there is not one day that do not think of them and miss them.

Isaac Rah
Isaac Rah

These are not the true and full accountings of the bad effects of the health impacts on our lives! There is more to the impacts of dioxins in combination with other dangerous chemical substances. They are leting big money companies kill us slowly. And profit from the treatmemt of the side effects of these effects on our health! It's sad and inhumane for our country to allow this to keep going on.

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