Gay Marriage Just Got Crabs! Maryland Senate Passes Marriage Equality

The Maryland Senate just passed a marriage equality bill, 25-22, putting the Chesapeake Bay State en route to becoming the seventh in the nation (plus the District of Columbia) to allow same-sex couples the right to marry.

Maryland is the third state in as many weeks where both houses of its legislature have approved marriage equality bills. However, unlike in New Jersey (where Governor Chris Christie vetoed the bill), Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley has vowed to sign the bill into law.

O'Malley and equality activists will now be in a similar position to Washington State, whose Governor Chris Gregoire signed gay marriage legislation into law two weeks ago. Opponents there have vowed to take the issue straight to the voters and will keep any weddings from happening before November election.

Similarly, according to Chris Geidner at MetroWeekly, in Maryland, "Opponents have vowed to collect the more than 55,000 signatures needed for a referendum seeking to overturn the law, which would be placed on the 2012 ballot."

It's still unclear whether Washington State, Maryland, or some other state might become lucky number seven to give gay couples a shot at the seven year itch as early as 2019.

Still, that three state legislatures from coast-to-coast approved a same-sex marriage bill in a presidential election year shows a major shift from 2008.

New York State also approved same-sex marriage via the legislature, but our constitution does not allow for direct referendums by voters that can bypass it. (Not that anything like that would pass here; by the time Governor Cuomo signed the bill, marriage equality enjoyed a comfortable margin of support by residents of the Empire State.)

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It's amazing, but I had to find out here: This really isn't getting as much attention as New York's was. Shame, but good for marriage equality.

johnny winter
johnny winter

The last time I lived in NYC the rent was astronomical, the apartment was over run with roaches, and heat and hot water were at the discretion of the land lord.  But oh, the Halloween parades were terrific.  Every drag queen, transvestite, and cross dresser in the city was out in force in the Village.

Thank the gods, that the only thing that has changed now is that same sex couples can be married.  That will certainly make life better for everyone, and will certainly make the exorbinant city rents more worthwhile.

Party on, New York!


Oh for Hebrews and Heaven's sacred cows! The Maryland Senate gave us Gay Marriage Equality, and crabs to boot?  What an upgrade! The last time that I was in Maryland, all I got was a bad dose of gonorrhea from a sailor named Ty! He did buy me dinner and drinks. Bless his soul! And he did have big feet, and you know what they say about big feet , big meat! What can I say it was wonderful!


Oh for Heaven's sacred cows. The Maryland Senate gave us Gay Marriage Equality! The last time that I was in Maryland, well all I got was a bad dose of gonorrhea from a sailor named Ty. The dear boy did buy me dinner and drinks. You know what they say about guys with bigfeet! I still have fond memories of that big boy!

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