Mitt Romney Admits He Doesn't Care About "Very Poor People"

Despite a rousing victory in Florida yesterday, Mitt Romney continues to mess things up for himself without any help from his rivals. In an interview earlier this morning on CNN, Romney practically handed the GOP ammunition to take him down.

"I'm in this race because I care about Americans," Romney told CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien. Yet, puzzlingly, he followed this statement with, "I'm not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there."

To be fair, what he was really trying to say was that he was "concerned for the 90, 95 percent of Americans who are really struggling." But in this day, when entire attack campaigns can be created from a single ten-second sound bite, it probably wasn't wise to say flat-out that you do not care about very poor people.

This is not to say that the other Republican candidates necessarily care about poor people either. But they also don't say that out loud, and certainly aren't above using Romney's words against him.

This is only the latest in a long string of Romney missteps -- he previously came under fire for only paying a tax rate of 13 percent. However, he continues to do well with voters.

Then again, we suppose that no politician is without his gaffes. Just ask Connecticut mayor Joseph Maturo, who is in trouble after saying publicly that he would support the Latino community by buying tacos.


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No ! He meant exactly what he said because if he didn't he would have said it differently . This ass whole is arrogant and he needs a reality check .  


I hate it when the meaning of a candidates words are twisted to destroy the character of the individual running.  I knew exactly what Romney meant and he came back and for those with little intelligence explained to them:  Not that HE didn't care about the poor but the fact the poor is better off than the below avg and avg income people.  The poor receive food stamps, the poor receives free healthcare, the poor also receive government housing and discounted rent.  The poor may not be wearing designer clothing and taking fancy vacations but the average American isn't either.  The average American living pay check to pay check does not qualify for food stamps, free healthcare, housing discounts, ect.  The average American does not take expensive vacations and wearing designer clothes either.  Romney knows the poor and the rich are provided for but the middle class needs his attention for job growth, foreclosures, and more!!

Diddy 1 Like

Are you out your fucking mind. Im one of those very poor people who can not get any pof those benefit you just name. when you say gov't housing or you talking about the projects. who would want to live there? 


Exactly Diddy ! I know what you are talking about I know what it is like my mom has been there and done that and I have watched . People don't know what they are talking about but think they do . Just because you are poor doesn't mean you qualify to get food stamps or healthcare . If you make too much money you don't get either .


This just shows you how much Christian principals this ass-wipe who likes firing people has in him and the Mormons! The Mormons are about as cruel as it gets. Just ask the Native Americans that were indigenous to Utah what kind of cruel and crude animal nature so common in humans these Mormons have in them. They still would prefermore than one wife! But yet deny gays of thier civil rights to marry who they choose to love and marry. This pig-shit  doesn't have a clue to what it's like to be an average Joe on the streets of America. AND REMEMBER , HE LIKES FIRING PEOPLE, AND SENDING THIER JOBS TO COUNTRIES THAT HAVE COMMUNIST SLAVE LABOR! FOR HIS PROFIT That's just what we need more of WE THE PEOPLE. Another communist associate, in the White House sending our jobs over seas, for more corporate profits. While WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STRUGGLE HERE AT HOME! CAN YOU SAY MY CHILDREN ARE HUNGRY?


you don't have to worry about ANY of us Mitt, we don't give a crap about you either!

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