Mohammed Wali Zazi, Dad of Subway Bomb Plotter Najibullah Zazi, Gets Prison

Mohammed Wali Zazi, whose son Najibullah plotted to bomb the subway, could get up to 40 years in prison for destroying evidence and lying to cops, according to the Associated Press (via Wall Street Journal.)

Najibullah earlier admitted that he started making bombs in his Denver house and plotting attacks several years ago, after coming back from a trip to Pakistan.

In September 2009, he drove to New York and planned on attacking the subway in an Al Queda-sanctioned "martyrdom operation," but ran back to Colorado when he released he was being tailed by the FBI.

When the FBI put pressure on the Zazi family, Mohammed Wali tried to cover his son's tracks. According to a cousin who testified at the trial, "'Uncle Wali' recruited him to get rid of plastic containers of peroxide and other evidence. The family agreed to code name the chemicals 'medicine' in case the FBI was eavesdropping," the AP notes.

The cousin also says that his uncle told him not to talk to authorities.

Mohammed Zazi still claims that he's innocent.

"There are so many things that didn't come out in court," the one-time cabbie from Aurora, Colo., told reporters post-conviction.

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