Mustapha Ouanes Found Guilty in Plaza Hotel Rape Trial

A jury just found Mustapha Ouanes guilty of raping a woman and trying to assault another in his suite at the Plaza Hotel on Jan. 26, 2010, according to the Manhattan District Attorney.

D.A. Cyrus Vance announced the conviction of Oanes this afternoon, saying that the rape was a "crime of opportunity...the defendant had a vulnerable, intoxicated woman in his hotel room and sexually assaulted her."

At the time of the incident, Ouanes was a member of a Saudi Prince's traveling entourage.

During his trial, the New York Times reports, the victims said that they met Ouanes at a bar and eventually returned to his hotel room for breakfast.

The victims "incapacitated from hasish and alcohol," passed out on his bed. One of them woke up, according to the Times, and found Oanes engaging in sex with her.

According to the Times, "She fought to free herself, eventually breaking a glass that she had intended to use as a possible weapon to slice Mr. Ouanes's throat. Her friend, who Mr. David said awoke to find her leggings had been pulled down, called hotel security."

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There's only one earthly reason why a 26-year old woman goes to a 60 year old man's hotel room -- money.

Prosecutor Cyrus Vance is more interested in winning cases than the truth. The actions of these women show us exactly what they were up to but he ignores this and tells us their testimony is unimpeachable. Then he seals their identities so we have no way of knowing their histories. 

And he calls this justice.

Maybe in Moscow. 

This was bound to happen once Vance wasn't removed from his position after the DSK fiasco. He caused an international incident that affects hundreds of Americans wrongly incarcerated overseas.

The man is a menace.

But, life has a way of correcting things. These two woman are pros nothing else explains their actions and when the media splashes this news across the frontpage that should be the death knell for Mr. Grand Inquisitor. 

Emilio Lizardo
Emilio Lizardo

Feel bad about sex in the morning? Claim Rape!

A grave miscarriage of justice.

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