Planned Parenthood NYC: Breast-Cancer Screenings Will Continue in the City

The battle has finally been won against...breast-cancer screenings?

Yes, you read that right, and yes, it's OK to get really pissed off, ladies.

Amid sustained pressure from right-to-life groups (and the congressmen they support), Susan G. Komen for the Cure -- the nation's main breast-cancer nonprofit -- has pulled all of its breast-cancer-screening grants,$680,000, from 19 Planned Parenthood Federation of America offices nationwide. This means that thousands of American women might no longer have access to basic, life-saving diagnostics.

(But hey, if you're the kind of sicko who would consider this a political victory, you probably wouldn't think that far in advance about women's health.)

Komen says that it will discontinue funding because of a new rule that bars the organization from giving money to groups that are under investigation. Since September 2011, Time reports, Congress has put Planned Parenthood under intense scrutiny and is analyzing whether the group uses federal funds for abortions (which it's not supposed to do).

(Full disclosure: A Planned Parenthood affiliate in my hometown was my women's health provider for several years, and to say that I'm pro-choice probably is the understatement of forever...)

That said, you might wonder whether this affects Planned Parenthood offices in New York, which served 50,000 patients in 2011 -- 17,000 of which got breast exams.

Geoffrey Cowley, a Planned Parenthood spokesman, assured Runnin' Scared that NYC patients will not be impacted.

"New York City has never been a grantee of the foundation," he said. "Our work here will continue unaffected."

In the U.S., the group provides about 750,000 breast exams annually. Cowley said Planned Parenthood has started a national emergency fund so that centers can keep providing screenings.

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They are doing a good thing. Screening for health issues is tremendous but also keep in mind prevention is the worth a pound of cure. Staying fit is key!


This is ridiculous...Komen's contributions to PP (according to 2010 tax forms) totaled a whopping .05% of PP's total income.  PP will be fine.  Stop crying people, there are a TON of places to get screenings, heck they do them randomly at community events all the time.  Besides, if you need a mammogram PP doesn't do that, and the patient has to pay for it anyway.  I don't really understand why people are having meltdowns over this.  If Komen was a family planning organization, then I would be upset. But SGK is merely cutting out the middle man.  Stop hating on an organization that does so much good for women!  If you really want to end breast cancer, support Komen and stop bringing your politics into it!


Good...they SHOULD continue to do the breast cancer screenings at ALL Planned Parenthoods - why shouldn' they - they are getting millions of dollars of our tax money (last reporting period it was about $480 million) and they are MAKING A PROFIT!!  Don't blame the Susan Komen foundation for  them not being able to do cancer screenings. If you REALLY do care about women then continue to help them!!  this is a ridiculous myth that they will no longer be ABLE to do these screenings (which incidentally do NOT include mammograms -- they just do a manual and visual exam and then refer them on to someone else, that the patient then has to pay for), and in addition -- MOST women already pay at the local PP for the services they are receiving, in ADDITION to almost half a billion dollars in our tax money and upwards of $600,000 from Susan Komen funding that PP is receiving.  What a shameless scam.

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