'Rat Czar' Joseph Lhota Wants You To Keep Eating in Rodent-Infested Subways

Here's some bad news for 'Rat Czar' Joseph Lhota -- besides being known as the 'Rat Czar,' that is.

Lhota, the newish MTA chairman -- has a BIG rat problem.

Straphanger advocates and the MTA workers union have recently come down hard on Lhota for not doing more to eradicate rodents from subway platforms, 20 percent of which are said to be infested by man's worst enemy. Gross.

However, Lhota -- who got his nauseating nickname from his rodent-eradication efforts under Rudy Giuliani -- does not want to ban eating on subways.

As detailed by the New York Times, Lhota worries that such a measure would "severely" hurt and impact minority communities, since he always sees children eating on trains en route to school.

"I don't want to deny the kid the only time that day he's going to get food," he told reporters.

State Sen. Bill Perkins, of Harlem, introduced a food-ban bill in January, which would fine subway-diners up to $250.

Of course, there's one compromise that would satisfy straphangers' hunger and cull the rodent population.

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Keeping the area clean is the best way to prevent rodents from infesting an area. The only way to keep them from coming back would to not allow people to eat.


Why is the issue always the minority community? Their not he only people only kids eating on the subway. Sadly enough minorities have to travel out of their communities to go to somewhat better schools if their to get a decent education and so must get up before the crack of dawn to ride buses and trains to get to school leaving them no option but to eat breakfast on the buses and trains. 

However, I don't see them dumping garbage in the subways.  Get off the so-called "minority train" and deal with the real issue rodent infestation in run down dilapidated subways, especially in the poorer neighbor-hoods.  And its time to stop "minority bashing".

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