Rick Santorum Opposes Prenatal Testing, Women

Rick Santorum doesn't think that insurance companies should have to pay for a simple diagnostic test that determines whether a baby will be born sick or severely disabled.

Santorum, who is so anti-abortion that he would make his own daughter carry a rape-baby to term, thinks that amniocentesis is meant to increase abortions, CNN reports.

Amniocentesis, in case you are wondering, is a procedure that draws a small sample of fluid from the womb so that the fetus's cells can be examined for chromosomal abnormalities (such as Down Syndrome.)

The test, however, also detects a wide variety of other potential problems for the fetus, such as too many or too few copies of other chromosomes -- disorders which can cause not only physical and mental problems for a fetus, but also immense suffering and even death if the child were to be carried to term.

For Santorum, though, prenatal care is just an avenue for abortion providers to convince women to terminate their pregnancies in an evil, cost-cutting scheme.

Santorum, in fact, goes so far as to describe amniocentesis as a form of eugenics.

"One of the mandates is they require free prenatal testing in every insurance policy in America," Santorum said of Barack Obama's health care policies. "Why? Because it saves money in health care. Why? Because free prenatal testing ends up in more abortions and therefore less care that has to be done, because we cull the ranks of the disabled in our society...[It's] another hidden message as to what President Obama thinks of those who are less able."


At the end of the day, it would be naive to think that Santorum's latest screed is simply about protecting life.

Rather, the GOP front-runner has made very clear that he doesn't think very highly of women -- and will shamelessly deny their right to health care and jobs by courting values voters.

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