Ron Paul Calls Rick Santorum a 'Fake' Fiscal Conservative in New Ad

Ron Paul wants to know: "Is this dude serious?"

And by "this dude," he means Rick Santorum, ostensibly the front-runner in the GOP presidential field.

Featuring a voiceover best described as male valley-girl-meets-political-smear, Paul's latest campaign commercial challenges Santorum's fiscal-conservative street cred.

"Fiscal conservative, really?" the announcer asks, as a cartoonish Santorum rips opens his shirt to reveal a superhero-like getup.

The ad claims that Santorum voted to raise the debt ceiling five times and double size of the Department of Education.

Santorum's moves get called "not groovy" -- in front of a tie-dye backdrop, no less.

The 35-second spot -- which makes heavy use of stock photos, Team America-like caricatures, and typefaces that make Comic Sans look classy -- isn't just a graphic designer's nightmare with a Bigfoot cameo.

Paul's claims that Santorum helped fund Planned Parenthood could prove problematic for the candidate, who has been aggressively courting right-to-life voters.

[H/T Christian Science Monitor]

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